And what does Spot hate about him and his mother? It’s probably that he knows his mother’s plan. According to the black-off plan, Spot will become the nourishment for the mother’s resurrection … "

Everyone can’t help shivering when they hear this. It’s really sinister to be black.
"I don’t know much about the third and fourth kinds of enemies you just mentioned, but I can tell you that they are the fourth kind of enemies. The dark beast department is a psychic world tree. He also has a keeper. The keeper is strictly my uncle. His purpose is to rule the two worlds.
Finally, the mysterious enemy of the third kind, I think Xiaoyou, you should be able to give us an answer. "
"Ya and my scene? I’ve just finished with you! Actually, it is very simple. The third kind of enemy is that a relative of the psychic Beastmaster was not qualified to become a king, so he fell into sleep on his own initiative. Now the king’s blood line is about to be born, which may be some kind of inheritance or bones. His purpose is to get it. This is also the purpose of the dark beasts. They are also enemies to each other, but his ultimate goal is to rule two worlds at the same time.
So they are all our enemies. "
The virtual shadow of the big barrel of wood feather clothes spoke again. "No, it’s different. The dark beast, that is, my uncle, is trying to rule the two worlds, but the survivor of the Beastmaster is trying to devour the two worlds!"
"Swallow the two worlds?"
"Well, I got a message that the survivor of the BM was called the beast that swallowed the sky. If he got the BM, he would certainly devour the whole world. This is a mission inherited from his blood.
I spent a lot of time looking for it, but I didn’t find it, so I didn’t expect him to come out this time. It seems that he did find the clue of BM’s blood. "
"Well statue is now the psychic world is responsible for this matter and he also jokingly said a words bm blood battle!
This shows that the psychic world is not stable now. "
The mystery in some people’s hearts was solved, but it was finally known that these things were simply impossible for them. They couldn’t think of anything that Shu Mao would say to Ootutuki Hagoromo.
"I’m telling you this to tell you that your target has been Spotted and Hui Ye Ji from the beginning, and my target is the latter two places. You don’t have to bear the burden. If you can really finish the ground battle before, then I can get your help, right?"
Shu Mao’s words gave everyone a shock.
Chapter 464 Ten thousand feuds
[meeting room]
Shu Mao’s words made the whole meeting room fall into a short silence. Even Ootutuki Hagoromo looked at it unexpectedly. He wanted to know what he was thinking now. Although he didn’t want the world to be destroyed, he wouldn’t be kind enough to save the psychic world. Even though he knew the toad very well, he still didn’t want to get involved in that whirlpool.
He didn’t believe that Shu Mao didn’t know the "darkness" inside, but Shu Mao went in directly, which made him a little puzzled.
Perhaps I saw six doubts. Shu Mao said, "Don’t you know the truth that your lips are dead and your teeth are cold?"
Everyone felt incredible and even felt that the idea was collapsing. Ootutuki Hagoromo was actually "taught" by Shu Mao? This is really a great thing.
"Well, that reminds me of something that happened in those years."
"Is it your business?"
"So you chose to give the weapons to those two men?"
A few people felt very lost when they heard these remarks.
"They don’t know this yet, but I think if you can tell them about those things, they should take the initiative to help you, right?"
Liudao seems to be caught in a difficult dilemma. After a while, he sighed, "Oh, I’ll tell you."
Except for Shu Mao’s accident, everyone was shocked. Is the Great God going to reveal any secrets again? On that one hand, their conjecture was confirm.
"It was a feud that lasted for ten thousand years, and it all started from the moment I sealed my mother with Feather Village, and I created Endurance alone.
I have two big boys named Indra and Asura, and the big boy is called a genius. He almost perfectly inherited my talent, and he is so powerful that he can do everything alone.
On the other hand, my child is just the opposite. His talent is not so good, but he inherited my physical strength and was born with a huge chakra. "
When everyone heard these six pretentious words, at the same time, they vomited in their hearts that "they were born with a huge chakra". Is that a bad talent? How can we live if talent is good?
"But his brother is not the same as his younger brother. Asura is a sociable person. He can always unite all the people around him, even if they are his enemies. He believes that love can bring peace to the whole world." Six said that there was a pause here, as if feeling something.
"As the two of them grow up, I’m getting old, and I’m going to abdicate and make way. I need an heir, a successor who can inherit the forbearance. I gave them the same test.
At that time, there were still some plants left over from the sacred tree in ten tail, which germinated and grew into giant trees, while some people lived by giant trees. I chose two giant trees that were inhabited and sent them, and one of them must cut down that tree. "
"Why cut down trees?" Three generations of hokage directly help you ask out the doubts in your heart.
"It’s very simple. Although they live by giant trees, they will also be polluted by giant trees. As I said just now, it is a legacy of ten tail’s sacred tree, which means that those people and animals that need to absorb nutrients from the earth when they germinate are evil trees.
Indra, when he got there, he cut down the tree directly despite the advice of the people, and almost finished my arrangement on the same day. "
"Isn’t that great?" Onogi muttered something that everyone heard, but Liudao ignored him.
"My little boy, Asura, the first thing he did was to discuss with the people who lived in the sacred tree. He told them directly that he would cut down the tree, so he was expelled by the villagers and unwilling to fail. He wanted to know what everyone would not let him cut down the tree. After some investigation, he realized that the original tree controlled the only water source in the whole village. If the tree died, they would lose the water source and die. Asura froze. He knew that the water was poisonous, and he also knew that the villagers knew that the water was poisonous, but they could not help it.
So the villagers decided to stay there in the future or the whole village, and Asura was determined to dig a clean water source in a dry mountain outside the village
So he lived in that mountain and dug a little bit every day. The villagers were also infected by him and helped him dig wells with him.
In the process of digging a well, Asura found that his endurance has been greatly improved, and he also awarded it to the villagers. In this way, they dug wells during the day and practiced late. Gradually, their progress became faster and faster. Finally, after more than a year, they successfully dug underground water and successfully dug a well.
The next day, the villagers surrounded Asura and took him to the sacred tree to help him cut it down together.
Looking back, Indra finished it early, but he ignored the villagers’ life and death, so that the people lost their water after making a sacred tree. Gradually, all of them died, and a year later, they directly became a wasteland full of bones, but he didn’t know about Indra.
When Asura came back, he brought back some villagers who were friends who helped him dig wells.
I chose to make Asura my successor after knowing the situation in the two places, but I didn’t expect Indra to complain about me for more than a year. Why did he finish it so quickly but didn’t get a reward? Indra disappeared after Asura came back and I gave him to Asura.
When I died, Indra’s resentment finally broke out. He came back from the outside and became extraordinarily powerful. Since then, Indra and Asura War have lasted for nearly ten thousand years! Even now, it’s not over

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