And those people behind him also tore off the logo and abandoned the identity of the elders.

"You … you …" The fierce sun be the spirit flushed, pointing to the iron old people trembling.
"It’s not just the title of Elder. If necessary, I’d rather not have the status of Fairy Palace Brother!" Old Tie glared. "Besides … I’d rather help Haoran Sect if necessary!"
Let’s go!’
Said the old iron with a bunch of elders mighty turned away.
The fierce Yang fist pinched straight ring.
How much does he want to shoot these damn guys on the spot?
But in this case, I will wave a lot of effort. However, Haoran Zongzhong still doesn’t know what some masters, especially that Wang Haoran, can’t take a peek!
"A group of bastards will skin you by hand after killing Haoranzong!" The fierce Yang heart resentment curses a way
At this moment, another brother rushed in. "Oh, my Lord!"
"What’s the matter? It’s a shame to see your panic! " Chao Lieyang’s eyes kept twitching. "Even if Haoran Sect wants to break through my Asgard defense array, I’m afraid it’s not that simple?"
"Asgard’s defense array can really stop Haoran Sect for a long time … Elder Zeng Xiong sent his younger brother to cooperate with Haoran Sect and was responsible for running the defense array. Haoran Sect even killed it without any wave strength!" The younger brother swallowed saliva and said
"What did you say?" The fierce sun raised my hand and grabbed a tangible force to drag the younger brother from the original place to his face.
"Master … hurry up … make your face resist. It is estimated that Haoran Sect will be able to kill the middle gate when there is another wick!" The younger brother was pinched to gas flushed with suppress way
"Mom!" Angry at the fierce sun, he threw the younger brother out, and immediately waved his arm and said to those elders who also supported himself, "Your enemies left the plan and made the idiots of Tielaoshou fall into a trap. However, now is not the time to pursue these things. Haoran Sect is getting stronger and stronger, and one day it can overthrow our rulers in Chenghua!"
"At this time, it’s faster than I expected. Whether you can hold the fairy palace depends on you. I swear to the head of the fierce sun fairy palace that I will hold the fairy palace no matter how much it costs!"
These words were full of momentum, which made the elders who were loyal to him rush out of the hall one by one with red eyes, but stopped Haoran Sect from going.
"Hum ….." The fierce Yang corners of the mouth couldn’t help a pick Asgard boss position? He didn’t want it for a long time. If he can get through this smoothly and give him a chance to set up a platform for offering sacrifices to the soul, wouldn’t his position be much higher than that of this mere head?
"This group of waste estimates that it is difficult for them to resist the attack of Haoran Sect … It seems that … I have to ask for help!" The fierce sun rubbed himself in the house of parliament and strolled a few steps, then took out six tokens from his arms.
These six tokens are the six shura protoss magic masters he came to Lufa and so on.
"Hum, come back, six masters … now, I still need your help!" Chao Lieyang grimaced and crushed six tokens, and said in a faint voice alone, "When these guys are all killed, it’s up to you to get rid of the Haoran chop suey!"
However, he crushed the token with great interest for a long time but didn’t get a response.
"This ….. this is how to return a responsibility? What didn’t respond at all? " The fierce sun face a change.
"Hum is really stupid. What do you want to do? Are you getting burned now? " At this time, Yan Hong’s figure appeared as a ghost in the throne of the head.
"Your Excellency!" The fierce Yang hurriedly leaned down and said, "Your honor … the six masters …"
"Dead!" Yanhong shook his head.
"What? This … How is this possible? " The fierce sun eyes shrink to know that the six masters may not be as good as themselves, but if they really start work, they even have no chance of winning!
"Xiao Fan ….." The fierce Yang bitten to grind "I also he is dead. If this guy is as horrible as you said … then I …"
"Don’t worry, Xiao Fan is just a doppelganger now. His strength is far from as strong as Zun’s. That’s why I don’t shoot him. It’s worth killing him!"
"So who let us now is a partner? I can’t watch you die. Besides, it’s too long for me to go to another partner … the soul sacrifice platform can’t afford it! " Yan Hong sighed and waved his hand. "This is my last help!"
Soon behind him, a young man in dark armor with long black hair hanging down to his ankle and his face covered with black tattoos appeared.
In an instant, a more horrible breath emanated from this man and instantly enveloped the whole hall, making the fierce Yang body tremble and almost kneel down!
"This ….. this is …" The sun was shocked.
"This is my last support!" Yan Hong patted the man on the shoulder and said, "His name is Ghost Wolf, and his strength is comparable to that of your immortal master Wang Xian, but I am one of the few masters!"
"The ghost wolf came to give you instructions to protect this guy and obey his orders for the time being!" Immediately yanhong said to the man
"oh? Obey this waste instruction? " The ghost wolf hates frowning, but he still can’t kneel before Yan Hong. "It’s respect for God’s adult. The ghost wolf will definitely complete what you have given me!"
Chapter 714 All killed
Nine immortals have been at war at this time.

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