It is said that when the Tibetan King Bodhisattva cut it out, he vowed to get rid of the bitter karma. The so-called suffering is’ suffering, old suffering, illness, death, resentment, parting from suffering, seeking for no suffering, and five yin flourishing suffering’, which can be said to be the most compassionate bodhisattva’s responsibility for humanity is the core of six ways, and it is also the heaviest one. After all, today, heaven and earth are the masters of the world.

Finally, the "Sun-Tibet Bodhisattva" is mainly aimed at the smallest power of heaven. After all, there is no need to expel people who go to Dufford in heaven. However, although this "Sun-Tibet Bodhisattva" is the smallest in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the operation of heaven is higher than that of the other five roads. This The six great divisions in the wheel of karma seems to be equal, but the other four roads are all around heaven and humanity.
However, the statement that "the Buddha of the Earth in the Sun" is tied with a wishful bead in his left hand and a knot in his right hand doesn’t ring at all. No matter how strong he is, he doesn’t have the courage to cross the border. The statues of the six Bodhisattvas are all high in the virtual space. After more than twenty feet of cooperation with the statue of the King of the Earth in the center to form a large array, he even connected six people into one. Song Changgeng guessed that these seven should be the same door.
Like Tibetan Buddhism, they all sent concise Buddha statues to the Central Plains from generation to generation. In the Tang Dynasty, because the image of Lotus Peanut Tantric Buddhism was bloody and the original Chinese did not like it, they had to be arrogant about Tibetan Buddhism, but they were afraid and afraid. However, Jin Gangzhi translated all the original classics of Tantric Buddhism, and after studying them, he created the Central Plains Tantric Buddhism in combination with his own national characteristics
However, the power of this sect is too great, and many people are confused by the power, and they have lost the heart of seeking truth. Moreover, mortals have such a strong power, so the rulers and monks don’t worry, so the secret of the Central Plains is not in people’s minds. Today, I can see Song Changgeng here and realize that these great sects who have inherited the Millennium are very casual and easy to handle, and at the same time they are interested in refining this dharma image. That’s a power comparable to their own.
When he saw the other side release the Tibetan King and the six incarnations, the Tathagata mantra sounded, and the five golden lights formed a large array of Man Luo Nai around him. When Song Changgeng saw that he couldn’t understand the mystery, he couldn’t help but be annoyed. Suddenly, his mind moved and he remembered that he practiced amitabha and gave Buddhist scriptures all-inclusive. Do you know if he could work with these people in a wonderful way?
Think about it, he feels excited, cleans up his mind and sinks his mind into the realm of scripture. It’s just a few breaths, and he enters that wonderful realm, and then he looks at it and everything is different.
In his eyes, there is no brilliant golden light, but there are several golden runes condensed into several Buddha statues. One group should be that the seven old monks of the Central Plains turned into seven Buddha statues. Here is a Tibetan king and six incarnations of bodhisattvas, all of which are ancient seal characters. Song Changgeng didn’t translate it, but he understood the meaning at a glance.
And one group should be the hidden secret, the living Buddha, the Tathagata, and the five kings, with a total of six characters, but the characters are in Tianzhu Sanskrit. Although Song Chang-geng can understand each other’s strength to form keys and patterns in today’s state, it is not only a lot slower to understand, but also a little rough. It takes a while to gradually understand its meaning.
Usually, it’s hard to see such a force condensed out, because once the base comes out, it’s all about fighting. Once it’s fought, it’s hard to figure it out seriously. If you watch it from the side, if you don’t practice Buddhism and have a special way to observe the base, you can’t understand the mystery of the other side, but a strong man like Xuan Ming has his own roots and won’t learn from others, so you have to be influenced by the other side.
It is also because of this that Song Chang Gung inherited strength and wisdom from Xuan Ming, but he has little knowledge of Buddhism. But now he has the highest Buddhist scripture, and he is stronger than both sides, and he is not afraid of the other side. Because he is uncertain about his strength now, he has not chosen how to show his strength in detail, and he has not broken through to the true fairy.
