That sentence just now is to arrange and maintain the law hidden shout …

Chapter 59 Four Red Yang Arrays
Just when they felt that their big array was about to collapse, they heard a sound that shocked them and made them feel happy: "Bounding, Four Red Sun Array Knot!"
Suddenly, a large array that looks bigger and firmer flashed outside their bodies again, and they felt a little tired and wanted to be lazy. At this time, they wanted to die. A figure flashed before their eyes, and then they were slapped by that figure, and the four of them were sent out of the large array!
Spot was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe it was still the old man with rickets.
I don’t believe not only they but also the four shadows that maintain the four red sun arrays. What do you mean, they just came here for nothing to gain fame?
Then the huge four purple inflammation array collapsed directly and the huge Bijyudama exploded directly. At the same time, the figure inside actually came to the spot side sadly, that is, outside the four red yang array …
All ninjas are lucky enough to have seen the strongest and biggest self-mutilation trip in their lives. ten tail Bijyudama exploded, but he Bijyudama couldn’t move the enchantment. Although the enchantment looked distorted badly, it was always toward the sky, just like the magma erupted in the center of the earth vein, which sprayed out directly along the mountain exit, but it couldn’t cause harm to people around because everyone was outside the enchantment but not inside.
This is why ten tail is in a hurry. If he waits until everyone comes in, he may really kill many people, but now there are no casualties … I have to say that this is a miracle.
What makes everyone feel more at ease is that since ten tail made a scene in the enchantment, everyone has felt inexplicable peace of mind. Although the first enchantment was almost broken by ten tail, a stronger enchantment followed, and ten tail’s brutal attack actually made that enchantment shake! Isn’t this a miracle? What could be more reassuring than this?
All allied forces immediately morale.
But except for one spot!
Spot is in a bad mood. What is it? Because in front of him, the old man gave him a sense of oppression, which was so strong that he felt a sense of fear! That’s right. That’s how Spot feels when she sees the third generation of Huoying.
"Are you a man or a ghost?"
I can’t help but ask if the cause theory is Shu Mao or no one has given him so much oppression, and there is also the ghost, the pillar and the old man in front of him, which is why the spot is so outspoken …
As soon as the scene was embarrassing, Laiban also found himself swearing.
"I’m not nervous. I’m still the one. My disciples have learned the magic mode. What can’t I learn?"
Yes, the apprentice knows the immortal mode, so what is the immortal mode really? But the simpler the answer, the more disturbing it is for Spot. At this time, Spot suddenly looked up at Kimimaro.
"You don’t look at me so much. After I wake up, I am almost always in the immortal mode …" Kimimaro’s answer is like a lot of knives in his heart … How much did he suffer from being able to have the immortal mode? Pit column, cultivating transplanted column cells, trying to calculate the strength of ten tail into ten tail, but finally failed!
Heijue told him that the way to defeat the thousand-handed column was to say that it was the immortal mode, but who dared to teach him the immortal mode? Learn how to starve an apprentice, Master. If someone really taught Spots, Spots might not hesitate to kill that person, right?
I feel even more tired when I think about it … What kind of world is this? One person can learn it, and three people can learn it, but how do you feel that the streets are full of fairy patterns? And he won’t? Spot is very annoying …
Spot, if you know that Konoha actually has a whole army of people who are interested in meeting the immortal mode, I don’t know what he will do. This is also the reason why Shu Mao walked with peace of mind and Gang Shou and them walked so simply.
However, those people don’t often show up and no one knows that they have learned the immortal mode, just as everyone doesn’t know that the three generations of Huo Ying have learned the immortal mode! On previous occasions, three generations of Huo Ying didn’t reveal his immortal mode, but this time everyone finally knew.
But no matter what, whether it’s the front four red sun array or the three generations of immortal model, everyone can see the hope of defeating this big guy
"this is a four-red sun array composed of four shadows. Unless it is too much stronger than them, it is a way to break this enchantment!" A knowledgeable person immediately knew that origin of SiChiYang array.
"Brother, tell us about this four red Yang array? How do you feel more powerful than the first four purple inflammation arrays? "
"Well, no matter which law it is, it is not Konoha law, but it was once the first enchantment seal of the vortex nation! By listening to this name, everyone will know that they are both sealing, demarcation and endurance, but their power is not the same.
If the Four Purple Inflammation Array can resist the attack of twice the strength of the performer, then the Four Red Yang Array can resist the attack of sixty-four times the highest strength of the performer!
And if the performer is replaced by a shadow, do you think ten tail can burst into sixty-four times the shadow strength?
You may not know whether it’s Si Ziyan Array or it’s born out of Si Chiyang Array. Simple border demarcation is because his operation requirements are relatively simple. If you are patient, you can display it. But Si Chiyang Array is patient with advanced sealing and advanced border demarcation! It is said that once the vortex country was the unique endurance of Li, which blocked the sneak attack of other countries! "
"ah? So powerful is the vortex country destroyed? "
"Defense from the department began to collapse! I think it was something that happened in the Vortex Department that year, but it didn’t have anything to do with us. We wish we knew that ten tail came out absolutely, so our winning rate would not be a little bit! "
"Yes!" Everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up. There is no more exciting news than this!
Chapter 51 Fairy Mode
If the Four Red Sun Array represents the limit of array law enchantment, then the immortal mode is the strongest among all ninjas!
Although Spot doesn’t want to admit it, he knows that he is the pillar of the method to defeat the immortal model! This is not to question the fact that it is wrong for him to look at the three generations and Kimimaro’s eyes
Suddenly, a thought flashed through Spot’s heart, "How many immortal ninjas are there in Konoha?"
"See that guy over there? He followed you before, but you probably don’t know, do you? His current physical condition is the immortal mode state and he can always maintain the immortal mode because of some special things! " Three generations pointed to the nearby spot and said
"Look at that tall man with a cloak. He can automatically absorb natural energy from an early age and master the immortal mode. He can attract all animals and plants in nature from an early age. He can also normalize the state of the immortal mode. He can’t balance this state well. After he started the immortal mode, he will be furious. This is the shortcoming of his immortal mode, but now he has recovered after treatment." Jyuugo introduced that the three generations turned not far away
Then the spot heard the three generations continue to say, "How many immortal models are there in Konoha? But Konoha’s generation is really amazing!" Three generations of faces showed pride.
When Ban Yi was silent, he suddenly asked, "Do I still have a chance to master the immortal mode?" Because now he can see that he can’t learn the immortal mode anyway, so he can join the Hui Ye Ji battle
"Do you know how many people died in the study of the immortal mode of Konoha? How long did it take? I am proud to tell you that I am no less than you! "
Ban Xian didn’t believe what he said, but three generations went on talking.
"Teacher, he is really a genius. In his time, he was the first and only one who groped for himself and learned the immortal model! However, the immortal mode cultivation method is not in our world. It is mastered by psychic beasts and only those with advanced inheritance can master the immortal mode cultivation method! Or a psychic animal awakens the ancient memory, that is, he can only know the specific cultivation method of the immortal mode after his strength has reached the immortal state.
But despite this, the teacher stayed to practice notes, but there is nothing wrong with us! We may be assimilated by him because we have to absorb a little natural energy!

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