Just when she was upset, she saw Di Qian walked in with a murderous look on her face. She couldn’t help but have a very subtle idea-wouldn’t it be nice to borrow some seeds?
She looked at the murderous look of the emperor’s building and smiled at the emperor’s building. "I’m Ruan Ruan, don’t you know?"
It took a little while for the emperor to wake up from the madman. Yeah, if it’s that bitch Liu Xiyu, how dare she sit in the Queen’s Palace? Of course, it was Mo Ruan Ruan, but he looked at Mo Ruan rather suspiciously. "I don’t believe you will be easy to unload. Let me see if Liu Xi is the most cunning one. What if she is so sincere on purpose?"
Mo Ruan Ruan couldn’t help but want to turn over a supercilious look at this time? She’s not a fairy. You’re too scared to see you one by one, aren’t you? In fact, she is not even a fart in the eyes of the emperor-
In fact, this matter has been hidden in her heart for a long time. She has been secretly happy for a long time, but she can’t talk to anyone. She is suffocating.
So she is not happy tunnel "that Liu Sunseeker is just an ordinary woman who can have so much ability to fool my sister and imperial secretary? Besides, can’t you recognize my voice? "
"You sound a little like talking about her-"She is a terrible woman. She is too cunning and hateful. He hates her, but she is very taboo. But this kind of words naturally won’t tell a woman that she is paralyzed. What if she is really pretending to be Liu Xiyue? ! !
Thought of here, Emperor buildings quickly pulled out the sword and put it on Mo Ruan Ruan’s neck. "Why are you so wordy? If only you could directly remove makeup?"? Are you really that bitch Liu Xiyue? ! !”
Mo Ruan Ruan was scared out of her wits by the sharp blade. She said, "Don’t, don’t, I can’t unload it."
"What? ! !” When I heard it, I was so alert that my hair stood on end. I must have caught Emma in Liuxi night. Can I really kill her? Will there be any intrigue? Whatever, what can we do if the person who killed her dies? ! !
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Chapter 544 I’m not her
"I really don’t believe you! !” Watching the knife cut her neck, Mo Ruan was so scared that she couldn’t consider anything. She grabbed the emperor’s hands and put them in her clothes and pressed "Liu Sunseeker has me so late?" No! !”
Meditate on the imperial buildings
Liu Ruan was afraid that he wouldn’t believe me and added, "It’s not that I don’t want to take off my makeup. Recently, the emperor sometimes comes back to see my sister. If she happens to be hit by the emperor, where does she sometimes make up this makeup quickly?"
In fact, why don’t she just play Liu Xixi late? Mo Ruan Ruan dares to say no in her sister’s palace?
But do you know that her fairy-like appearance is made up of makeup, so she can take off makeup and put on makeup?
Mo Ruan Ruan won’t remove makeup even if she is stuck in the neck with a big knife rest. In the end, she can make the emperor’s buildings look absolutely different in the evening.
As a result, the emperor’s big hands stayed inside for a long time.
"Well-"Mo Ruan bit her lip, and her eyes were faintly moist. Obviously, she was very comfortable by the emperor’s buildings. She was not young that day, but the emperor’s buildings were tall and handsome and had many women. Naturally, she knew how to deal with her.
In a short time, Mo Ruan stood in his arms and breathed heavily.
Mo Ruan Ruan, whose eyes were glowing with the green light of a wolf, immediately came over and got a fright. He took his hand and begged, "The hall is not allowed."
"Hum, if you don’t have the real thing in your stomach, guess what will happen to you when my good brother comes back? And the queen can spare you? " Emperor buildings are not stupid. At this moment, Mo Ruan has long been hooked by the male storm. If you can let her go, you can intimidate her with the most cruel words.
Mo Ruan Ruan’s one leng turned out to be an unexpected way, and the emperor’s buildings saw that she was loose, so naturally she wouldn’t let go of her negligence and just pulled …
Finally, the emperor proudly touched Mo Ruan’s lower abdomen and said proudly, "My brother may be this, huh?"
Mo Ruan Ruan recalled all these things in a trance, just like being in a fairyland. Poor aftertaste also hit another door in her eyes. I didn’t expect the big emperor to be such a brave man. She was so happy! !
It’s always a pity to think of the sickly look of the Phoenix Night, but it’s like the most expensive exquisite porcelain, which can be seen from a distance but can’t be used for fun.
She couldn’t help but charm lightly chastising, "You have bullied others for so long, I want you to carry me inside and get dressed."
