Ann frowned quickly. She shook her head to the living room. "Why don’t you go to the sofa and chat?"

Ann walked over and sat next to NiHaoDong. Zhou Chaoqun sat diagonally opposite the single person sofa.
"Can you say it?" Just take a seat weeks secret is a face of "asked.
"Before you talk about Fang Jie, can you tell me where your finger marriage is now?"
Zhou Mi pursed her lips for a long time and didn’t speak. Ni Haodong reached out and patted Anliu’s thigh and said with a smile, "Zhou Mi has got the finger-belly marriage into Ni’s family. Can I see you say happiness every day?"
"Is she go to the personnel department to apply for? What’s wrong with me ?” Zhou Mi growled and bowed his head and leaned his elbows on his knees to pull his hair.
Ann fell to see Zhou Mi, which also made him worry. She asked NiHaoDong, "Did she really go to NiShi? What can she do when she goes to Nishi? Isn’t Ni’s requirements for employees’ academic qualifications always abnormal? "
"She applied for cleaning staff" NiHaoDong smiled.
"Oh," so it is said that this finger-pointing marriage is really tenacious and persistent enough. She looked up and saw Ni Haodong’s mouth smiling. Why does she feel trance and have an illusion that finger-pointing marriage can enter Ni’s family?
"Didn’t you show me the photos sent to you by Jessica Fong Ching a few days ago? Take it out and show it to Zhou Mi. Let Zhou Mi see it and you can rest assured that he can see Jessica Fong Ching with his own eyes. Zhou Chaoqun still lives a wonderful life without him. "NiHaodong raised his hand and touched his arm and looked up at him. He caught a glimpse of Zhou Mi and looked forward to her eyes when she heard that she had a photo of Jessica Fong Ching here.
In Zhou Mi’s expectation, he urged his eyes to settle down and move toward the building. "Zhou Mi, I’ll go to the building to get my mobile phone later."
As soon as she got up, NiHaoDong grabbed her wrist. She stared at him suspiciously. Instantaneous NiHaoDong had moved quickly and took out her mobile phone from her sweater pocket and shook it in her hand. "Isn’t this here?" You are a pig brain! "
Hey! A well-thought-out travel photo with Qi Shao! She’s going to delete Ni Haodong. It’s impossible not to know what she means. He must show Zhou Mi what’s going on.
Zhou Mi held her mobile phone and looked at it one by one. She felt that his whole body was frozen by the rage he gave off. In fact, although there was less Qi in the photo, two of them had physical contact in the same frame. When standing on a stone and crossing a stream, Qi Shao held out his hand to pull Jessica Fong Ching away from the front, and another was that Qi Shao had one arm pressed on Jessica Fong Ching’s shoulder.
"I want to ask for leave" Zhou Chaoqun "snapped" a mobile phone and put it on the coffee table. The words "I’ll pay if I break it" have rolled into my throat and she swallowed it back.
Ni Haodong glanced at him lightly and threw out the word "no"
"I must ask for leave."
An Luo gave a quick laugh to Zhou Chaoqun and said, "Zhou Mi is actually not worried about Fang Jie for so many years. If Fang Jie wanted to run, she would have run long ago. When she was in a hurry, Zhou Mi should first settle her finger-belly marriage. Even if you get Fang Jie back now, Fang Jie will still leave when she sees her finger-belly marriage still by your side."
"Positive solution!" Ni Haodong raised his hand and pinched his face and praised "it’s still my wife Cong!" Instead, he looked at Zhou Mi and said to him, "That’s why I don’t agree with your leave. It’s a waste of time and you won’t get any results. Your wisdom and wisdom will give you one percent of your energy to face this finger marriage, which will soon be effective."
When Zhou Mi left, she had a thoughtful expression on her face. She pulled up Ni Haodong’s clothes and pressed him relentlessly. Finally, he admitted that finger-pointing marriage was arranged behind him. He deliberately arranged finger-pointing marriage under Zhou Mi’s nose. He said that Zhou Mi was not decisive enough in dealing with this kind of thing, and she could always hide and feel that women were difficult, but Ni Haodong just let him avoid it and stimulate him to face this problem formally.
When I was lying in bed at night, Anluo sent a WeChat to Jessica Fong Ching, saying that Zhou Mi had come here to ask her something, and that he had seen the photos. It took him a few minutes to receive a reply from Jessica Fong Ching with a simple word "Oh, I know."
Ann still wants to continue to ask her if she is interested in Zhou’s secret. Ni Haodong lifted it and was drilled in. When he was lying down, he also reached for the light. The screen of the mobile phone was bright and white in the dark, and he couldn’t keep his eyes open. Ni Haodong took the mobile phone from her hand and put the screen lock on the bedside table.
Then he lay on his side, stretched out his hand and hugged her in his arms, bowed his head and printed a kiss on her forehead, then asked her softly, "Are you surrounded by reporters today?"
"You know?" She looked up at him. "How do you know?"
"I found someone to follow you. They won’t show up unless they have to. I heard them say that you are quite fierce? Forcing back a group of reporters? "
"Say, when did you get someone to follow me again? Hey, don’t waste this money again, okay? I’m so grown up, you still have to hire someone to follow me? Now that you are a wage earner, we need to hire people to maintain and clean several houses in our family. We have to keep several cars, pay insurance and buy clothes. "
NiHaoDong bowed their heads and grabbed her chattering lips, and the tip of the tongue slipped into her mouth and wrapped her lips in deep affection. She responded awkwardly to his kiss and frowned to protest that she hadn’t finished yet. After that, she should save flowers and stop spending lavishly. It’s hard to hold it in her stomach in a planned way. Can you kiss her when she’s finished?
Text 419 Are you reluctant to part with Zhou Mi?
Anluo was softened into a pool of mud by his kiss before he let her go. She buried her face in his chest and asked, "The kissing skill is so good, it seems that she has never practiced less before?"
As soon as the words came out, she smelled sour taste. She closed her eyes and spoke like splashing water, but she couldn’t get them back. Sure enough, he laughed at the horse and came out from above her head.
Section 337
"Are you jealous?" When he spoke, she felt her head tremble and her heart itched.

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