And that smell Du Yu is quite familiar with. It belongs to Sun Wu’s unique smell.

"As expected! Sun Wu came here before me to meet Pilaf, and the consequences were really fighting with them. "
Two days ago, after Du Yu discovered that seven dragon balls were converging through the Dragon Ball Radar, he deliberately slowed down and everything happened as he expected.
"Sun Wuqi is very strong and rarely stronger than I am now."
Du Yu didn’t deliberately hide his breath, because the Dragon Ball signal has exposed his position, so it is superfluous to hide his breath again.
Anyway, he wanted to solve the Pilaf trio with the help of Sun Wu’s hand, which was obviously achieved.
Du Yu casually took out Du Xue from his waist and gave him a universal capsule box, which Du Yu had been carrying with him because there were legal income props in the capsule.
See Du Yu opened Dove’s chocolate-like heart-shaped box and took out a seven-universal capsule with Arabic numerals printed on it, so he threw it away.
A puff of smoke flashed in front of Du Yu, and a small yurt-like package house appeared. This kind of building, Dragon Ball, is very common in the world and very convenient to use.
The only difference is that this room is specially prepared by Du Xue and Du Yu to deal with the accommodation problem under special circumstances. Although it is not large inside, all the houses are carefully selected and prepared by Du Xue.
Du Yu pushed the door into the room and was attracted by the elaborate display and decoration inside.
"Du Xue … This is getting more and more thoughtful!"
On the one hand, Du Yu’s "intentional" means that Du Xue controls his living habits and hobbies, on the other hand, it is extremely deliberate.
The room full of warm atmosphere is decorated with Du Yu’s favorite Chinese furniture, and the walls around it are hung with photos of Du Yu and Du Xue’s adventures in various worlds. The bedroom decoration is no longer the same gray tone in Du Yu’s real world, but Du Xue’s favorite violet tone.
Du Yu recalled that Du Xue once said, "I will dress up as a violet flower sea in my future wedding room, and I love people to swim in the sea of clouds in Wushan together …"
Looking at a one-bedroom package house, Du Yu also lost Du Xue’s mind.
It’s a pity that Du Xue’s expectation was temporarily postponed. Du Yu decided to solve his own cultivation problem first, and put Du Xue’s desire to transform into a human being into a dragon ball for the second time.
Du Yu shook his head and put the matter behind him. He took out a chair from the bag house and carried it outside, just like watching a big drama in the Grand View Garden, waiting for Sun Wu to find himself after solving the Dragon Ball of Pilaf Qi Liuke.
Du Yu understands Sun Wu’s character through the pre-invasion mode. He can fully understand Sun Wu’s fighting in his mind.
"I have ten ways to get six dragon balls from Sun Wu," Du Yu said confidently, "and the way I want is the easiest way."
Du Yu has already made a decision to deal with Sun Wu, a "talent" with a height of 1.5 meters and an IQ of 250. The more complicated the plan, the more difficult it is for him to have an effect.
On the contrary, the most straightforward and simple way is to eat to death
I heard a loud noise from the base, and three black objects flew to Du Yufei with smoke. The goal was to pack a house behind Du Yu.
According to the impact angle of these three nameable objects, if they hit the package house, it will definitely destroy it.
Du Yu couldn’t help but see Du Xue’s delicate and touching appearance after he was sad. Of course, this kind of thing will not be allowed to happen
See the original chair Du Yu blink a ghosting one second will appear in the middle.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
After three explosions, the three indescribable objects were deeply plunged into the dark underground hole and made a miserable cry.
Obviously, these three are the Pilaf trio.
After being abused by their nemesis Sun Wu, Du Yu’s feet suffered for a while.
"Woo ~ Don’t fight … I … We’ll never find the Dragon Ball again … Leave us alone!"
Pilaf, who came from the underground hole and begged for mercy faintly, finally came for nothing. No matter how they rely on technology, they can’t beat the abnormal condition of martial arts like Sun Wu. They must find the same martial arts to solve this trouble.
But now the Pilaf trio must beg for mercy on their knees first, or they will be killed by someone who just kicked them for no reason.
"hmm? ! Who are you? Uncle Anto? !”
Du Yu, who just landed, didn’t pay attention to Pilaf’s three words, but he was struck by Sun Wu’s words.
What is an condom? ! What is uncle? ! And uncle Antoine? !
Du Yu has been crowned since he came to the Dragon Ball World. The title of Lei Ren came from Sun Wu’s mouth.
The original Du Yu didn’t know it. Now Sun Wu said it face to face, and he had to say it.
"Enlightenment! I’m telling you solemnly that the move you learned from me is called Thirteen Taibao’s horizontal training of the golden bell jar. Isn’t it a white cover? " Du Yu corrected word for word
"ah! Is it a golden bell jar practiced by Thirteen Pacific Insurance? ! I’m still wearing a condom. Then I’ll call it a golden bell cover later! "
Sun Wu nodded his head and didn’t worry about it, because he recognized the name of the move as just a code name. What’s the so-called being fierce?
"Ahem! Call it a golden bell jar, "Du Yu continued." And you should be twelve years old this year, and I’ll just call me uncle in 267. Do you think it’s appropriate? Is it appropriate? "
Sun Wu raised his head and snapped his fingers and said, "Don’t call uncle? Booma is fourteen years old and she asked me to call her sister … Mrs. brive is twenty-seven years old and asked me to call her aunt … "
"It’s not too much for me to call you uncle!"
"Mrs brive is 27 years old? ! Brive, this old cow eats young grass! Buma has a stepmother … No wonder she turned a blind eye to Buma … "
"well! Stop … What am I thinking? "
Du Yu tossed at the moment is not the time for the brive family.
When you are in a hurry, you should get those six dragon balls from Sun Wu!
Chapter two hundred and thirty Qi Dragon Ball

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