After three people buried the bodies of those men in black, it was close to dusk, and the last handful of soil suddenly vomited an one mouthful blood.

"Are you hurt?" The nangongshan month Oriental peak qi asked.
"It’s okay. I’m afraid this finger won’t work in the short term." Cloud raised his right index finger and it was swollen thicker than his thumb.
"How did it hurt like this?" The nangongshan month lovingly holds the cloud hand in the palm and gently caresses mo.
"It doesn’t matter, let’s go home." There is a warm current in the cloud. After all, there is still people’s heart.
"Brother Yun, where are you going next?" Dongfang Feng stayed for a while and suddenly asked
"I haven’t thought about Brother Dongfang. What are your plans?" Cloud asks
"If neither of you has any special plans, why don’t we go to Suzhou to take part in a tournament in Gusu Mu’s house next month?" Dongfang Feng seems to have nothing to say.
"Brother Hangyun already has me and Sister Leng, so how can he go to any contest to recruit relatives?" The nangongshan month big JiaoChen up wonderful eyes kept staring at the cloud for fear that his mouth out a "go".
"No, actually, I left home this time, although my father asked me to explore the treasure of Tianlong Shinto in Kunlun …" Dongfang Feng stopped with a red face.
"What is it? If you don’t make it clear, we won’t ignore you. "The Nangong month pouted and raised its eyebrows."
"This ….." Oriental peak seems to be really what room suppressed along while also speechless "I actually …"
There seems to be a strange magic in the cloud sound of "Brother Dongfang says it’s ok", which makes people feel that he is a secret object worth pouring out.
"In fact, I have already booked each other for life since I was a child, but …" Dongfang Feng quickly took a look at Nangong Yue. "Who knows that Uncle Nangong came to my house the other day and actually married my cousin Yue since childhood …"
"What?" This time, it’s Yunnan Gongyue’s turn to call out with the same mouth.
"I was frightened to disgrace and hurriedly asked that it really happened …"
"How is that possible? Dad has never been with me! " The nangongshan month think this fact is incredible.
"Yes, but I heard it with my own ears, so I changed the client to tell Rou Er about it in order to discuss a countermeasure together. I don’t know if it wasn’t long before I heard that his father was going to give her a contest to marry her. I don’t know whether the speaker didn’t express it well or she misunderstood it. I dare not confirm it." Dongfang Feng said that the tone became lower and lower, and he was completely immersed in his story. He looked very depressed. "Later, when I came out with the secret treasure, my father sent me and Sunny. After I came out, I didn’t have the courage to go to
"So it’s all our fault for delaying Brother Dongfang …"
"No, your business is that I didn’t see the courage of cousin Yunxiong Yue, so I felt that I should do something instead of waiting or escaping. When it’s better, it will be enough for us to get to Suzhou in half a month." Dongfang Feng raised his head and his eyes were no longer confused.
"This is a man. Sister Rou must be waiting for you to win the beauty!" Nangong Yue is infatuated with flowers again. "Ah, when I go back, I’m going to ask Dad to have a contest to get married and let Brother Yun beat those ungrateful fools to marry me. How romantic!"
"Hey ~ ~ It’s inhuman for you to provoke so many people to come here and let Brother Yun beat them away, so you have to call names on fools!" Dongfangfeng protested
"What is that? Who let them come and let them beat Brother Yun?" The nangongshan month you didn’t care said
"Month that if I lost to one of them? What would you do? " Cloud suddenly asked looking at the nangongshan month.
"I …" Nangong Yue was puzzled. Obviously, she didn’t consider this situation. "That …" The little face was flushed with swelling. "That man’s father had a back and secretly eloped with you …" The head became lower and lower. "Ah, you hate asking such embarrassing questions!" It’s bound to hit the clouds.
Yun holds her a pair of powder fists. "Yun is so lucky to miss you?" The four eyes are opposite to each other, and there is nothing to say at this time.
"Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough."
Cloud two people wake up from their dreams. "Well … I said this. In fact, I think Miss Mu must be waiting for you in the past. It should not be so important whether you are able to defeat the pack."
"Frankly speaking, before I met Brother Yun, I was very confident in my literary talent and martial arts, but …" Dongfang Feng didn’t say anything, but the meaning was obvious.
"What’s so good about me being a monk or a Taoist?" Yun is embarrassed to get up. In fact, he doesn’t think much of himself. The life of a good monk makes him pay little attention to others. Of course, it also makes him less troubled and free and easy.
"This is about to ask the Nangong cousin who likes who knows!" Dongfang Feng took a trivial look at Nangong Moon.
"You’re going to die ~ ~" The Nangong month was annoyed, but Dongfang Feng didn’t get powder boxing treatment. The Nangong month was smashed with a hilt.
"hey! Brother Yun is in charge of yours? " Oriental peak holding the head shouted.
"Which one? Don’t understand! " Cloud feign death
"If only the old man were here …" The nangongshan month suddenly stopped and sighed faintly.
"Yes …" The cloud was silent.
