At this time, a white light suddenly showed that the whole altar was wrapped together with Li Yu, which attracted chaos.
"Fairy lotus takes root in chaotic world?"
Li Yu’s light yi, a fairy lotus, has never moved since it swallowed the tripod of the Eldar King Yuan Shen. His practice has always been on his own, but now he is surprised by something different.
When Qi Lao showed the metempsychosis circle, Xian Lian seemed to have a reaction. Now he will rush to prepare for metempsychosis Xian Lian, and he will directly bring himself along with the altar.
Is there some connection between the two?
Or is Xianlian really here?
As he thought about it, he drove the altar forward into the hazy and chaotic fog.
Looking at the sky, it is still the fairy lotus, which is very tall and holy. It rises into the chaos of the Qing Dynasty and is bigger and older than the stars.
However, at this time, it is obviously different from the original, and the state has improved. The roots have a little more luster.
"In this chaos, there was a mysterious substance that reshaped my body. If you can learn from me, you will be able to break the double shackles."
Li Yu looked at the surrounding chaos and fog, and his eyes couldn’t help flashing.
You’ve eaten so much from me. Is it too much for me to eat two bites from you?
As soon as he thought about this, he directly plunged into the fog with one hand, and behind him, 90 pillars stood roaring and rippling, and the pure red Xia river was involved, absorbing and bringing out a little time.
In an instant, this mist gently swelled and revealed the golden light and rain, which fell like dew from heaven and watered Li Yu, the altar.
"Sure enough, this is the mysterious matter that was more majestic and pure than the spirit of the three families, and it contained some kind of wonder that they didn’t have!"
His brow stretched slightly, which did not make him happy, but urged the dark to absorb and breathe mysterious substances and refine the nectar.
At the same time, the four images and twenty stars show up in unison, bathing in the light and rain, becoming more and more colorful and solid, and changing synchronously
There seems to be no concept of time in this chaos, and everything is unclear whether it is passing or static. For Li Yu, it may be the years that keep moving forward; But for Xianlian, it may be eternal.
I don’t know how long it’s been. A brilliant red light shines like a red sun. Ran Ran rises and shines brightly.
Li Yu took a deep breath to drive the brilliant glow from behind him, and there were ninety-nine Tianzhu towering impressively!
Just one step away from the second shackles being broken, his strength has changed again and multiplied, which is more terrible than when he was in the first shackles.
"It’s worthy that every time you break a heavy shackle on the extreme road, it’s terrible. This is the biggest gain."
He stretched his body and felt this majestic force, and the flesh and blood flowed, and the bones and muscles grew spiritually. When he moved, he cracked and exploded like a mountain drum to drive the vastness.
Ninety-nine days in the undulating red river, there are four sacred beasts inhabiting the roaring star in the middle ages
On the other side, there are all kinds of mysteries reflected in the four aspects of heaven and earth.
Li Yu looked around him, and after his breakthrough, this chaotic world in his field of vision became even more miraculous. He was driving the altar forward to find a place to reincarnate.
The buzzing pattern runs layer by layer, and the glow is more and more blazing, wrapping Li Yu like armor, and the whole person has a touch of detachment, as if to leap out of heaven and earth.
At this time, the chaos around us oscillated like something emerged and hooked up to the vast edge of the fairy lotus. The lotus leaves rotated like a universe and the lines were different in luster.
There are many lotus leaves in various colors, and there are thousands of them at first glance. When they shake, they resonate like the ups and downs of the world and the constant sand.
At this moment, with the operation of the altar, there seems to be some change in the center of the lotus leaf. generate seems to have an ancient figure sitting in the gray mist.
Li Yu looked up suspiciously, but the fog was too thick to cover the scene in the middle, and the lotus leaf rotation was invisible
At this moment, a light rain sinks and solidifies, and layers of stairs spread from lotus leaves to Li Yu’s front.
"You’re not going to swallow my altar, are you?"
He was wary of reprimanding the greed of Xianlian, remembering that the God Ding Fa Wang Yuan Shen had eaten it all by himself, leaving nothing behind.
Da, da, da.
But in response, he was suddenly approached by someone!
Obviously, this step is not to lead him, but to let Fang go!
There are other creatures in this chaotic world?
Li Yu’s look showed that the ninety-nine heavenly pillars were shining in the sky, and Chixia Zhaozhao also went to the altar and moved closer to the ladder.
He will be interesting to see who it is.
Gradually, that figure is getting closer and closer, and it has emerged from the mist one by one. Long Lin’s boots are covered with dragons, and Phnom Penh’s flowers are still there. If there is a glow, it will fluctuate like waves.
But when the other party walked out of the fog, Li Yu was shocked and surprised.
Because of that Chinese man’s face, he is as average as two!
However, the temperament of the two is very different, and the other is as distinguished as the royal brother.
And Li Yu can feel the difference between the other party and himself as if he had been fixed in this realm.
Bearer’s brow has a touch of extravagance. At the moment, watching Li Yu slowly reveal a smile, he immediately jumped up and punched and turned out to be a direct kill!
Li Yu stepped on the ninety-nine pillars behind him, and the shock exploded like thunder. The impact here was terrible. If the wind swept through and ravaged 200 feet, it would be a mess.
He blew out a penny with one punch and didn’t let force shake people!
The strong breeze stirred up two figures in all directions, but it was the Chinese figure that flew backwards and lost to this copious force.

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