"Sister Li" Fang Siyi smiled and asked, "Do I pay less?"

"Hey?" Li Jie was a little startled, but after returning to absolute being, she quickly explained, "I didn’t mean that. I mean that the other party is really popular …"
"if a film is driven by the popularity of actors, then it is better not to shoot it!" Fang Siyi said with a smile, "Maybe after 20 years, when will I have no inspiration? I will choose the popular star at that time, but now … I want to be the most suitable!"
Li Jie shrugged her shoulders and casually said, "Well, you can listen to you the best."
"Right" Fang Siyi seems to remember something. "What happened to the later stage of" The Tip of the Tongue "?"
"Er-it’s said that it’s about the same, but it’s easy to escape …" Li Jie asked anxiously. "This film … how can I be so nervous? Will the audience for photography, especially in the form of documentaries, be too small? "
"Small audience?" Fang Siyi looked at Li Jie strangely and asked strangely, "Do you think the audience is small?"
"Yes, many people have done the documentary China, but in recent years, no one has watched it. I really don’t understand why you make a documentary without taking a good picture. "
"Don’t you see the film, Sister Li?" Fang Siyi asked.
"Yes, but I think it’s rough scissors, but although I feel hungry, it seems to be no different from other types of documentaries."
Chapter 279 Life and death schedule
"Hehe" smiled at Li Jie’s questioning that Fang Siyi did not delve into it too much, but gave a sentence "Just trust me"
Looking at Li Jie although worried but full of worries to leave Fang Siyi shake head wry smile.
You can’t tell Sister Li about the charm of The Tip of the Tongue, can you?
Although Fang Siyi condensed the first season, the second season and the third season of the documentary mode into a two-hour film.
However, Fang Siyi believes that he is not inferior to the documentary, and the most important thing is that Fang Siyi has comments. In other words, he can try his best to avoid some small bugs in the original.
How can this situation be unattractive?
How much is the box office …
Fang Siyi didn’t deliberately plan this, but this film Fang Siyi conservatively estimates that it can reach at least 200 million!
And this film has become 70 million, in other words, it is absolutely guaranteed to what extent it can be achieved, and we must wait for the final result.
But whether it’s good or bad for Drea, what do you mean? Are those there?
But Fang Siyi is a little interested in the popular star in Li Jie’s mouth.
Can anyone be called a popular star when the returning four gentlemen haven’t returned yet?
Although curious, since Li Jie’s lobbying Fang Siyi has been refuted, just pretend that you don’t know.
Speaking of it, the name of the tip of the tongue should be called the homesickness of China with the tip of the tongue.
It is said that overseas Chinese miss China and China food culture stories are broadcast all over the world.
In other words, there are all kinds of new Chinese cuisines that have been born after the combination of local cuisines.
For example, sweet and sour pork.
Although these diets can’t be regarded as authentic Chinese cuisine, they also have various special flavors.
Of course, this film Fang Siyi filmed two.
One, that is, English, is specially for foreigners to see, and it has China cuisine from various countries.
The other is to show China people what Chinese food there are abroad, and what dishes these dishes are based on. The theme is homesickness.
There are also some differences between the two
There are two different dishes in each one.
However, these two foods are not redundant, and both of them have a little story.
And this story is at the same time lit the theme.
It can be said that this shooting has made a great leap for Fang Siyi’s directing and shooting skills.
This is a project conceived a long time ago, and now he has finally moved it to the screen.
Just as Fang Siyi was preparing my girlhood, Nostalgia on the Tip of the Tongue was finally released.

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