But all the hard work is worth it.

They didn’t work hard in vain these two months.
Fortunately, after two months, they have initially completed the first step, and then they will be sanctified, and then some auxiliary skills and magic weapons, and then they will hoard experience, such as the blood shield effect after the Tang Dynasty government swept. These all require a lot of experience to maintain the yellow hair, and this side has also made a preliminary calculation, that is, if they continue to brush it off at their speed, they will not only overfulfil before the 3s championship is reached.
Like lazy Xiaotian, the original number has 20 billion or 30 billion experiences, and the Dreamliner can even try to break through 100 billion experiences, and this kind of thing is even when people in the dream world dare not think about it.
After hanging up on Huang Mao’s words, he wanted to return to the magic capital Fudan University with this good news. Because he never brought any luggage, he wanted to go straight to the fantasy westward journey club. He wanted to tell the good news to others in the strongest team in the country at the first time.
It was when Fang wanted to come to the Fantasy Westward Journey Club that he found that …
Chapter five hundred and twenty-five What is this!
"Oh, you thought you were late."
When Fang wanted to walk into the box of Fantasy Westward Journey, he found that the box was already full of people.
Han Xuanxuan, Ending, Ruoshui, Love Tired, Bare and Lazy Xiaotian, Bing Ling and others have all arrived.
At this moment, everyone’s face is also filled with a smile.
"ah? No way. I’m the first one to arrive. "
Fang wants to look at his wrist watch. Because it’s school day and now it’s noon, he also Han Xuanxuan and others will arrive late today, but I didn’t expect everyone to come so early. But these are not the key points. I just can’t help but say.
"By the way, I have good news for everyone."
When I heard Fang Xiang’s words, Han Xuanxuan and the ending two people leng leng and then said
"oh? Come on, we also have good news for you. "
"ah? The porch elder brother ended elder brother you say first "
Party want to humility way
"It’s okay, you should go ahead. I think our news should be more exciting."
Han Xuanxuan and the ending two people looked at each other and then smiled and said to each other.
And when I hear two people talking, I think there would be no shirking.
"Well, Huang Mao called me just now. He said that the number of the strongest team in our country can reach the 175-level Tianyuan boundary around 7: 00 this evening and it is a state of full skills and full cultivation."
When I heard Fang Xiang’s words, everyone in the box was one leng, and then an atmosphere of joy filled the box.
"ah? Really? Can we reach Tianyuan boundary tonight? Or is it a state full of skills? Yellow hair, they did a good job! "
Looking at everyone so happy, Fang Xiang also smiled.
"Yes, and I’ve already got all the staff there. I’ve prepared everything, including the suit. I’ll show it to you in a moment, and although we haven’t finished what we have equipped, I want to face up to some first-class teams in our country. So I think we can try to make an appointment with the first-class team to play a game with them tonight at 7: 00 p.m."
Everyone nodded in agreement when they heard Fang Xiang’s words.
"Who are you looking for?"
Speaking of which, the old urk first appeared in everyone’s mind, because to be honest, the strongest team in China, a 175-level Tianyuan community, knew it must be the old urk, and the old urk just happened to be Lingyin Temple, which is also convenient. Just after the idea was born, I just wanted to shake my head and rattle there.
"No, no, no"
"We have just entered the Tianyuan world, so it is equivalent to proving to the outside world that we are here, but if we look for the old urk, we will fail. This is equivalent to being fanned by a big mouth before we have a foothold. This is not good. Let’s change the team."
"That? Who are you looking for? Otherwise, we should directly sign up for the Wushu altar? "
I’m tired of hearing Fang Xiang’s words, and I want to talk about it
"That’s not good either. The cycle of Wushu altar is too long. We don’t have that much time."
When the continuous discussion was denied by Fang Fang, everyone in the box was silent. It was also this time that Han Xuanxuan shone at the moment.
"I know!"
"We have a ready-made sparring team in Lingyin Temple, and the hardware of this team is absolutely K, and we have also won the semi-finals before."
"oh? ?”
Hear Han Xuanxuan words all eyes are a bright, this time also want to ask 1.
"Who is it?"
"It’s the Lonely Ah San Team. When the former urk first arrived in Tianyuan, they were our touchstone, and now they have changed several waves of hardware continuously. It seems that there are two players who already have matching Prajna girls. It’s absolutely no problem to find them. I still have Lonely Ah San WeChat here. I’ll contact them now."
Hearing Han Xuanxuan’s words, everyone in the strongest team in China was relieved, because the opponent had already found it, and at this time, Fang wanted to think of something. He looked at Zhengfa WeChat Han Xuanxuan and asked to one side.
"By the way, Brother Ending, you and Brother Xuan just said that you have any good news to tell me. What is it?"
When I heard Fang Xiang’s words ending, it was also the corners of my mouth, and then I hooked my hand at Fang Xiang.
"You come to my side"
Fang Xiang came to the end with a depressed face, and this time the end was also turned to face the brain. Fang Xiang discovered that the end brain was open, but this time he missed the number but urk and ended the account.
Now that Fang Xiang has come to his side, he clicked on his warehouse.
"From the first page to the third page, you can see for yourself that these are the efforts of Han Xuanxuan and me."
With these words, I will get out of the way, but I want to see the whole row of 16-level equipment on the first page of the warehouse, and my body is shaking slightly.
He swallowed water and then grabbed the mouse and moved to the first hardware, which was a 16-level helmet.
Class 16 helmet-
Mixed sky and mysterious fire helmet
Magic +1 Defence +336
Forging grade 17 moonstone
Stunt arhat golden bell

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