I’ll wait for Dan Tai to finish before I ask him how the blood spirit will come out of the ground.

Dan Tai Li said that the blood spirit has always been aggressive. Before Wang Zhoupeng and I came here, we had already injected ShaQi into the ground, and the blood spirit would surely come out to fight.
Dan Tai Li finished the inquiry, and now I can control how much the white tiger spirit has done.
I am slightly surprised that Dan Tai Glass already knows that I can control what the white tiger spirit ShaQi has done, but it shows that I can control what the white tiger spirit ShaQi has done.
I frankly told Dan Tai Li that I can now control half of the spirit of the White Tiger.
Dan Tai Li glanced at me approvingly and nodded, saying that it was very good. He told me that once the blood spirit broke through the ground, I should not go too far to attack the blood spirit. I need to protect myself with the blood spirit.
I raised my eyebrows and Dan Tai told him that half of the white tiger spirit ShaQi is a large number of ShaQi.
I talked to Dan Tai Li here, and I clearly felt that the ground in the ancient house began to shake violently
Looking down at the ground in the old house, I saw a big bulge protruding from the ground in the middle of the old house.
Knowing that this is a sign that the blood spirit is about to break out of the ground, I will adjust my speed to protect myself.
There is a strong ShaQi instantaneous around Dan Tai glass and Dan Tai glass stepped forward and stared at the ground in the middle of the ancient house.
With the violent shaking of the ground in the ancient house, the whole ancient house began to shake, and the bulge on the ground in the middle of the ancient house was getting bigger and bigger.
Although Dan Tai Li has told me how to resist the blood spirit attack, such as the most effective way to deal with the blood spirit, it still makes me a little uneasy.
Chapter six hundred and forty-five Against blood spirit
At the same time, I’m glad that if Dan Tai Li didn’t tell me that I had to deal with the bloody spirit alone.
Holding the long needle in my hand, I restrained my emotions and waited for the moment when the blood spirit appeared.
As the ground in the old house and the whole old house shook for a while and then suddenly stopped, the bulge on the ground burst in the middle of the old house, and the blood spirit always appeared
With the emergence of the blood spirit, the original burst, and the ground blinked back to normal in the middle of the ancient house.
The ancient house is so big that I can see the bloody spirit in my sight, but it occupies half of the ancient house
The reason is that the blood spirit is so fat that it is like a meat mountain in the middle of an ancient house.
Blood spirit is short and fat, and there is no hair at all, except for the eyes, which are thick and bulging.
When I saw the blood spirit appear instantly, the long needle in my hand immediately shot out. Before it reached the blood spirit, a lot of blood gushed out from a bulge in the blood spirit’s body. The blood directly took the long needle that jumped on it to the ground.
When the bulge spewed out blood and shot down the long needle, at the same time, the blood spirit turned towards me and Dan Tai Glass, and the bulge began to spew out blood.
The blood was overwhelming, and it was about to touch me and Dan Tai glass protector. At the moment of Shaqi, the blood automatically avoided Shaqi, and the blood did not contaminate me and Dan Tai glass body.
As soon as the blood touches the ground, it disappears instantly.
The smell of blood in the whole ancient house is so strong that people can breathe.
Dan Tai glass blood spirit just appeared from the ground and began to push out with his hands flat.
As Dan Tai glass that move to make a strong ShaQi attack to the blood ichor spirit is short and chubby, but the moving speed is extremely fast.
However, because the blood spirit itself is fat to an alarming degree, it can avoid the attack of Dan Tai glass Shaqi by dodging in an ancient house.
After I threw the long needle, I immediately attacked the blood spirit and rushed out of my palm. The intensity of Shaqi was no less than that of Dan Tai glass palm.
The blood spirit was attacked by me and Dan Tai Glass Shaqi, and its blood roots were not contaminated by me and Dan Tai Glass Body. Its mood began to stand out, and it screamed and dodged for a while, and then it was lascivious to leave the ancient house.
Dan Tai Li and I are at the door of the ancient house at the moment. When the blood spirit rushed to me and Dan Tai Li, Dan Tai Li grabbed my waist and leaped away from the door of the ancient house.
I saw the blood spirit rushed to the door of the old house, and then the huge body made the law go out. In this case, the blood spirit turned back again and then the blood attacked me and Dan Tai Glass.
I didn’t belong to the ghost ichor Spirit in vain, and my action will be restricted by the narrowness of the door. The blood spirit will return to the body again, and when the blood attacks on me and Dan Tai Glass, it will even further encourage the palm Shaqi to attack the blood spirit.
I’ve been injecting blood spirit since the appearance of blood spirit. I haven’t seen anything fishy overflowing, and I haven’t seen Dan Tai Li’s attack on Shaqi change it.
