Most of the time, these things were taken away by the people who were picked up by Jing Yaosi or were rewarded by the county government for cleaning up evil spirits.

It’s not that no one in Yong ‘an County wants to catch a demon and sell it for money, but a single horse is dangerous, and more monsters will avoid them, and there’s nothing to find a demon charm. It takes a long time to lose.
This top has been paid by the magistrates for several years.
Liu Shun and Zhang Heng also eagerly looked at Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan smiled. "Remember that tiger whip was put away."
The two goods cheered and followed the chiefs to dispose of the body.
Chen Qiong, the patrol envoy of Jing Yao Division, seemed not to see Wang Xuan’s hand and said, "Uncle Wang is brave and resourceful in treating the evil government troops in the town. I’m afraid it’s hard to stretch his ambition. If I sponsor him to join Jing Yao Division, what?"
Next to Li Daoshi, when he heard the two talking, he walked by indifferently, while the status of the country temple was respected and he rarely attended the court affairs.
This life … is really straightforward.
Wang Xuan shook his head slightly and said, "Thank you, Chen Daren, for always being reluctant to leave the military."
Chen Qiong stared at it, but more silk respected "adults are taught."
"But please forgive me for saying that the court’s attitude towards the military government is very complicated, and there is no shortage of security forces. But now the county magistrate has enough manpower to clean up evil things and there are Jing Yaosi military government. After all, it is better to make plans early …"
Wang Xuan knew that Chen Qiong was right, of course, but the other party didn’t know that this practice could not be separated from the army’s central imperial guard and the frontier corps, and it was even more difficult for him to get into it.
Thought of here Wang Xuan also some frown.
At this moment, Liu Shun suddenly came running with a tarpaulin bag in his hand and said, "My Lord, that mandrill waist skin has hidden something and I don’t know what it is."
Wang Xuan nodded and took the call, but it was a piece of grass paper with fine print and strange patterns.
"Incense ….. only ……………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………
Wang Xuangang swept his eyes and a careful heart hurriedly waved, "Li Daochang, come and see one."
Divination is a royal forbidden art, which has caused many lives. He doesn’t want to go to prison in a fog.
After Li Daoren came over, he took a look at it for a few times and his face changed greatly. Cold sweat oozed from his forehead and trembled. "This … this is a robbery and destruction. How can a monster … end up with a big disaster …"
Wang Xuan and Chen Qiong glance at each other in awe.
They just saw that the drawing was not written by pen and ink.
But printed with ink …
Chapter VI Practice Guns, Think about the shame of the military government before the road
Jing Yao’s patrol sent Chen Qiong away.
He left in such a hurry that he even ignored his injured companion and asked Wang Xuan to leave the military office for a while to recover.
Li Daoshi, a wish from the Chenghuang Temple, also left.
Riding a fast horse overnight, riding a star in Dai Yue.
"Coming events ….."
Wang Xuan looked at their backs and sighed.
However, since some people worry about these things, Yongan County has to clean up the mess.
The moon and stars in Shiwa village are rare.
Ding! Ding-ding!
The white-haired old man shook the requiem bell and paced the sound of vicissitudes of life.
"For nine days, there are nine deep and remote heavens and the earth, and there are many joys and sorrows."
In front of the old road are rows of bodies.
Men, women and children are not bloody.
The officers held torches to drive away the cold wind and cold meaning of autumn night.
The mountain village, once heard of by chickens and dogs, has now become a ghost.

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