"I must practice my master’s martial arts and never lose my face!" Dongfang Feng vowed to say
"We’ll supervise your practice this month, and don’t lose your master’s face by competing to get married!" Nangong Moon Interface Road
"That’s natural!" Dongfang Feng said flatly …
Back in the inn, people were all staring at the clouds straight wait for a while, as if the head was neither long nor short, the skin was neither black nor white, and the appearance was not handsome or disrespectful. From the point of view, there was nothing special about ordinary young people, which was much more noticeable than the beautiful Nangong Moon and the handsome and elegant Oriental Peak.
Perhaps in their eyes, the cloud is a treasure, a secret book and a symbol of status, money and beauty. However, there is a saying that how many lunches are there in this world when you are rich and dangerous? These are not considered by many fanatics.
"Which is the cloud?" A middle-aged scribe spoke first.
Yun’s right index finger is temporarily injured, and the situation is so bad that it is hard to imagine encountering such a scene again at this time. Yun does not know how to face it.
"Do what?" Cloud quietly gestured to Nangong Moon and Dongfang Feng that they should not talk.
"I heard that the treasure of Tianlong Shinto …" The mouth of the scribes was interrupted by the cloud coldly.
"Now I tell you that I have the treasure and the secret book. What do you want?" Cloud cold face.
"This ….." The scribes are the rhetoric introduced by these Wulin people, but if they don’t play by the rules, they will recognize him without thinking, but they will be speechless. At that time, the whole inn was silent.
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Chapter 11 Oriental Juexue
"It’s a treasure mystery that so many heroes and heroines here have come from all corners of the country to this remote place, so the little brother got it … ahem …" The scribe said that deliberately coughing here resonated with others. "It seems a little unreasonable, doesn’t it?"
"That’s it!"
"Isn’t it?"
"Always give a confession!"
When those Jianghu hawkers see someone out of the head, they are all attached and booed up.
"What is confession?" Cloud face a cold "is to let you see? Or simply let everyone divide it? "
When Yun puts it bluntly, those people can’t just say, "Take it out and share it with everyone." That’s too shameful. Yun kicks off the red tape and goes straight to the topic. Formal these hypocritical charlatans always like specious fallacies to attract people, and then it’s difficult, but Yun frankly confesses that they can drill.
"This ….." The scribe thought that he had never encountered such a way, but he panicked. "How dare we get our hands on what Yun Shaoxia got? Yes …" This fellow was so anxious that he was full of sweat, but he couldn’t "yes" anything.
"Since there is nothing else, we will leave now." Yunyebai Inn is unable to stay and wants to leave.
"Wait!" Finally, someone can’t sit still. This time, it’s a monk. In fact, many people in the inn have seen the magical power of the cloud. Some people think that there is no hope. Others are still waiting for the opportunity with luck. Of course, they won’t reveal anything to those who come behind. This is the inferiority of Jianghu people, that is, it is absolutely impossible to unite. Jianghu will always be chaotic, Jianghu will speculate and Jianghu will be eternal. This monk is one of those who are still in the dark and still impulsive.
"People can leave things and stay, otherwise don’t blame Cudgel for being rude!" That monk was fierce, with a pair of big eyes like two bells, a full face of juryman and a overgrown beard, and a pair of huge copper earrings. Frankly speaking, three points are like people and seven points are like ghosts.
"Why?" The cloud is still motionless, as if this fierce and savage man is not here. "Where are you from?"
Jianghu words are quite slippery. It is such a sentence that comes from such a population that people feel uncomfortable and more ridiculous!
"With Yin Lun in the hands of Cudgel!" That monk didn’t care about the etiquette of the Han people. What kind of words are stinging and intonation is equivalent to fart to him. Maybe it’s not easy for him to understand Chinese and barely say a few words.
"That good let me meet you Yin Lun! !” The cloud said that he wanted to make moves.
"Wait for Brother Yun to kill the chicken and why he needs to kill the ox knife. Leave this small role to the younger brother to solve!" Dongfang Feng understands that the current situation of Yun is that it is best not to fight with people.
"In that case, Brother Dongfang should be careful." Yun didn’t try to be brave. He was a natural person.
"What are you, who dare to mess around?" Monks are not satisfied with others arranging opponents for themselves.
"Your horse will know that your name is male or not." Dongfang Feng smiled and didn’t care about this bastard.
"Cuckoo is the deity of Tianzhu Bodhi Temple, and Menborob thinks so!" The monk shouted "Giant Elephant Nose Wheel!" After crossing the wheels with both hands, he smashed the sword of Dongfang Peak in the past, especially when it was unsheathed. Bobo’s wheel has blocked the sword of Dongfang Peak in a hurry. Although Naboro’s personality is chaotic, it seems to be unreasonable, but he is quite pure and fierce. He smashed the jaws of Dongfang Peak and was busy drawing a sword to meet him. However, the hilt of the sword was bent by Bobo, and the sword of Dongfang Peak was stuck. He had to withdraw his sword, and his feet kicked Bobo’s ribs!

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