Because in this world, besides the master, there is a senior who can control the lotus flower with 36 petals.

He was grateful to his brother for being able to rescue him in his own crisis, but he was not too surprised.
He watched the golden handprint being swallowed up by 36 petals of lotus light.
He looked at the big handprint, oblivious to the white-robed and white-haired young figure.
Wondering if this person is the emperor’s tears?
500 years ago, since the magic door was destroyed, it has risen to the top of Zhongzhou’s imperial alliance, and the emperor’s tears have fallen.
Golden handprint young figure is the emperor’s tears.
Emperor alliance less main emperor tears
Brother is famous for his tears.
Being ranked in the top ten of Tianque’s new list by Tianjige is an inevitable candidate and controversial.
The emperor’s tears are as light as a swallow, and he is coming from the golden handprint that is about to be eliminated.
He conveniently held a sword from the sword mountain that was cut in half by Luo Changfeng’s knife.
A Xuan epee broke out of the sword mountain and was shaken by the emperor’s tears.
The sword has been broken.
Dugu looked at the emperor’s tears in one go, and his heart sank without blowing off dust.
For a moment, he felt that he was worried about something redundant.
What kind of person is Emperor Tears? Yes, but the big brother is on a par! Is a real arrogant person! How can you be interested in hiding your sword …
(just) as expected/anticipated
Emperor tears glanced at the hidden front sword slightly, and threw the hidden front epee with one hand and stuck thousands of feet in the dugu.
"Brother Huangfu, don’t get me wrong. I just lost my sense of proportion when I watched this sword fight. Here, I apologize to Brother Huangfu and Brother Liancheng!" Emperor tears said with a smile
This is a young man who looks a little elegant and gentle.
This young man has a good demeanor and a noble attitude, which will make people unconsciously approach.
This is a young man who is easy to get close to and hard to refuse.
This young man looks perfect.
As perfect as his impression in the eyes of the world.
I don’t know that Luo Changfeng felt a sense of vigilance at the first sight when he saw this person.
Luo Changfeng slightly Jianli
Huangfuyi came to the front and patted Luo Changfeng’s shoulder, and then his eyes fell to the emperor’s tears.
There are many three generations of brothers in the Tiandong Mission who have been riding horses in succession.
"Don’t have to make amends! After all, you are not a sinner! "
Looking at the oncoming Liancheng tactic and others, the two giant banished Huangfuyi simply fuels.
Then his eyes fell to tears again.
Huangfuyi look seriously said
There is some silence in the ancient forest.
Everyone heard huangfuyiyin.
Huangfuyi said that it is not really necessary to make amends, but that the object of making amends is not him.
This is a euphemism, but the hidden meaning is self-evident.
Huangfuyi means that there is no need for Emperor Tears to make amends to him, and he should also make amends to his younger brother.
Yan Nanfei and others looked at being recognized by the students of the hospital as granduncle Huangfuyi, and those eyes were shocked by the incredible.
They almost felt that they were hearing voices.
Granduncle Shi, seeing Yamaguchi like this, is to let Emperor Tears apologize to the freshman of Chuanzi Gate School?
Isn’t this kind of business too overbearing and sharp?
Who is the emperor’s tears? But to be included in the top ten days of Tianque’s new list in the future! But in zhongzhou overlooking the emperor alliance less Lord! But since birth, he is a person with a perfect aura … Let Emperor Tears take the initiative to make amends to a freshman who has been enrolled in a monastery for less than half a year? It’s impossible to win the first place in the new list, isn’t it?
The idea is ridiculous when you think about it.
At the very least, Yan Nanfei and others think that Huangfuyi has this ridiculous idea.
Even the three generations of younger brothers in Tiandong Mission, including Ye Xichao’s Liancheng tactic, are ridiculous.
It is not necessary to make amends and apologize.

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