Even if these masters can’t spell, Taoism and discomfort, what high-order magic weapon will join hands to punch casually, even if they are proud of Qingyang League, they will instantly become ruins!

Ten thousand ghosts are neatly arranged, and the coercion of the conformal realm is released unceremoniously, which makes all ghost soldiers afraid to rush near.
"oh? Is that Ba Shang? " Xiao Fan sharp-eyed to see one of the ten thousand ghost generals, a relatively handsome middle-aged man, is bowing his head and stroking his hand with a short knife with a natural quality. From the breath, we can know that this person is the peak of the shape, the so-called Samsung ghost generals, and it is not far from a round of realm.
Xiao Fan also knows what ghost soldiers in the underworld are, even if they are first-class, they are just cannon fodder. The real power of the role is these ghost generals.
It can be seen from the fact that they are wearing or holding fewer weapons.
You know, even a first-class ghost soldier can have a high-order weapon even if it’s a good day? Root is impossible!
It’s not a rare thing for an adult monk to get a magic weapon if he is richer!
"Once-in-a-century soldiers’ grade evaluation is official. Our Soul Wash Hall Brigade will also conduct simultaneous tests according to the squadron as usual. Now!" Two half-inch-long canine teeth protruding from the front of a jaw announced to the commander-in-chief of the ghost that "every ghost commander and lieutenant are in charge of their own brigade!" "
"oh! Finally! " Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows, and he really didn’t get used to the grand occasion of nearly a million ghosts together. He felt noisy and annoying.
In fact, this test is very simple, that is, each ghost will take out a huge stone and put it in front of him, and the ghost soldiers will be forced to strike, so that the strength of the ghost soldiers can be determined according to the figures displayed by this stone.
"Hey hey, it seems that this 100-year effort has paid off. One of them was finally promoted to another level when I tested a hundred years ago!" Wide sigh said
"A bully!" The adjutant shouted
"ok! It’s my turn! " Xiao Fan’s eyebrows jumped off the platform.
"Come on bully all! As high as possible! Our brothers’ half-life and half-life happiness depends on you! " Wide and others yelling.
"I depend! Half-life happiness is good to say that I can protect you, but I don’t care about it? " Xiao Fan a grin polite salute toward the bully is immediately posing for a punch.
"Ba Fan?" Ba Shang’s eyes flashed a surprise. "Do I know someone by this name? Isn’t this ghost soldier called Lulu? How did you change it to a name similar to mine? "
Chapter 243 Supernovae
"Drink!" Xiao Fan slammed his left foot and took a step forward. He clenched his fist with a strong force and smashed the ghost stone.
Bang!’ A muffled sound
Ghost stone followed by flash.
Several numbers 344 immediately appeared at the top of the stone!
“344! The score of the ninth-class soldier reached the third-class category and rose to the third-class ghost soldier! " Adjutant leng along while finally read out Xiao Fan mechanically.
"ah! 344! Jumped from the ninth class to the third class … Is this a joke? "
All ghost soldiers couldn’t help focusing on Xiao Fan at the same time.
Xiao Fan heaved a sigh of relief. He had long expected that it would cause such a huge response, but he was also depressed in his heart. He just played a broken-wall peak repair and reached the third class. I originally planned to get a fourth-class and fifth-class step by step!
I didn’t think it was self-defeating?
"Your name is Ba Fan?" Xiao Fan haven’t walk to bully is suddenly asked.
There were hundreds of people in front of him who tested it, but Ba Shang nodded at most. It was the first time that he really spoke.
"General Ba Shang belongs to Ba Fan!" Xiao Fan hurriedly salute fuels way
But I don’t want to know that although this bully is a Samsung ghost, it will be true. Even if two or three tyrants are together, it is definitely not Xiao Fan’s opponent!
"Well, your original name is Lulu?" Ba Shang nodded and continued
"I changed my name because I was the target idol of General Ba Shang, and I borrowed the word Ba Shang from the general. I hope the general will forgive me!" Xiao Fan hurriedly said
"Hehe, it’s just a code name. I don’t mind!" Ba Shang got up from his seat and said to the adjutant around him, "Go on!"
Then he nodded to Xiao Fan, "Come with me!"
"Yes!" Xiao Fan hurriedly followed later to a relatively quiet place on the edge of the site.
"Lulu has been suffering from the cowardice of unqualified people for 2100 years since birth, and it took another 500 years to join the army. The last test showed that your score of 122 was barely up to the level of ninth class …" Ba Shang said slowly, and his eyes flashed at Xiao Fan. "But … it was only a short period of 100 years when you suddenly became a third class soldier. Can you explain to me what this is all about? This kind of thing has never happened in the whole underworld! "
"The former No.97 squadron has been telling you that you can crush the No.922 squadron’s fifth-class soldier with one hand, so I feel strange. Today, it seems that your business is more than that …" Ba Shangyin became gloomy and said with a hint of questioning tone, "Tell me exactly what happened that will make you make such a big leap in one hundred years, or … you are not a lulu, but another person?"
Xiao Fan smell speech in the heart in a surprised.
Is this bully’s eyes so vicious? You can tell you’re pretending.
Won’t ….. Xiao Fan sank in the air and quickly analyzed his own various Daoism with busy characteristics. Now he pretends to be that Lulu even blood shura knows there is no flaw. It is absolutely impossible to see the clue. This guy must be cheating himself!
"Report back to the general … the thing is …" Xiao Fan never forced himself to make up the story and all kinds of reasons before telling it again.
After listening, Ba Shang hesitated for a moment before he nodded his head. "Know how to go against fate with forbearance … What you said is reasonable if every sentence is true …"
"It’s natural that every word is true, even if it is bold one day, I dare not deceive the general. The general’s eye can easily distinguish between true and false, but I can swear to heaven …" Xiao Fan hurriedly moved out a lot of words of assurance to swear in the name of lulu anyway, and if he didn’t really want to punish himself, he would go and find the one who had already lost both form and spirit and even completely disappeared from Yin …

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