Otherwise, according to Nu Wa, who said that if he decided his path in it, he might be able to reach the primary level of true fairy when he came out, and then he could cut a corpse at that pre-marital sentiment in the light realm. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect that these were the integration of various physical forces into his own strength after studying and understanding.
Although it hinders Taoism, Taoism, Buddhism and Mohism, Xuan Ming’s various power characteristics and physical styles have been in parallel, so one more Buddhist magic avatar is so unscrupulous in observing Song Changgeng and making up his mind to rob the Tathagata and the five kings to increase his strength after studying Bai.
I don’t know that Song Chang-geng is a living Buddha, but his physical strength is just a fairy’s junior. There is such a powerful statue of Yuan God. It is the efforts of several predecessors. He just inherited it. You know, the biggest difference between Tantric Buddhism and Middle Earth is that they can help them protect their souls from spontaneous reincarnation after physical death.
Then I can remember the past life soon after I was reincarnated. In this way, I can practice for a lifetime at a very young age and accumulate their statues of Yuan God, which are getting stronger and stronger. Finally, I can become a Buddha and enter the bliss world. They are different from Middle Earth in that they condense their skills into relics after their death. After their death, their bodies will be iridescent and their strength will be absorbed by the statues and then reincarnated.
It’s amazing how this method works. You can’t learn Tibetan secrets unless the master teaches you to take root. You can’t practice successfully even if you get the scriptures and don’t pour the roots. Then you can die. Before the reincarnation, Song Changgeng knew what this school was doing. Although he knew that their magic was magnificent and powerful, he didn’t care if he couldn’t find the truth.
But now, after entering the wonderful realm, the Buddha’s eyes suddenly understand what the so-called enlightenment is actually related to this spell’s’ core true word’. Without this’ core true word’, it’s like a machine is gone. No matter how perfect and powerful you build the machine, you just can’t wield the real function.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty Tathagata arrival
However, unlike those living buddhas cultivated by little buddha himself, the Tathagata and the five living buddhas and the five kings were not cultivated by themselves for generations, but inherited. Although they were blessed and reincarnated, the Tathagata and the five kings decided to change from generation to generation when they were the first generation of living buddhas.
Because the living Buddha wants this Buddha’s posture as if he wants to stay with people to suppress the secret forever, each generation of living buddhas is practicing two respects, one is this great day, the other is to protect the soul after death, and other methods are needed to select new spiritual children to cultivate these spiritual children, all of whom are well qualified and outstanding from generation to generation.
Thanks to their efforts, today’s Tathagata and the five great Wang Qiang Song Chang Gung Lai are still thinking about grabbing it after seeing it clearly, but his eyes naturally look at the’ core kind of true words’ all his life, and then the Buddha’s eye function automatically works. This Buddha’s eye is that he can only generate power when he enters this realm, and he can see everything.
This eye is to have the ability automatically after becoming a Buddha, but Song Changgeng gave him great strength because he cultivated Amitabha Buddha. Whenever he entered this realm, he naturally had this ability. Although he could not solidify into an avatar like a real Buddha, he could feel at will that if he reached the realm of true immortals, this avatar would automatically solidify.
Seeing the world in his Buddha’s eyes is actually very Taoist, and magic eye or other gods’ eyes have different names and cultivation methods. In the eyes of ordinary monks, the magnificent statue of the Yuan God is just that in the eyes of Song Chang-geng, the number symbols form a series of laws and are finally combined into Buddha statues.
He can easily take this statue, but after careful examination, there are too many Buddhist marks in it, and even the core words of the real Tathagata can easily communicate with the Tathagata. If he takes it, I’m afraid he will disturb the Tathagata and I don’t know how the other party will react.
Just as he was thinking about these times, the situation in the field had already changed. Both sides called out the strongest force, which turned out to be Buddhism. Now it has formed the form of confrontation between Tantric Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism in the Central Plains. Other allies have to help, but when the two giant buddhas confronted each other, dozens of lights rushed out of the other camp.
