Go to Qingyun cave on time every three days and be busy for a whole day. Although it will be a while before the fruit wine is produced, I also have a lot of brewing experience.

Sometimes, I will steal a little old wine by making wine.
These days, Fire Shine has become a follower of the Nangong Small Mirror. She wants the elder martial sister of Small Mirror to come to the cave and don’t go anywhere. She has been busy with the elder martial sister of Small Mirror.
Sometimes, you are greedy and want to drink some fruit wine, but Sister Xiaojing just won’t let you. However, Sister Xiaojing can always take out some delicious candied fruit and eat sparkling water.
Since that day, the grilled fish controlled by fire has been praised by many brothers and sisters, and Huo Linger seems to have a poor interest in cooking food.
There is also a small mirror next to the elder sister to encourage and guide, which really makes several rare foods, that is, scaring some rare birds and animals in Suspended Mountain to flee in all directions.
Sister Xiao Jing said that if flat hair has no spiritual wisdom, it is called game. Those who look silly and ugly and have no wings are called mountain treasures.
These delicacies and game can be caught and made into delicious food. If you encounter a small animal that can understand people’s words, you should let the wonderful senior martial sister know and punish her.
I don’t know if all these rare birds and animals in the cave have some spiritual wisdom. When they see these two little ancestors coming, they will babble, and some of them will really be released into the mountains by the fire shine.
When I heard about this, Baiyun Tower was very happy for a while, but I took Xia Sister to the cave and had two barbecues.
Elder martial sister Shiqingchi has been making a fuss about the fire shine recently. Since that day, she had a big dream and fell asleep.
Baiyun Tower has been in the cave for several times, and I have seen the elder sister Ling Zhufeng, the second floor of Xiaozhulou, leaning on Evian bed and falling asleep.
However, the Baiyun Tower felt something. Elder martial sister Qingchi should have realized the road in a dream, but I don’t know how long it will take to wake up.
On this day, Baiyun Tower came to the depths of the fire vein cave to prepare to continue to practice alchemy. Since I felt that I had thoroughly mastered the refining method of washing marrow Dan, I set out to refine Zhujidan.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Extremely preconditions for Dan
There is a kind of fairy grass in Tsukiji Dan, which is quite rare. Nowadays, the planting output of Tsukiji Dan is limited by the Summer Chaoyang Lingyao Garden, and the output of Tsukiji Dan has not been high.
Watching Baiyun Tower put Lingcao Fairy Medicine into Dan furnace, the old teacher still has some aches and pains, and he is ready to wave several furnaces of herbs.
According to Dan Fang Baiyun Tower, carefully put the controlled temperature into the herbs in sequence, and unconsciously finished the refining of Zhujidan step by step.
When the alchemy teaching was in doubt, the Dan furnace gave off a burst of fragrance. I didn’t expect that the first refining of Zhujidan would directly become Dan.
Open the Dan furnace, build three round foundations, and lie quietly. The Dan furnace is full of fragrance.
Baiyunlou stretched out his hand and took out the elixir, but it hasn’t come yet. The alchemist hurried to grab one and put it in front of him.
A moment later exclaimed, "It turned out to be a great foundation Dan."
"Extremely build Jidan?" Baiyun Lou wondered, then raised his hand and carefully recognized the Dan medicine. He saw that the surface of the Dan medicine was covered with shallow textures and seemed to contain a special charm.
After opening Tianyantong, Baiyunlou suddenly saw that the two Dan medicines in his hand actually contained a trace of samadhi.
It is no wonder that you can make a great foundation Dan. It turns out that it is the magical effect brought by knowing the fairy fire in the sea.
Find out the medicinal properties of this Dan medicine in Baiyunlou, and you will know a thing or two about yourself and the Eastern pool. After all, this extremely well-founded Dan has already broken through the foundation period.
However, Xia Shimei and Xiao Pang are the Nangong small mirrors. Although they have passed the Tsukiji Dan before, they can all have another pole Tsukiji Dan, which may be more effective than the first three ordinary Tsukiji Dan.
In this Baiyun Tower, I handed over the refined Dan medicine to one side and put it away to continue refining.
The alchemist will find a jade box for three extremely built Dan, knowing that this Dan is precious and ready to be shown to the mountain leader as a treasure, which will surprise him.
I don’t know, in a short time, the master elder brother of the hospital has refined another batch of three round and exquisite extremely-built Dan.
This exercise looks at the old teacher’s stunned feelings. This high-profile student has surpassed shine on you so quickly.
After a busy refining for a long time, Baiyun Tower has already refined dozens of extremely preconditions.
I rubbed my eyes a little swollen, and the Baiyun Tower stopped refining alchemy. This time, I have also practiced the skills of Tsukiji Dan. Whether it is fairy fire or ground fire is more handy.
I saw some dull alchemist’s old teacher, Baiyunlou, ignoring dozens of extremely-built jade plates. Dan gently picked up the jade box containing three pills for refining for the first time and waved it in front of the old teacher.
I smiled and said, "I took these three pieces, Master. Those in the plate should be thirty."
Although the alchemists are hard-working, there are 10% pills that can be used for alchemy every time they make a batch of pills. Almost every alchemist is a rich man, but generally they don’t count when they come to practice Lingcao.
