After Xiao asked, Zong Wangren was startled for a long time and suddenly sat down in the chair. It was like being decades old …

He really never thought that he might become a fatuous patriarch, but in some people’s eyes, he seems to have been!
After Xiao asked about the outside, he directly sacrificed the fire and rushed into the night to fly. Not much meeting will see that there is a light escape flying in the tasikmalaya.
"Master, have you been waiting outside?"
Zuo Ningqing directly asked "Like?"
"I don’t know, but I gave Wang Jian the dragon heart back to the master, and asked him to give it back to me or give it to someone else when the clan door was completely stable."
Zuo Ningqing couldn’t help but wonder if Xiao Wen even had this skill. "I hope it will have some effect and see if Brother Zong can respond."
Early the next morning, Ming Jianzong’s pulse received a message from Ming Jianfeng, and all the pulse leaders went to the meeting.
Its specific outsiders learned from it, but from this day, Ming Jian Zongxian changed the policy of competition and construction, which made him more cautious.
After counting ri, it has always been quite normal, but the finishing touch of the lake seems to have been possessed by Ming Jianzong in the first half of the year, and it has made an extra effort to build and compete!
After a month, everyone felt that Ming Jianzong might lose the competition at least 70%!
It’s been two months in a blink of an eye, and there are three months left before the final result, but at this time, almost everyone in the celestial world knows that Ming Jianzong has already lost in this competition.
What outsiders don’t know, however, is that in these three months, Zong Wangren, the leader of Ming Jianzong, successfully completed the transformation!
After all, he is not a fool, but his hundreds of years of life are too short in this long history and have not brought him enough experience, and in these three months, he has thoroughly recognized the reality.
Although the hope of passive victory is getting more and more slim, Zong Wangren has won the support of Ming Jianzong! It’s the first time since Ming Jianzong was so cohesive!
Finally, the last link of the competition has arrived. Dianjing Lake and Mingjianzong need to build a one-pulse range defense array in the last three months.
However, at this time, Dianjing Lake has already accumulated enough advantages, almost no better than this last link.
On the first day of this link, Zong Wangren went to Ranfeng to find Nan Yunqing without bringing anyone himself.
Soon everyone knew what Zong Wangren had gone to find Nan Yunqing, because the next day Yun Qing appeared in Ming Jianfeng and personally designed the law …
Nan Yunqing is a very easy speaker, which is known to all, but she also took a part-time course in Daoming Jianzong, which is really the first time for most people to know.
After coming to the celestial world, she has been looked after by Ming Jianzong in many ways, which is also a favor of Ming Jianzong, right
Is it possible for Ming Jianzong to make a comeback by designing the defensive array with her own hands?
No one knows the answer, but the situation is really confusing again in the near future.
Xiao Wen was not ordered to go out again, because after more than half a year of hard work, they had already gone through all the targets.
At this time, he stayed in Mingfeng, sometimes practicing and sometimes helping.
Only ten days later, Nan Yunqing’s design scheme came out and was handed over to Zong Wangren. Xiao Wen also joined in the fun.
To tell the truth, no one can fully understand the design scheme except Nan Yunqing, and it can be expected that Nan Yunqing will have to supervise it when it comes to real construction.
However, few people in the room can see how amazing the materials needed to build this circle are!
Xiao asked for the first time, he thought of the Purple Extremely Broken Boat Nan Yunqing, who designed this array, and the metal material consumed was never the same as the huge Purple Extremely Broken Boat made of pure metal!
The question is, can Ming Jianzong take it?
Let Xiao asked that it was the high-level opinion of the one-room sword Sect that was unanimously built before!
After the second half of the meeting, I was discussing the specific process of building this circle and the division of labor among the veins. Almost all the problems that can be considered were brought out.
The next day, Ming Jianzong lost one fifth, and those who disappeared all went out to order materials and call people.
About one-fifth of the remaining four people went to Mingjianfeng and devoted themselves to the early construction of the array. Nan Yunqing designed the array to change the terrain quite a lot, and at least a few hills had to be razed.
From a distance, you can see that dozens of miles near Mingjianfeng Mountain range is full of fairy beasts and supernatural powers, which can be called full swing.
