So that I can let them in through the door.

Mrs. Lin asked them to put the clothes in the closet, but they seemed to be afraid of being returned by me. They hung up the clothes quickly, put the gift on the comb table and said it was a set of skin care, so they returned.
When Lin Sao was leaving the house, she turned to me and said, "Come as soon as you clean up the meal."
"Good" I forced a smile.
Lin Sao conveniently closed the door.
I went to the dresser and took a look at that set of skin care. I hardly had any skin care for a year. Li Wenbin knew that it would be nice to buy me a moisturizer, at least it didn’t make my face as rough as these hands.
It’s really impossible for a woman not to take care of it. I don’t know if I can repair these hands.
I think Zou Ruoxi’s words at noon will make Zou Chen remember them, so it’s a pity that I dare not enjoy them again.
After staying there for a while, I went to the wardrobe and looked at those suits. I have to say that Zou Chen’s eyes are always better than mine. Everything is simple, but there are some small specialities. It should be a famous designer who would write like this.
I felt a little uncontrollable when I touched those suits, and suddenly I remembered Zou Chen’s rape scene at Hyatt Hotel. At that time, it was A Zhe who wanted him there.
Thought of here, I couldn’t help but go to the window and look at Caoping. One person and one dog have disappeared. It should be begging, but I have no appetite at all. If I disappear one day, Li Wenbin must be so anxious that I can’t find me. How can I eat?
I don’t know how long it’s been.
The door of "Miss Lin Rice" suddenly came to Lin Sao’s voice, and I was so busy that I walked over the door.
Mrs. Lin smiled again when she saw me. "Why don’t you come to dinner?"
"Sorry to let you run away, I’m not hungry."
"If you don’t eat at night, how can you do that? Besides, Mr. Zou is still waiting for you in the building."
"Mrs. Lin, I really didn’t mean it." I’m going to the door
Lin Sao frowning slightly busy said, "then I’ll give it to you to eat. You’ve lost a lot of weight than a year ago, but you can’t stop eating."
I always refuse other people’s kindness, so I nodded lightly.
Sister-in-law Lin sighed and turned around the floor.
I walked to the sofa with the door closed and picked up the remote control. I don’t know what happened, but I watched cartoons again. It was really easy to watch cartoons suddenly, but it always made people laugh without watching the dramatic ups and downs.
I looked at it and lost my mind. I don’t know where I went. I always do the same thing after I wake up, and then I lose my mind.
"Since when do you like watching cartoons?" Zou Chenyin suddenly appeared at the door and startled me.
He stood at the door with a tray in one hand and a tray in the other, watching me. Then he came in and put the tray on the sofa. The round table tone did not resist and ordered "eat first"
I looked up at him with a condition: "I want to make a message."
Zou Chen squinted slightly. "Who are you calling?"
"Call my boyfriend" I said and bowed my head a little afraid to look him in the eye.
"Oh, my boyfriend, I’ll let you call after dinner." He smiled and sat down on the other sofa, took the remote control of the round table and changed the channel.
I wonder when the man who squinted at him became so accommodating. Are you lying to me again?
"You don’t look at me so suspiciously. I’ve never made a slip of the tongue to you." And he gave me a deep look back.
I took the chopsticks in the tray with a grain of salt and brought the food out. He changed the channel and broadcast it on the news channel, but he didn’t change the channel.
I secretly looked at him while eating.
His legs crossed, his left hand hung with his right elbow on the edge of the sofa, his hand gently touched the temple with a remote control, his eyes tilted slightly, and he stared at it with great concentration. Two thick eyelashes fluttered like two brushes, and his lips were slightly sipping lip lines.
Why does my heart beat faster when I look at him?
Still tempted or restrained, I want to take a look.
Lin Tong, Lin Tong, he is taboo. No matter what you do, you must restrain yourself.
I took a deep breath and bowed my head to eat.
As soon as I lowered my eyelids, a man’s eyes glanced at me, and his eyes looked complicated and heavy, and he seemed determined.
I just put a bowl of rice on my stomach and then put the bowl on the glass round table to show someone that he should fulfill his promise.
When Zou Chen heard the sound, he really turned his head to look at the table and bowl and glanced at it again. I sideways took out my mobile phone from my trouser pocket and turned it in my hand twice. I put it in front of me and ordered, "Tell him you can’t go back."
I looked at him in amazement. It turned out that he was playing this idea. No wonder he promised so readily.
"Zou Chen wants me to wake you up? You are married now." I am angry.
He gently picked a crooked corner of his mouth. "So what? I’ll see who dares to touch my woman."
"Who is your woman? Is there something wrong with your brain?" As soon as I got up from the sofa
He is not anxious or dry, and his eyes look at me with interest.
"Do you think I will be bullied by you as before?" What? He’s always so unreasonable that he can’t see that I really … don’t want to stay with him now?
Zou Chen folded his legs, crossed his hands and crossed his face. The smile was very harmful to his eyes, but he was stern. "Lin Tong, maybe you can’t escape the fate of being a lover in this life."
"Your boyfriend, if you dare to associate with him, I will let him go out of Beijing sideways." His words are slow but there is a terrible threat.
Then someone knocked at the door outside.
Section 137
Zou Chen eyes staring at me said a "come in"
Xiao Chenmen came in to see me and Zou Chen coldly, which was relatively awkward.
"What is it?" Zou Chen skimming face looked at him.
Xiao Chen "There are several policemen outside … and General Manager Jing Cheng Gu is here."
Zou Chen looked back at me, just surprised at me and sneered, "It seems that someone has found help for you."
I don’t understand what he means.
Zou Chen gave me a deep look and got up and went out.
I followed.
On the first floor, Xiao Liu asked at the gate like a monitor, "Gu Zongmen?"
"Let them in" and he went to the big sofa in the living room and sat with Erlang’s legs cocked up as if he were watching a play.
I don’t know whether to go over or avoid at the stairs.
"Come and sit down, too. Anyway, people always have to meet you." Zou Chen looked cool as if I had just made a profit with him.

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