Yan Qinghan and Zhang Songshan naturally followed in a short time. Three people arrived at the entrance with wide sleeves and sword mei. They were waiting to pass her the drinking water and dry food. Their identities were different and they knew what the clouds were doing. Although they had a thousand words in their hearts, they did not dare to talk with swords and mei. They summoned up their courage and whispered, "The patriarch should be careful."

Clouds also see that the two of them are naturally grateful for the success or failure of this line. I don’t know if it is the most real at this time.
Clouds thanked the two women and turned around and took a deep look at YanQingHan again. They nodded their heads and then disappeared into the entrance.
Time is as precious as gold (chapter five or three)
Time is as precious as gold (chapter five or three)
Murayama Fawang Temple
"Let’s see that the patriarch should have entered the valley at this time."
Qin Baicheng’s hand was twisted with a piece of paper, and it was natural for the patriarch to deliver messages on this trip, and it was much more aboveboard than Xiao Shouchen.
Now Qin Baicheng got the news that the clouds have entered the valley of happiness, which means that Xiao Shouchen’s move will not wait and die once the clouds are safely out of the valley in a few days, and then Guo Qin will be required to jointly suppress it.
These days are the key!
Guo Dingfu saw Qin Baicheng with an anxious smile. "But are you worried about the safety of the patriarch?"
Qin Baicheng’s eyebrows a wrinkly said, "It’s the suzerain whose martial arts are strong but hard to match Xiao Shouchen’s intrigues. I’ve been reasoning about it these days. Maybe I shouldn’t have let the suzerain go to the valley of happiness."
Guo Dingfu nodded, "There is some truth. It is too dangerous for the patriarch to go here." But he immediately asked, "Can the patriarch be determined to be like you? Don’t follow? "
Qin Baicheng frowned and listened to Guo Dingfu. "The patriarch is the patriarch. If you and I don’t obey orders, what’s the difference between Xiao Shouchen?"
When Qin Baicheng heard this, he said, "How can we compare the safety of Xiao Shouchen’s wolf’s ambition to seize the patriarch’s position while we are the heart patriarch?"
Guo Dingfu shook his head and said, "The result is the same."
After a delicious meal, Guo Dingfu added, "You and I are not much different in age. There are many people who are approaching the sword door, but you and I are two different people."
Qin Baicheng Wei is Zheng. Today, Guo Dingfu’s manners and manners are different in the past. He can’t help but say, "I didn’t hear him call me Baicheng today. Why? Also use words to provoke me? "
Guo Dingfu frowned slightly when he saw Qin Baicheng. "I never boast of wisdom. Compared with Xiao Shouchen, I will eventually be inferior, just as I saw that he must be uneasy about the status quo, but I didn’t expect his calculation to be so deep, but I knew that I barely had one advantage, that is, I was steady."
When Qin Baicheng heard this, he suddenly laughed. "So, Master Guo said that I am not stable enough?"
Guo Dingfu turned out to be laughing. "It’s not a bad thing that a hundred people are frank and don’t hide their emotions."
Qin Baicheng frowned when he heard this. "But it’s not a good thing?" Qin Baicheng didn’t understand, "I’ve been in Wanjianzong for more than a hundred years, even people don’t know what’s the safety of this patriarch now?"
Guo Dingfu laughed. "Naturally, there is only safety after going to the patriarch."
Qin Baicheng was shocked by this. "After the safety?"
Guo Dingfu laughed. "Now the heavenly sword, Excalibur and Chaojian are controlled by you, me and Xiao Shouchen to help a patriarch.
Xiao Shouchen doesn’t have to talk about this campaign. If we win the sword gate, he won’t be the leader. Now it seems that Xiao Shouchen, the patriarch’s younger brother, has heard that the child is very intelligent, but he is too young and unsociable to help the patriarch.
The patriarch is still young, and the people who advise him like Yan Qinghan are also young people, but there is one old and prudent elder missing, and I am destined to wait for me soon, and then the elder next to the patriarch will be you. "
Guo Dingfu smiled and said, "Don’t let old friends worry about the journey."
Guo Dingfu implied that Qin Baicheng always listened to a white heart. "He still seems to be uncomfortable and has to make such a big turn. This means that I am not calm enough, but I can’t do my duty when I am around the patriarch. This is how I listen to this!"
Thought of this, Qin Baicheng’s heart moved and he studied Guo Dingfu carefully for a long time, but he didn’t see any change in the past. "How do you sound like you’re going to die today?"