Half a month passed quickly, and there were two months left before the final evaluation.
The circle has been built in an orderly way, and no one expected it, then suddenly something went wrong.
The new problem is that the materials need to be invested about 10,000 Jin less because of the construction in the middle and late period of the circle. The product of dumpling scales J and NG Jinming Jianzong is less than 300 Jin. First, this thing is too rare. Second, it is quite difficult. They are going to purchase from the whole celestial world, but they can barely make up 10,000 Jin of dumpling scales J and NG Golden Eye in the plan. It seems that it is difficult to get half of it!
Chapter two hundred and forty-one The new bureau (there are two chapters)
Under normal circumstances, it won’t be too difficult to buy ten thousand Jin of dumpling scales j and ng gold from the celestial world. Now it’s hard for Ming Jianzong to get three thousand Jin. Someone is behind it.
Ming Jianzong’s reaction was also quite quick. He immediately complained to the price theory that he would receive enough weight for this thing, but the effect was not optimistic. Some organizations with dumpling scales J: ng gold simply regarded this thing as a treasure and said that they would not sell anything.
Ming Jianzong sent someone directly to the mine, hoping to have a chance to produce this mine. After all, the dumpling scale J and NG gold is needed in the middle and late period of the construction of the circle, and they have 3,000 kilograms in hand to support it for a while. However, this method is quite unreliable because there is no special dumpling scale J and NG gold mine in the celestial world. This mine is associated with several other minerals, just like Niu Bao and Goubao. It seems that even if the dumpling scale J and NG gold is really produced, it may not be sold to Ming.
So a dumplijīng scale j and ng gold didn’t get much, but a few days passed …
Zong Wangren, the peak of Ming Jian, "bang" slapped him on the coffee table and roared, "Hyun Yang Zong, Jialing Road, a nest of snakes and rats are cruel! !”
"Brother, calm down. In fact, we had expected this, but now there is another Jialing Road." Zuo Ningqing encouraged him.
"Alas ….. who would have thought that such an unpopular fairy material was needed to build such a large array? This world rarely produces it. When it was acquired, it was impossible to keep it secret. Now that there are Xuanyang Sect and Jialing Road, it is better to settle for the next best." Zong Wangren sighed that from the point of his easy compromise, he knew that his attitude has indeed changed.
At this time, Nan Yunqing told the truth, "As far as I know, it can be a good substitute for dumpling scales J and NG gold. This world is not produced. If inferior fairy materials replace dumpling scales J and NG gold array, it will always be greatly affected, and it will play a maximum of 60% power after completion."
"Sixty percent …"
Everyone in the room frowned and thought that Nan Yunqing designed this array according to the standards of the Twelve Immortals. Although it can only exert 60% power, its real level is stronger than that of similar arrays in the celestial bodies. But if it is stronger, it will be necessary to build such an array. In fact, they have already recognized the way to get there, and it is not so important to compete with Dianjing Lake. They are just taking advantage of the situation to build a circle now, and it is their first consideration to upgrade the strength of Zongmen!
Now this big project has been on display for a month, and Ming Jianzong has put all his manpower into it. It is really unacceptable to give up now or to build a magic circle that only meets the level of celestial beings.
After a long time, Zong Wangren finally made a decision. I can see that when he made that decision, he was actually quite sorry. "Well, first, the project will go on as usual. Let’s finish the hand dumpling scale J and ng gold first, and then if we really can’t make up the other half, we will replace it with secondary fairy materials."
At that moment, in fact, everyone knew that Zong Wangren had already recognized it …
They also feel sorry, but they are also very pleased to see such a wise and steady patriarch!
Xiao Wen also attended the meeting. After the meeting, he couldn’t calm down for a long time.
That night Xiao Wen finally rang the door of Nan Yunqing.
"Miss Nan, can you tell me more about the power of that magic circle?" After entering the room, Xiao asked seriously
As a result, Nan Yunqing only said two sentences, Xiao Wen was shocked and worried. "How did this happen? ! Not to build … Is Master Bo actually giving up this competition? "
"He told me not to say anything. Now the whole Ming Jianzong knows about it. It’s just you, me and the patriarch."
"Ah …"

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