"I’m not an idiot!" The man’s neck is quite irate, and it’s a sentence of 6 cans.

6 Can turned their eyes and saw the clan of the war several times, which left a bad impression on 6 Can. Especially, the clan chief of the war actually swallowed the magic weapon that Shang Yangjun gave himself. It is really abhorrent. 6 Can has decided that once he got information about the clan of the war, he will throw the clan of the war into the dead city and let him see who he is still tough with in front of those Prometheans every day.
Don’t you know that Qi Yaoxian, who is opposite, has been outraged by the red eyebrow 6 Can, and his trembling fingers are so angry that he can’t speak properly?
Where is the immortal gentleman in the celestial world? He is not arrogant. Today, he met a person who is even more arrogant and ashamed. He even wanted to let the war clan go by himself. What can he say when he never appeared?
"Mixed Yuan chop!"
By this time, Qi Yaoxian had completely forgotten that the Warrior had this hateful red-browed man in his eyes, who dared to offend his dignity.
A milky white waning moon Guanghua swept to 6 Can’s chest Guanghua, and the energy contained in it made us tremble and led our department to collapse to the ground. People with less strength have been stunned by living.
6 Can Zun looks like lying on the ground, but chatting at the celestial world. The celestial world is different. There is not a cloud in the celestial world, and it is pale and cold.
A binge drinking red eyebrow 6 can instant dragon fists brazenly right than the waning moon Guanghua.
See red eyebrow 6 can Luo fairy later to repair unexpectedly dare to pick up their mixed yuan chop odd YaoXianJun eyes flashed a trace of anger angry red eyebrow 6 can so despise yourself.
But for a moment, Qi Yaoxian was stunned by the image of 6 Can dragons, which was the dragon breath, so Qi Yaoxian instantly defined 6 Can as the demon cultivation of the three kings in the coastal waters.
Qi Yao Xian Jun suddenly felt bitter in his heart. What day is it today? Otherwise, there will be a war clan and even people in the coastal waters. If there is an ancient man, all the enemies in the celestial world will gather together.
Qi Yao Xian Jun mixed Yuan chop was firmly held in his hand after the red eyebrow was transformed into a dragon. Violently, the fairy aura made the red eyebrow burst into blood, but there was no pain in the red eyebrow. There was a flash of biting in his eyes and his hands were tightly held.
A detonation of strange Yao Xianjun mixed yuan chop like glass suddenly and violently shattered all over the sky energy.
"Guardian angel!" Red eyebrow 6 can whisper a four-winged angel appeared in 6 can and the huge wings of the Zhan people surrounded them and quickly recovered their injuries.
"Wing family? !” Qi Yao Xian Jun’s heart trembled. Among the three kings in the coastal waters, the Xiaoyao Wang Ming race is one of the most powerful races in the coastal waters.
"Damn it, there are three masters at a time!"
Qi Yao Xian Jun denounced a heart with a malicious bite of Jing Yuan, and a golden clock appeared in the red eyebrow.
"Jin Guanglu! Give me sleepy! "
With the roar of Qi Yaoxian, the golden clock was enlarged, and the 6 Canhe clan and the guardian angel were covered in it like a world.
"Ha ha, the real fairy did have some means …" The trapped red eyebrow 6 Can looked at the golden clock department with great interest without any panic.
It is the best choice to deal with the siege magic weapon that makes Warcraft skill 6 Can. This golden clock contains a special energy that can be restrained faintly. Fortunately, this energy is not much, otherwise the 6 Can group will be completely imprisoned.
However, it also gives confidence to 6 Can to wake up the real immortal, which is much better than knowing magic or fairy sword to kill puppets, because they have various abilities and special magic weapons. God knows if there will be a magic weapon to just restrain 6 Can from killing the enemy directly when meeting all the skills of Warcraft.
"But now ….." Red eyebrow 6 can sneer at one hand and grasp the neck of the people in a daze, and gently sing to move the group to send a moment. There is already one thing in the golden clock.
Is the manipulation of fairy, Yao Xianjun suddenly a quiver keenly feel the golden clock seems to have lost the red eyebrow and the race to trace.
"How is that possible? !” Qi Yao Xian Jun was appalled and eclipsed by Jin Guanglu. It was a prefecture-level fairy device that was obtained from the hands of Bai Di. People have never missed it. Even the master of Xian Di’s level can break away from Jin Guanglu for a moment. Now the red-browed man and the war clan suddenly disappear.
Looking at Jin Guanglu’s income carefully, I can’t detect anything wrong, which makes Qi Yaoxian angry and amazed at the same time. It’s amazing that someone can get rid of the imprisonment of Bai Di’s fairy wares.
It’s just that there is a strange Yao Xianjun in this surprise. In the eyes of the leaders, the arrogant red-browed man has been taken over by you with the fake leader.
So in the hearts of some commanders, the horror is deepened again.
Of course, these leaders definitely don’t include 6 Can, so when 6 Can looks up at the pale sky, she has fallen asleep.
Let Lian Yue and Mo Qiu and others be amazed. How can this man sleep in this street?
Chapter 29 Coma
Yaoguang and others shook their heads with a wry smile. Several people joined forces to move 6 Can back to Yaoguang’s previously prepared yard. Although these people hardly need to sleep, they all feel funny when they see 6 Can sleeping soundly, and they are also sleepy at the same time. A few people have had a long time without sleep.
The next day, the four people were full of energy, but after a while, several people found the problem. 6 Can actually didn’t get up and slept the next day.
"This is over … what’s the matter? Will there be any problems? " Yaoguang said with a frown that everyone is extremely strong except children, and sleeping has become something that can be adjusted at will.