Then looked at Guo Dingfu Qin Baicheng shook his head. "But you look not bad to say these discouraging words? Really want to persuade me to say it out, that is, I am Qin Baicheng, and I am not reckless with the patriarch and this Wan Jianzong. Even if I press Nai, it will be a hindrance. But these days, if I really don’t have you in the town next to Xiao Shouchen, I and several Excalibur doors are unable to suppress that Xiao Shouchen. "
Guo Dingfu sighed when he heard this. "I’m relieved to hear this, but I’ve run out of life. It’s hard to say when I’ll die. This is my luck."
Guo Dingfu said that there was a sudden smile and added, "But even if I die, Xiao Shouchen may not be able to do anything. Don’t forget that the patriarch also has his own luck, and fortunately, Xiao Shouchen’s many tricks and tricks have been resolved by the patriarch one by one, and now it has fallen into a promise trend."
It’s really good for Qin Baicheng to smell the words with a frown, but he knows it, but how can he pin this hope on illusory luck? But then I thought, "He looks like he’s going to last another month and a half. It seems that I’m worried about something."
Qin Baicheng thought of here and then listened to Guo Dingfu again. "In fact, the patriarch’s going here is not sexual. This can save many people who can bring down Xiao Shouchen’s evidence in love and reason. We can’t stop it, otherwise it is trapped in the patriarch’s heartlessness.
The third generation of Shen Zongzhu’s talent, Gao Zhi, is also high, and righteousness is slightly insufficient. This has caused great disaster for 200 years. I have a talent like Xiao Shouchen in Wan Jianzong, but I think he is like Shen Zongzhu! That’s why I’ve always opposed going out of the mountain.
However, I know that Xiao Shouchen will have a way out, so it will be a great disaster for Wan Jianzong to welcome him in Anle Valley! Two hundred years ago, Wan Jianzong had a valley of happiness to hide. What about now?
But it’s beyond my power to stop it. I don’t hesitate to steal the day off and do it. It’s a world of ten thousand swords once they come out of the mountain so that the Kaiser can have a scruple. "
Speaking of which, Guo Dingfu suddenly laughed. "But who ever thought that this heir suddenly descended from heaven? I don’t believe it now if there is an act of God."
Qin Baicheng remained silent. Guo Dingfu continued, "Now the patriarch’s benevolence, righteousness, generosity and peace can only guarantee Wan Jian’s peace. If you want to continue to stand on this Jianghu patriarch, you need to keep doing so. One year and two years may not be like a change, but ten years and twenty years? After ten years, the patriarch has not yet stood. What should the centenarians do to figure it out? "
See Qin Baicheng meditation not language Guo Dingfu know his heart feeling no longer wordy room immediately a quiet.
It’s not a moment before this silence is broken.
"Xiao, please welcome Guo, Qin to the courtyard." The bearer said.
Guo and Qin Wenwen both looked at each other in shock and said, "Xiao Shouchen is finally going to move?"
Worry is unforgettable and dies (chapter 531)
Worry is unforgettable and dies (chapter 531)
Xiao Shouchen is at the top of the mountain, and Ran Yan is as close as ever to the Zongyuan. Xiao Shouchen’s heart can’t say how beautiful it is.
At this time, Xiao Shouchen turned around and looked far away and saw Guo and Qin coming together. When he smiled and slightly adjusted his clothes, he said, "It should be that Shouchen went to find Guo Lao and Qin Lao, but now he is busy, so he dared to ask people to forgive Guo Lao and Qin Lao if he was rude."
Guo and Qin both knew Xiao Shouchen that this was just a scene, but he still saw it with a smile.
Qin Baicheng left today, and his Excalibur door was brought far away. He was on guard behind. I don’t know what Xiao Shouchen meant. Qin Baicheng was careful.
Xiao Shouchen naturally saw it on high, but didn’t say anything. Then he turned and pointed to the courtyard at the peak and smiled. "Now that the courtyard has been whitewashed, I can live in life. Seeing Guo Lao and Qin Lao these days, it seems that the French king temple is less, so I boldly invited my parents to come here to see my achievements of Wan Jianzong."
These days, Guo Qin and his wife are either worried about the safety of the traveling clouds or discussing with each other. If Xiao Shouchen gets together all day, it is really no time to pay attention to the hospital construction.
Listening to Xiao Shouchen’s words seems to mean something. Qin Baicheng’s eyebrows are wrinkled, but Guo Dingfu has no intention of laughing. "People are not as happy as young people when they are old, which can make Xiao owners laugh."

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