In the middle, three large-scale alliances were formed in turn. This side had to leave the ship because of the disappearance of the ship’s defense. When the elders saw each other’s three large-scale arrays, they couldn’t help but be frightened. When they helped their worried cousins return to the team, they couldn’t help but come to everyone’s place and asked, "What is this? Look at the momentum is very strong. "
All the alliance brothers have now returned to the ship and retreated to a hundred miles away to wait in the vicinity. These alliance elders are divided into four camps, namely Buddhism, Daomen, Mohism and Sanxiu. They are all with their own people, but after all, everyone is in the alliance and knows each other. Even if there are some barriers, they have to reconcile under the pressure of common enemies.
Suo Yi-xiu asked the Star King near him and said, "Taoist friends often go abroad. No wonder they don’t know that Tantric Buddhism came from Tianzhu. Lotus peanuts entered Tibet in the Tang Dynasty and evolved into four sects after thousands of years. What are their own names? Ningma, Gru, Jiaju and Benzene, but we are used to calling them red, yellow, white and black. Other small sects don’t pay attention.
Four religions occupy Potala Palace, the strongest red religion, the Tathagata and the King of Five Parties are their town’s religious deities, followed by the Yellow Sect, which hides secrets and teaches six dharmas in the town.
Just like the Tathagata, the Tathagata with thousands of hands and many treasures, with five directions and five colors, is the array of the God of Wealth, which is the strongest in the Yellow Sect, Man Luo Nai. The means is that they can hide hundreds of treasures vertically and horizontally, but now they don’t want to take them out. As far as I know, the Central Plains is secret, but there are seven Bodhisattvas and six Bodhisattvas to deal with one family, but I’m afraid they can’t.
And the twenty-four Buddha statues are the twenty-four Tara of White Religion, and then the six dense black Buddha statues make up Man Luo Nai, which is the Black Religion. Now that the four religions are guarding their treasures together, it seems that the other side is going to fight to the death with us, but we are not ready here. I don’t know what other families are going to do. We have discussed with the Magic Religion that we should study the countermeasures immediately. "
B Hugh nodded, knowing that things were not much to say, and immediately flew around among you to lobby. Zi Xuanfeng couldn’t help sighing when he saw it. The master thought it was too simple. Is the difference in ideas between schools so easy to knead? After the alliance is formed, four interest groups are automatically formed: Buddhism, Daomen, Mohism and Sanxiu, each with its own ideas.
At the beginning, when the first attack was made, the demons and Taoists were on the sidelines, while the Buddhists advocated that the results of the negotiations should be done separately. Finally, after the Buddhists failed to negotiate, they were run by various families, so they had to come up with some real leaders to fight against each other. However, all the other families withdrew and watched, and the hearts of the people were divided. Can this make the alliance grow?
Just as he was thinking, the scene of the other side was already spreading, and the Buddhists of the alliance had to show their true sight at first glance. Three golden giant hands with a height of more than ten feet flew first to meet the three big bursts, and all kinds of Buddha statues also released colorful lights to connect with each other to form three large arrays, which suddenly emerged.
Several lines are connected into a mysterious figure, and there are different giant Buddha statues at different nodes. Just spreading out majesty is enough for all beings to worship. After the three golden giant hands fly, they clap their hands in three large arrays and listen to the boom! Boom! Boom! When the earthquake struck, the snow-capped mountains outside kept shaking, and the ice and snow were flying and smashing, which was magnificent at the moment.
There are ten Buddhist magic weapons flying out of the alliance here, and each magic weapon is arranged in the middle by a monk, and then a Buddhist array is formed to turn into a golden ball in a blink of an eye. It seems that there are a number of Buddhas in it, and the chanting Sanskrit rings in it, and several smallpox falls from the void.
The door didn’t want to make a move here, but they also explained a few words in B Hugh. They also saw that the other side really wanted to fight between people and had to take it seriously. So Emei’s main formation was the most similar to Taoism’s Sunday array, and Tai Chi hexagrams were changed. Although it was simple, it was a large array of Taoist forces, and this array was very balanced in offensive and defensive.