But things like 6 Can, who slept for a long time and didn’t wake up, rarely shine and worried for a while.
"xiao yue, you enter and have a look …" Even the month’s mind turned to let 6 Can’s closest xiao yue go and have a look.
"Sister Lian, this is not good … one thousand three brothers are really sleeping. I went in and didn’t wake him …" xiao yue said timidly.
"Wait, if he doesn’t come out by noon, we’ll talk about it …" Moqiu has the most complicated mood among all people. Every time she sees 6 Can aged person’s three looks, her heart will ache faintly. She hopes that 6 Sandeul will be able to relax her when she has a rest.
"Well …" Yao Guang nodded in his eyes. 6 Can is not only very mysterious but also tyrannical. When we meet for the first time, the killer’s temperament is fluctuating and dare not disturb too much.
Seeing all the people said that they would wait until noon for months, although they were a little uneasy, but they had to agree. But before leaving, they looked at 6 Can’s room uneasily for months, because it was too fast for 6 Can to pass three times at the beginning. At this time, 6 Can was sleepy for months, and some people were worried about whether it would produce some sequela in a row.
Just as Yao Guang and his four men left the yard to inquire about the consequences caused by yesterday’s incident, a faint figure appeared outside the yard and then rushed into the yard slightly.
The man was masked in black and black cloth, revealing two twinkling eyes. In the yard, he seemed to explore something and crept into the room where 6 Can was located.
Not counting the earth room, there is no decoration. 6 Can is lying on his back in bed at this time. Although he doesn’t snore like thunder, he is also sleeping sweetly, unaware of the black dress person’s sneaking in.
Men in black rolled their eyes for a moment and leaned out a dagger from their arms, slowly thinking about the bed. 6 can depend on hesitation, afraid of waking up. 6 can move slowly, which is more sad than breathing. Moreover, this man in black obviously has some special skills to hold his breath face to face and let people know it.
"It turned out to be a coma?" Men in black came to 6 Can’s bed, and suddenly one leng whispered something incredibly. Maybe other people can distinguish the difference between sleep and coma, but this man in black is a master of breathing and easily distinguishes 6 Can from sleeping but falling into a coma.
"Don’t blame me. I’m also obeying orders. Blame you on our headquarters. Why are there two beautiful women?" See 6 Can in a coma. The black dress person boldly murmured and raised his hand to wipe the cold Bi towards 6 Can’s neck.
This man in black is a master of assassination, but he is also a dull master. From his assassination in broad daylight and wearing a man in black, we can see that this man strictly follows some professional rules in everything he does, and even though 6 Can is in a coma, the man in black still wipes his neck like the previous assassination.
Sharp Bi 6 can neck compared with the harsh metal sharp sound let the black dress person who crept suddenly a surprised flicker into 6 can bed without a sound worthy of the master name.
After a long time, bed 6 can still breathe steadily, and there is no other sound.
"Damn what’s going on! ? Why is his neck so hard! " Black dress person heart dark scold a slowly rub out from the bed to see the bed 6 can still didn’t wake up and 6 can neck without a trace as if black dress person just didn’t attack 6 can neck.
Clothes people cold hum a right arm and wave a hand in the Bi to draw a flash and stab it in the heart of 6 Can. If wiping the neck is a clever effort, this time the black dress person did his best.
After a detonation, the black dress person’s dagger broke into seven pieces and ejected without any harm to 6 Can.
"Great!" Black dress person dark call a want to know just now his blow but try my best to stab into 6 can body strong impact should also be 6 can body bed blown to pieces, but the fact is that in addition to 6 can clothing has a small hole outside the bed did not move.
"After coma, the body can automatically absorb and attack this man. How terrible is the strength when he is awake? !” The black dress person gave a cold war and looked at the bed in a coma, showing horror.
"No, this man must die!" By now, the black dress person has not killed 6 Can in order to complete the order. If he can’t kill 6 Can now, the black dress person believes that 6 Can will find himself by some means after waking up.
The black dress person hesitated for a moment, and took out a one-foot-long toothpick-thick iron solder, which shone blue in the sunlight. It was not only sharp but also poisonous. If you want to cut 6 cans of skin, you will die.
Pulling out the iron drill and stabbing the ear with one arm strength toward the 6 can ears is the most vulnerable and fatal place for everyone, because the eardrum is connected behind the thin eardrum, and the brain is behind the eardrum, where there is no hard bone and no one can practice to that place.
The men in black chose here to attack with iron brazing.
However, the smile of the man in black only lasted for less than half a second, and it turned into consternation. Because he hit the iron bar with a force, it seemed that it had not reached the eardrum, but was blocked by fluff in the ear.
Men in black are sweating in cold sweat for a moment, and he is soaked to the skin. Today, what a terrible person he provoked. Soft fluff in his ears can stop him from hitting the bed. This person’s strength may be close to that of those powerful ambassadors!
See 6 can suffered such an attack is still unconscious coma black dress person bold up from the bosom took out a jade bottle, the jade bottle is his most vicious poison.
At ordinary times, even a little bit is enough to kill dozens of people, but now the black dress person’s fingers hold six cans of mouth and slowly pour a bottle of poison into six cans of mouth.
Although 6 can fell into a coma, some function of human beings was still felt. Finally, something actually moved the tongue to swallow poison into the stomach, and he licked his mouth.
The black man stood in front of the 6-can bed and looked pale as time went by. When he had smelled incense, the past 6-can had no change on the surface, and he was still in a coma like sleeping. Obviously, the poison didn’t play the slightest role.

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