Zhu Pang whispered, "Thanks, sister." He followed Wang Yuan and glided away rapidly.

The crocodile’s attack focused on Zhu Pang’s escape. Two of his brothers were forced to fly up and then returned to the iron line. Six then did not dare to neglect and quickly slipped to the first giant tree.
Sun Hao gently breathed a sigh of relief.
Just now, Zhu Pang was in distress. To tell the truth, he also pinched a cold sweat and was ready to make moves.
Fortunately, my friends are not weak in physical fitness, especially Zhu Ling, who has made great progress, otherwise Sun Hao doubts that he will come to help if he is far away.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Mantis yellowbird
A railway bridge is difficult to cultivate.
Brother’s life may be just like walking on this rickety telescopic ejection iron wire bridge, so it is not allowed to be sloppy.
If you don’t pay attention to it, you will be stared at by the bridge and torn by ancient fierce beasts.
Rank then a retreat along the iron line.
The ferocious crocodile in Fang ancient times broke out every ten monks.
There are more and more surprise tricks.
And not every monk has Zhu Ling Wang Yuan’s general physical strength.
Inevitably ranked then there were still casualties.
Although Sun Hao wanted to help, he finally chose to stand by.
First, many ranked elixirs are not familiar with Sun Hao, and Sun Hao is not a bloody virgin; Secondly, it is not very good for the monks at the scene to show their cards too early, even if many Sun Hao are afraid of being unfaithful.
Less has not crossed the river and went to Luo Peng’s eyes from time to time flashing strange light. I’m afraid I have to move something wrong again.
Before and after the fall of three then.
All Brother Xing then did not show a mournful look.
Every monk at the scene is either an elite from the mainland or a great loss.
Outside, the first four battleships on the list of days sounded a sad song, which represented their glory and hope. Then they have been buried and will never come back.
Fortunately, Dujiu and Jianbai forged better luck than when they were in the river, and they did not suffer a sudden attack and arrived safely at the first giant tree branch.
And some entanglements with Sun Hao, the magic repair Lushan was also attacked by the crocodile and forced to make a key moment. He came up with a strange breath and the crocodile not only didn’t spit out water, but even closed his mouth.
Lu shan crossed the river again and again
Lu shan, the transverse branch, bowed slightly to Corleone after a little setting.
Corleone’s face responded that lu shan’s understanding was not weak. A little inspiration made him realize that the way to stop killing was a magic repair wizard.
After the fall of four precious ranked elixirs, the first time elixir crossed the river and approached the tail.
There are only four monks here in Liuhe.
Zeng Xiangwu, Luo Peng, Sun Hao and big brother Zhao Zhumo.
Zhao Zhumo said, "I am behind the house."
Luo Peng said, "I’m in no hurry."
Sun Hao smiled indifferently, "Brother Xiang Wu goes first."
Zeng Xiangwu was slightly stunned and then said brightly, "Okay, I’ll go first."
As soon as his arms spread out, the wire quickly glided to the branches of the tree.
Sun Hao was about to get up and follow only to find that Luo Peng had spread his arms in front of him and jumped to the iron snake behind Zeng Xiangwu.
Face smiled indifferently. Sun Hao patted his waist and put away the small fire. The kitten jumped slightly at a distance.
Sun Hao behind Zhao Zhu magic behind the huge body is also lightly followed.
The monks looked at the monks behind the house in order, and when they arrived safely, they could move to the second giant tree.
Among the four monks, the strongest one should be Zhao Zhumo, who has no suspense to cross the river, and the second one is Zeng Xiangwu, who is the first in Wang Ting, and the strength is good ahead, but anyone who ranks first in then is comfortable crossing the river.
Among them, Luo Peng and Sun Hao are relatively weak.
However, it’s really hard to say whether the two monks can escape once they are attacked by crocodiles after ranking in the southern continent.
Zeng Xiangwu glided ten feet with his legs on the iron snake. If everything goes well, it won’t take long.
Soon a third of the distance passed.
Half the distance also passed safely.
Zeng Xiangwu arrived at the iron snake in two thirds.

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