Hearing the old teacher’s question from Baiyun Tower, he quickly said, "Although take the Cloud Tower, it is no problem if it is not enough to take half, so the teacher can make the decision."
I didn’t expect the old teacher to be so excited. Baiyun Tower quickly waved his hand and said, "Where are these many? These three pieces are enough. If you have to refine some more."
"Be sure to come to the fire pulse, that is, remember to come back and see it more often." The old teacher was so excited that he was incoherent.
"Lao shifu, then learn to go first. By the way, go and see the refining of Yuan Ying Dan over there by the Firefighter." Some of the Baiyun Tower can’t bear the enthusiasm of the old teacher, and quickly turned around and walked outside the cave.
"Heaven has mercy on the courtyard, and finally there is an excellent alchemist genius. You must bless Teacher Bai for his long life and early birth …" The old teacher muttered behind him.
Baiyun Tower almost slipped when he heard it, so his figure flashed out of the cave of fire veins directly.
A large-scale alchemy pavilion has been built at the peak of the fire vein outside the cave, and a series of fires have been led to each alchemy room.
Most alchemists have become accustomed to face-to-face alchemy. After all, the fire in the cave is too fierce, which is not only difficult to control the temperature, but also extremely hot.
The alchemy rooms here are luxuriously decorated with gathering spirit arrays, which are not only full of aura, but also spring-like all the year round.
The alchemy in Baiyun Tower is not only because of fear of extreme heat, but also because of the desire to reduce the aura of violent fire.
Only by facing the raging fire can we gradually understand the essence of the flame and cremate ourselves violently.
He Lu met several familiar teachers and greeted Baiyun Tower and walked directly into the main hall of an alchemist pavilion.
The main hall cover is magnificent, but there are not many furnishings.
In the middle of the hall, there is a Zijin Ding furnace, which is the Zijin Gua furnace in Baiyun Tower. On one side of the hall, there is also an almost big Ding furnace. Looking at the dull luster, it has been abandoned
Obviously, this tripod furnace was originally put in the center of the array eye to make an array eye alchemy. Now it is natural to abdicate and make way with the fairy device.
The fireman and his two brothers in front of the divination furnace are concentrating on alchemy and Baiyun Tower. The fireman also greeted them and returned to the furnace to control the temperature.
It takes a full seven days to refine a batch of Yuanying Dan, and the last one needs the help of the fairy fire in Baiyun Tower. This plan was negotiated by the chief of the mountain, the fireman and Baiyun Tower.
I thought that I would help refine Yuan Yingdan’s Baiyun Building, and today I came to the fire vein cave to practice my hand, but it was also quite rewarding, and it was also a great foundation Dan.
I watched the fireman’s side for a while, and everything was normal for the time being. The aura of the fairy furnace was tumbling a little bit, and it was slowly gathering.
It’s getting late outside the temple, and the Baiyun Tower is striding out. It’s still a quiet rest tonight, and the key moment is out of order.
Stroll out of the back hill and return to the Mid-Levels Yard.
In the courtyard, the spirit of Baiyun Tower swept away and found that neither of the two school sisters was in the room, but Xiao Pang heard the noise and pushed the door out.
I didn’t know until I asked. Today, all three school sisters went to Qingyun Cave and won’t return until nightfall.
Thinking that I have been busy with alchemy for the past two days, I haven’t seen Xia Shimei very much, so I have gone to the cave to read.
However, since I saw Xiao Pang Baiyun Tower, I conveniently took out a jade box from the sea-knowing enchantment, picked up an extremely grounded Dan and handed it to Xiao Pang, who said something about it.
Xiao pang can’t help but be overjoyed when he hears that there is still a great Dan medicine to eat. So he can go further in his body-building skills.
Dan’s pharmacy had confessed to Baiyunlou, so he planned to take up the imperial sword, but Xiao Pang stopped his brother embarrassedly.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Girl riding a crane
Looking at the elder brother’s inquiring eyes, Xiaopang shouted, "Is there any extra Dan medicine, brother? I may need another one."
So Xiao pang said something about his unexpected discovery, and he was a little embarrassed to say that he was too Dan medicine.
Hearing this, Baiyun Tower was overjoyed and hurriedly found out the progress of Xiao Pang’s cultivation and body building.
Sure enough, as Xiao Pang said, the eye of the flesh is scattered with a faint light, which is different from ordinary monks.
Dantian is also larger than the average monk who condenses gas. It may break through the foundation period and need to refine more spiritual power, but it has a lot of mana advantages in the same order.
Xiao pang is also very happy to have this opportunity.
Patted Xiaopang’s shoulder and said, "We can afford to eat such a good thing even if it is twice as effective as three times or five times."
"I’ll give you this Dan medicine, too. Anyway, the small mirror isn’t there yet." Baiyun Building said, and he took out a pole from the jade box and handed it over.
Xiao pang saw that there was really extra Dan medicine and was ready to pick it up cheerfully, but he quickly withdrew his hand when he heard that Dan medicine was originally intended for his little sister.
Lian said, "Brother, you’d better give it to Xiao Jing. I’ll take one first."
The nurse’s second brother, Baiyunlou, also knew a lot, so she took back the Dan medicine.

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