See tang gaozu will suddenly sleeve a fall table inkstone are tumbled aside dozens of ministers are blue.

Tang gaozu took a deep breath and looked up and said, "I have never understood that Xue Jufu has destroyed Sichuan and Shu, and even Shi Mi and Wang Bo have surrendered to Youzhou and Li Chongjiu, or are they still stubborn when they don’t know the weather? Do you want to fight against the sky with a couple of hands?"
Pei Ji said, "Don’t worry that Li Chongjiu’s backhand can be destroyed. It’s our eye enemy, but after Li Gui and Wang Shichong destroy these two people, Hebei can be determined."
All the ministers also echoed in succession.
Li Yuan said, "No, you all underestimate this man. You can’t let this happen. Li Chongjiu didn’t hear anything when he returned to Youzhou in the service of the King of Qi. Didn’t he serve the King of Qi?"
This general said, "After Li Chongjiu brought Hengshan County back to Youzhou by himself, he didn’t serve Qi Wangtian, but heard that he was going to marry Princess Changle’s wife."
This a hall Li Shimin could not help but face a fist suddenly clenched in his hand.
Aside Liu Wenjing sneered, "We have to give him a gift for Li Chong’s ninth wedding, which can make Luzhou send troops to attack Taiyuan and add excitement to him."
Tang gaozu’s eyes narrowed and said, "Are you and me such a petty person? Pei Aiqing said it was our enemy, but there was a valiant soldier in Taiyuan, Wang Shichong, and a famous soldier in Hengshan, Weichi Gong, who attacked Taiyuan with Xu Shiji. It didn’t get any benefits and made me hate us for giving an excuse for a temporary anger and making a profit. I don’t "
Li Shimin’s foreword says, "My father said that Li Chong’s ninth wedding was a short-term temporary solution to promote the army. I suggested that Li Xi and Gu combined with Tuguhun to attack Li Gui would win a great victory."
Tang gaozu nodded and said, "What the king of Qin said is to be done" to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nine Shili red makeup
In front of the bronze mirror, Yang E Huang sat quietly on the dressing table, and her long hair fell like a waterfall over her shoulders and waist.
From Jiangdu’s fall to today, how can her heart be full of twists and turns? How can she be happy, excited, and willing to work hard? At this moment, it seems that Qian Fan has spent more than a quiet wave.
After brushing the bronze mirror, carefully help her comb her head and brush her clothes and say, "You are so beautiful in the Princess Hall today."
Yang E Huang smiled and said, "What bride is not beautiful when she has been married since ancient times?"
Brush clothes said, "Those are ordinary women. You are a princess of Changle today."
Yang E Huang smiled but said nothing. Besides brushing clothes, there were five or six servant girls.
They inserted Feng Chai into Yang E Huang, raised her hair, painted her eyebrows with white powder, applied yellow rouge, and finally put on her crest and gown again.
Stay easy to complete these Yang E Huang glanced at the bronze mirror and nodded slightly.
"Tonight, the Weaver Maid drops people to make up for the mirror; There is no need to make up your face when you have a peach blossom. "
It turned out that the groom’s wedding procession was already outside the house and sang a makeup poem.
The maids in the room are all laughing and listening to the makeup-urging poem outside the door. "Master Xu in the Princess Hall is already outside the door. It’s not urgent."
Yang E Huang is blue.
Brush clothes arch eyebrows with a curl of words, "What’s the hurry? The Princess Hall is a golden branch and jade leaves are expensive. Let the father-in-law wait and see what you are coaxing."
When the maids saw that the clothes were brushed, they all kept silent. Yang E Huang laughed. "Are you going to scare people by brushing clothes?"
"Princess," she said, "I’m sorry for you, so that Master Xu can wait a long time until the little married daughter-in-law looks down on you."
"You!" Princess Changle slightly blamed the maids for laughing again.
The makeup poems outside the window were read over and over again, and several people began to sing together after dozens of people.
Outside the courtyard, gongs and drums are noisy.
A servant girl here listened to the whisper of brushing clothes, opened the door and walked out of the courtyard, shouting, "Come and go is this song, Master Xu. Is Jiang Lang all gone?"
At this time, someone outside said, "You’re a servant girl with a tricky mouth. You’re afraid you’ll miss the auspicious time. That’s all."
"Only talented people will come in when they marry. Are you married casually when you are a princess?"
"I really can’t listen to you well," then another person sang, "Don’t have spring before you smell the candle and tune the red powder mirror; You don’t have to wear muddy makeup, but you have eyebrows to be painted. "
Outside the hospital, even Yang E Huang smiled.
"Don’t spring before you smell the candle and tune the pink mirror; You don’t have to wear muddy makeup, but you have eyebrows to be painted. "
Hundreds of people outside the house sang in unison, making it lively and festive.
Knocking at the door outside the courtyard rang one after another, and the maids looked at the clothes one after another.
Fu Yi waved his hand at everyone and walked out of the door to the courtyard. "It was just someone else’s husband. Why don’t you sing a song for our princess in person?"
"It’s better for a princess to be respectful than obedient," Li Chongjiu replied.
Everyone listened to Li Chongjiu’s poem when all sides were quiet and even the gongs and drums stopped.
Yang E Huang house not to listen to.
"The night is longer and longer, and the moon wants to embroider the barrier and cover it exquisitely. Kirara newspaper waits on Niang Hunqing, but he sees Qing E from his Xu."
Another string of gongs, drums and drums came crashing and applauding, and everyone said, "The bride is urging you out!"
Brush clothes back to the house to the door. At this time, the courtyard door outside the house was opened, and all of them broke into the courtyard on the rampage, and they felt their ears buzzing.
Aside, all the maids reached out and covered their ears, and the sound of gongs and drums was accompanied by the crowd, but it was very festive.
After the groom began to salute outside, Yang E Huang sat quietly and covered the red handkerchief. Seeing a brilliant red in front of him was vaguely seeing the scenery outside.
I heard the master of ceremonies outside say, "Remove the obstacle!"
"Dian Yan!"
"worship the temple!"
Yang E Huang doesn’t know that Li Chongjiu is very busy. It’s very true that the biggest feeling of every groom on his wedding day is not joy, but a word tired for fear of making a mistake
After some ceremony, Yang E Huang saw that Li Chongjiu finally stepped into the room, and the maids were all happy to laugh and congratulate him. "I wish Princess Xu a long and healthy life."
Li Chongjiu, dressed in crimson clothes, also laughed heartily and scattered the red envelopes with his hands.
After the maids got the red envelopes, Yingying whispered softly, and everyone was happy.

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