"…" Meng Xin white his one eye "parents they just arrived"

"What’s the family maternity to rest? It’s also very tired after giving birth. It’s not appropriate for so many of us to bother here, is it? Mom and dad-"Liziyu told QiXingLin toward Meng Haidong.
"What nonsense is it that the family is disturbed?" Yu Qing glared at the boss and then quickly said to the two in-laws, "Stay here and have lunch before you go."
"No, no," said Qi Xinglin quickly. "You are busy when you come. Yu said that we should leave first and then have dinner together. What do you say? In-laws-"
"That’s right. Well, we won’t leave you. We have a chance to have dinner together after that." After listening to Qi Xinglin’s words, it didn’t force them again.
Hengheng is still reluctant to leave, no matter how Li Ziyu persuades him, he is reluctant to leave. He has not seen enough with his younger brother and sister. How can he leave?
"Heng Heng doesn’t want to go, then you can leave him. Anyway, he doesn’t have classes." Yu Qing told Li Ziyu that the boss didn’t know what to do these two days.
"So let’s go by ourselves, Ayu. Why don’t you stay with Meng Xin for a while and see what you can do?" Li Ziyu of Meng Hai East Dynasty told Meng Xin.
Section 15
"No, mom and dad, we’ll go back with you. If Hengheng wants to stay here, let him stay." Since my son doesn’t know how to be an old heart, he can stay with Hengheng.
When the Meng family left, Li Xuan and Du Youchen came and saw Li Ziyu and Li Xuan calling out, "Eldest brother … aunt and uncle, are you leaving?"
"Well," said Liziyu coldly, which made Lixuan feel puzzled and didn’t know where she had offended her eldest brother.
On the contrary, Meng Xin’s family smiled at Li Xuan and Du Youchen before leaving.
LiXuan some inexplicable asked her second brother "second brother eldest brother this is how to return a responsibility? Did I offend him? "
"He is depressed when he sees that I gave birth to a daughter." Li Jinze is also amused. It’s been a depressed day. How can he not be happy today?
Besides, if he really likes his daughter, can he discuss with his eldest sister-in-law about having another one?
"Really?" Li Xuan has no way to associate her eldest brother with the personality man in her second brother’s mouth. You know, in her memory, her eldest brother is a quite mature and rational man. How can he be as sexual and awkward as her second brother said?
"Anyway, you be careful. You two are ready to go back when you are the manager of the public department. Eldest brother has been keeping your second brother for you. I still have forty days of maternity leave, but your girl is not so lucky." Li Jinze looked like an embarrassment.
"What? I also want to get married and have children. "LiXuan also don’t want to go back to work so soon. It’s hard to make up with Du Youchen. The world of two people hasn’t been enjoyed yet. It’s not cost-effective to be arrested and go back to class.
As a result, Li Xuan’s eyes swept over as soon as it came out of the rain, and she was going to get married and have children. The daughter was too shy to speak.
Li Xuan also realized that her family had not finished forgiving her, so she kept a low profile.
Liziyu actually it’s nothing. Meng Xin is not working today, and Li’s family is also busy here. The young couple also got a leisure time to accompany Meng Haidong to have lunch with Qi Xinglin.
After lunch, Meng Haidong took a taxi with Qi Xinglin and went back to let them live alone.
Li Ziyu was happy about this, so they watched movies, bought popcorn and went shopping together like lovers who had just fallen in love. When they were tired, they found a small shop to sit and have a drink and have a rest.
Meng Xin lay down his life to accompany you, which finally reduced someone’s depression and made him lose his heart.
"Shall we go to have a big meal tonight?" When someone is bent on it, he will celebrate.
"Let’s go back and eat. I’ll make it for you." Meng Xin shook her head. She didn’t want to eat outside until noon. If she ate too much outside, her taste buds would become numb.
"Well, let’s go to the supermarket to buy food and help your thugs," said Liziyu excitedly.
Meng Xin can’t agree. She thought about asking someone to help her fight twice before. Everything in the kitchen simply made her not want to think about it, but someone was so enthusiastic about it that she couldn’t refuse.
Later, Meng Xin, who was visiting the supermarket, thought about it and decided to give Li Ziyu a surprise. She bought two fried steaks and went back to fry them herself and bought other things to match.
See Meng Xin shopping other things LiZiYu consciously to equipped with.
When they got home, Meng Xin pan fried steak, while Li Ziyu arranged a candlelight dinner scene outside, and the reasonable division of labor between the couple was soon done.
At 7: 30, their candlelight dinner will be served.
Great aunt Lu and LeiShu also went back to the villa to help. After all, it was two children. Even with Yao Xiaoling and Ye Haona’s help, there were still not enough people.
In the flickering candlelight, the two people are so affectionate and enjoying their candlelight dinner.
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