But no matter what, you can’t go wrong in beating up the blood spirit.
Against the blood spirit, I glanced at Dan Tai glass. I saw Dan Tai glass’s expression was not relaxed at all.
Thinking that Dan Tai glass black machete and red whip are lingering with strong Shaqi and dead air, I asked Dan Tai glass that his two weapons are more helpful against blood spirit.
Dan Tai Li told me that Shaqi can do harm to the blood spirit, but the dead spirit is a big supplement to the blood spirit. The black machete and the red whip are equivalent to doing work against the blood spirit.
Dan Tai Li’s answer made me focus on Shaqi and avoid crushing its huge body while fighting against Blood Spirit.
As time goes by, the blood spirit is still in its original shape in my eyes, and Dan Tai Li and I have already consumed a lot of ShaQi.
In the ancient house, the war situation continued to maintain the blood spirit, and the blood gushed, and the huge body crushed me and Dan Tai glass, and I and Dan Tai glass dodged and then ShaQi attacked the blood spirit.
I don’t know how long it will take for the white tiger to be half full of Shaqi. I haven’t forgotten that I can regenerate Shaqi when I need it.
Half an hour after Shaqi attacked Xueling, I contacted Baihu Jingpo and told him that I was playing against Xueling. I now derived the intensity of Shaqi and asked him how long I could last according to this intensity before Shaqi was exhausted.
White tiger spirit said in a cold voice for twelve hours, saying that if I want to make a quick decision, I can increase the amount of derived ShaQi.
At this point, the white tiger essence paused and said that he could easily win the blood spirit with half ShaQi.
After listening to the white tiger’s reply, my heart was happy and I immediately increased the export of Shaqi.
Also at this time around the Dan Tai glass body ShaQi suddenly big sheng that much ShaQi instantaneous form from the roof to the ground ShaQi wall slowly pushed to the direction of blood spirit.
Dan Tai glass suspended ShaQi attack blood smart palm rushed out of the more intense ShaQi blessing to the ShaQi wall forced to the direction of blood spirit.
As the Dan Tai glass moves, the Shaqi wall begins to stretch towards both sides.
ShaQi wall close to the blood spirit makes the blood spirit gush out, and part of the blood flows back to the body, and the blood spirit whines and shrinks a little.
Seeing the situation when the Shaqi wall approaches the blood spirit, I know that the blood ichor is also aggressive to itself.
Shaqi wall slowly approaches blood. ichor spirit keeps retreating. It looks very afraid. Shaqi wall doesn’t even touch.
I noticed that the blood spirit kept retreating, and my eyes kept glancing at the positions on both sides of the suffocating wall. I immediately prepared to wake up Dan Tai Glass to prevent the blood spirit from escaping from both sides of the suffocating wall.
But before I open my mouth, Dan Tai’s glass palms suddenly push the aggressive ShaQi wall flat again, and the blood spirit body in the blood spirit package suddenly stops spewing blood.
Wrapped in the wall of Shaqi, the shape of the blood spirit is reduced by the naked eye.
When the blood spirit body no longer spews blood, the attack on the blood spirit by Dan Tai Li and I will eventually change the shape of the blood spirit and start to shrink.
This situation made my heart settle. I glanced at Dan Tai Glass and saw Dan Tai Glass’s expression relaxed at the moment.
Dan Tai Li told me at this time that our attack on the blood spirit was not a success. Although the shape of the blood spirit remained unchanged, it was actually damaged
When the injured person enters the ground in a short time, he can have a chance to go to the wall to wrap the blood spirit.
I have deduced that it takes me an hour to make the blood spirit enter the ground in a short time.
However, all the combative characters of the blood spirit can’t be followed, and it can’t escape to the ground for a short time. At any moment, the blood spirit will always face the provocateur, which is fatal to the blood spirit.
Every blood spirit will only be alive in a specific place. This specific place is the birthplace of blood spirit, which is conducive to the improvement of blood spirit skill, but it is also a restriction on blood spirit.
Just like the blood spirit in front of us, it was born in an ancient house, so it was broken. When the door in the ancient house blocked the body, the blood spirit was destroyed because it wanted to leave the ancient house.
In addition to the earth-hiding body shape method, the blood spirit floats through walls like ordinary ghosts.
Dan Tai glass at this point, glancing at the direction of the entrance and exit of the ancient house, slightly wrinkled his forehead, stopped talking, and made greater efforts to attack the blood spirit.
I noticed Dan Tai’s eyes, and I glanced at the entrance and exit of the ancient house. I didn’t see anything unusual in the entrance and exit direction of the ancient house.

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