However, at this time, the queen came in with the close-fitting cloud, and when she saw the smoky situation in the house, the cloud turned red and sensibly turned and ran outside to keep watch.
Emperor buildings but casually outside the robe will be dirty a big enough to get up.
Mo Ruan Ruan is in a mess. She is used to pretending to be noble on weekdays. It’s really unexpected that this ugly appearance was actually seen by the queen’s sister. It’s not that she can’t get up at the moment.
The emperor’s buildings are really distressed. She draped her great-coat in Mo Ruan Ruan’s body judo. "You go to the house first to sort out my conversation with my mother."
Mo Ruan nodded and couldn’t even look at the queen’s face and ran into the temple in a hurry.
The queen said coldly, "Go to Piandian. You don’t have to dirty my room."
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Chapter 545 Mo Ruan Ruan has changed
Emperor buildings heavy eyebrows frowned crossly. "Just go to my palace. I’ll come and see you later."
Then he gave Mo Ruan Ruan a gentle smile, which was not as gloomy as usual, which greatly pleased Mo Ruan Ruan. She bowed her head and sighed in her heart, complaining that if Emperor Feng could smile at her like this, she would definitely insist on his chastity and hate that man, who never put her in her eyes.
But forget it. It seems that he doesn’t care about all women.
Such as Mo Ruan Ruan still has some unfinished business from the emperor’s buildings. The queen looked at the emperor’s buildings with complicated eyes. He was wrapped in a robe and showed lean muscles. Although he was in a mess, it was good not to hide his bottom.
It’s been a long time since the queen was exposed to the rain. I thought of the emperor’s buildings and secretly squeezed her hand, and my heart couldn’t help thinking about it.
She was busy pretending to cough angrily and sat in the back seat. "What the hell are you doing? This is a big crime of decapitation! !”
"The child knows that it’s wrong, but I don’t think you do things carefully, leaving such a big flaw. If the emperor can see it at night, it’s not worth the loss." The emperor smiled darkly with a little cynicism.
The queen was so angry. "Help us. I think you are coveting my family. It’s not a day or two. How many times have I told you that you want her? It’s not a word. Can’t you pick this point? Your brother not only finished what your father told you, but also saved your second brother. You can sleep in the palace! !”
Emperor buildings face completely gloomy to fundus like ice storage full of murder "don’t give me that disease, I doubt that I will be hunted down and lose, I’m afraid it is also his handwriting, or just a few thieves can have that ability! !”
The queen also gnashed her teeth. "It’s too late for you to say anything now. He’s enjoying you now and there’s no evidence. Now we have to find a way to protect you first."
The emperor gnashed his teeth and said, "I’ve thought of a way. It’s just a bitter plan."
Queen smell speech couldn’t help worrying suddenly looked up at the emperor buildings fundus unexpectedly some sad emperor buildings darkly laughed "what? Not willing to give up? "
"Who are you and me? I’m that humble girl. Can you make fun of me?" The queen flew into a rage, but there was something flashing in her eyes.
Di Qian was not frightened by her Feng Yi and smiled contemptuously. "Did the mother misunderstand something? Since you are my mother, isn’t it reasonable for you to give up if I am injured?"
The queen couldn’t help but twist her face awkwardly, and the corners of her mouth evoked a smirk. What makes you fight with me? Didn’t you specialize in attracting women? Now I also have a way to make women kneel at my feet. I will be stronger and stronger than you.
Emperor buildings laughed regardless of the queen some angry eyes.
When I was about to go out, I suddenly turned back to the queen as if I remembered something. "Please take good care of Ruan Ruan. I’m afraid I’ll have a baby, and then I’ll be born in the name, but the emperor phoenix night child hummed that my baby wants everything that belongs to that bastard."
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Chapter 546 It’s miserable
With that, he walked out with his head held high.
It was a long time before Mo Ruan touched her hair and came out. At the moment, she didn’t know what to say. The queen was sulking and ignored her.
Mo Ruan finally couldn’t help asking, "Is the temple back?"
"Since you like the Phoenix Night, how can you do such a thing with my big emperor!" The queen said more and more, and a cup of hot tea was thrown at Mo Ruan Ruan. Mo Ruan screamed at the hot tea, and some of it splashed on her delicate hands, and immediately there were big blisters on the beans.
Mo Ruan Ruan couldn’t help laughing at me. How many bad things have you done with all your efforts? Now I made a mistake, but you can’t blame me.
Don’t. I don’t see your own thoughts about the emperor

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