At the same time, the magic religion also released a piece of dark clouds all over the sky, but the scattered repair of the thunder, the roar, the ghost and the cry of God was all gone back, and the three laws of Buddhism, Taoism and magic were combined with the brothers on the plane and ship. It was after they entered the alliance that they developed and United the allied homologous forces. Although all of them were simple, there were many people who actually had great power.
Today is the first time to make an appearance on their side, but the three golden hands are constantly attacking three arrays, and so on. The three golden hands are no longer attacking, but they are back to let the alliance array fight against each other. Song Chang-geng is a light sweep of the situation in the eye field, so he didn’t look at it again, but concentrated his spirit on that big day.
This thing is what he wants to observe and understand with the Buddha’s eyes. Song Changgeng’s present dharma image is very wonderful, which leads to the mixing of life forces and condenses into words, and then forms an array to absorb various forces and integrate them into imaging.
Then, different forces repeatedly refined impurities and condensed the most pure power, re-condensed new words and then formed a more perfect and powerful method, like doing it again and again, and now it is like this. The strong image appears and contains majestic power, in which Song Changgeng will be shocked when he sees it. It can be said that people are powerful.
It is with this strength that the protection of Tibetan secrets has been enduring for thousands of years. Even Song Changgeng now wants this wonderful way to sigh and wonder if he is too anxious. This unique undertaking is very exclusive, and it has always been carried out on the plateau. There is no great harm. Should we let him go?
But on second thought, the other side is right next to Shu, and at the same time, it is strong enough to fight against the alliance, but it refuses to submit and can’t stay! After he made up his mind, he suddenly realized that the idea of letting go of each other just now turned out to be someone influencing who he was. When he was wondering, he felt a little obscure power emanating from the core words of the Tathagata.
Then a strong will came on the big day, Tathagata, and Song Chang-geng immediately became white. It was Tathagata, the Buddha’s elder brother, who was playing tricks. He couldn’t help but get angry. At this time, with this will coming, he controlled the Man Luo Nai living Buddha and the five living buddhas, and suddenly he fell into a strange consciousness and lost control of the six statues.
At the same time, the six bodhisattvas opposite him are constantly knotted in their hands, and then the six bodhisattvas simultaneously raise their hands to the sky and fly to the sky at the same time. Once the six homologous magic weapons are sacrificed, they form a large aperture in the middle. When the aperture appears, the hand tactic of the Tibetan king and bodhisattva is constantly changing.
But seeing that his hands are sometimes afraid of lion seals, sometimes nectar seals, and sometimes transformed into wishful treasures, the six bodhisattvas are sacrificed in the middle, and the six magic weapons slowly disappear, leaving six large apertures flashing golden Buddha’s light in vain.
At this moment, the opposite Tathagata and the five kings seemed to live. Suddenly, the momentum became more profound and mysterious. At the same time, the flame of the Tathagata was condensed and then exploded violently, and then the dazzling golden light was measured. But when the golden light was to shine on the body of the Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva suddenly merged the six apertures and then the Bodhisattva shouted "The six great divisions in the wheel of karma! Now! "
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-one Brother Duo Bao
At once, the one-in-one aperture turned to set the Tathagata in together with the five kings around him. His attack on the golden light was dissipated by the aperture, and then the aperture turned quickly. At the same time, the aperture seemed to be rotated by six different colors while cooperating with the large aperture, and the golden light of the Tathagata was sucked in.
Visible to the naked eye, the golden light is being worn away, but the Tathagata is absorbed by the other side as if he didn’t see it. This is the main battle site. Everyone is paying attention to it. After the formation of the two sides, although they also collided and attacked, it is obviously not true. Both sides are protecting their strength because the main battle is to have the Tathagata, and other sects recognize that it is not bad to integrate into the alliance
However, because of special reasons, the Red Sect had to fight bravely. Now, it seems that the secret family has resisted the whole Middle-earth, but they have taken out their money and the Middle-earth has just dealt with it. The true leaders of all factions have not moved. Don’t say that the Emei Sect’s two instruments and dust array alone has not been taken out. That large array is stronger than the three on the scene combined.

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