Chapter seven hundred and nine You are all terrapin.

God reincarnated congenital fetus
When I was born, I opened up the sea to gather my soul.
Qin Yan’s qualification can be described as one in hundreds of millions.
If you can get it and cultivate it a little, you can achieve great success in a very short time, and you can’t set foot on immortality for ten years
Will attract so many monks to compete.
Of course, the most important thing is that he is a reincarnation of God.
Since the death of Qing Di, the news of God’s death has disappeared in the original mainland for several years. This time, there will be a reincarnation of God. Doesn’t that mean that the celestial passage in the original mainland has been opened again?
And this channel must have Qin Yan know!
If you can get him, he will not only become the pillar of his clan in a short time, but even the celestial channel will know first if he recovers his memory after waiting for him!
Therefore, this is of strategic significance to every holy place, the great religion of the eternal family.
But now he should worship Su Yingshi, which everyone never expected.
"Brother Su hasn’t seen you for so long, and you are still so arrogant!" Gu Bufan sneered at first, "I’m waiting for this time to come. If you say you take it away, you won’t look down on all of us!"
"Good name is Sue! You killed me. The master of Taiyuan Gate is fighting three enemies. Don’t you know how to write the word "death" when you come here alone? "
"Su Laomo came today, even if you don’t take this little one away!"
Sue should smile and lift up her eyes and look around. "What are you when I look at you again? Who can stop me if I want to go? "
"talk big!"
Gu Bufan sneered, "I went back to practice hard after I lost your hand. Today I will let you know that I am the strongest of the younger generation!"
Su Ying shook his index finger at him and looked around with a faint smile. "You are all terrapin."
Gu Bufan’s face was purple and blue, and he shouted at Su Ying coldly, "Do you still have your arrogance today?"
As soon as he spoke, all the monks came to the capital of Daqin, and they were all monks of all major sects, and no one wanted to give Qin Yan such a divine body away.
Yousuying is still their enemy.
"It seems that you are right?" Su Ying’s face turned cold and Qin Yan’s forehead behind him saw that his body was directly reduced by Su Ying’s income to Jun Tianding.
Although this little girl is three or four years old, she is not afraid of all this. There is still a flash of excitement in her young eyes. Before entering the cauldron, she also shouted, "Master, kill them all quickly! Kill them all! "
"Do it!"
See Sue should Qin Yan income jun tianding ancient uncommon face a cold word should be directed towards Sue!
He slapped it like the sky turned over and covered thousands of meters in Fiona Fang. Su Ying remained unmoved by Gu Bufan’s palm.
"Brother Su, I am already a long-term habitat. What do you compare with me?" GuBuFan laughed eyes full of pleasure.
He attacked and killed Su Ying three times and five times, but failed. Later, when Su Ying, an overseas island, appeared, he directly scared him to flee.
He went back to Zhenyuan Taoist temple and painstakingly practiced to break through immortality through some secret method of Zongmen.
He seems to face Su Ying again at this time and he can take it with one stroke!
"Old brother, you beat me once and you will never turn over! Are you-are you really natural enemies when you live in a long habitat? “
Sue should laugh coldly and open her mouth and spit out a milky white congenital weakness, which burst out for hundreds of miles like a waterfall hanging upside down and rushed to the ancient handprint.
A sudden explosion in a moment will directly wipe out the ancient extraordinary hand!
"How is it possible!" Gu Bufan’s eyes suddenly Zheng felt a little incredible. He never imagined that Su Ying had reached a long habitat in such a short time.
The original face Su Ying will be crushed again, but now it seems that he is still no match.
At that time, GuBuFan had a sense of frustration that never belonged to him.
"Too yellow!"
See GuBuFan look slightly a sign Sue should word steps up and down a step out came to Xianyang outside the mountains and then to GuBuFan a palm cover!
Too yellow seal rushed out of the 33-day virtual shadow, and the instantaneous display was really like the reversal of heaven!
"Kill! Grab the body of God! "
Many monks began to rush towards Su Ying.
At that time, the magical powers were all over the sky, and the magic lights came to Su Ying!
GuBuFan see Sue should clap a palm toward yourself to immediately in anger a "too yuan, as definitely! Have my enemy! "
This is the Zhenyuan Taoist temple fighting method, which can instantly boost its strength after being stimulated!
Gu Bufan has already felt that Su Ying has a strong palm and can resist Naide to show his strongest means directly!
However, even so, Su Ying’s palm fell and Gu Bufan was directly buried in the mountains. Several mountains around his center collapsed directly and the dust was everywhere!

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