The old prime minister believed that they wouldn’t dare to mistreat Xu Shaoding, who would tell him everything from his parents and take back everything that belonged to him. However, the old prime minister Cong Yi was confused for a moment, and he forgot that many farmers were illiterate. The farmer Fu kept the token for Xu Shao with him until they died and Xu Shao was taken away by the white belt.

"Now that you know everything, I won’t say much."
After listening, Xu Shao couldn’t help himself for a long time because the news was so shocking that he was a royal dragon with such noble blood, but what about it? Now everything is meaningless to him, and he thinks revenge is second only to it.
"What about that? Is there anything about me that you want to tell me that I want to take revenge on, and that is the emperor sitting safely in the temple? "
Xu Shao’s tone is cold, but it is no wonder that no one will feel better after hearing such news.
"In those days, Zhao Emperor died naturally, but then the emperors died … Shao Er, can’t you still think about people around you now? If the emperor fights to Tianzhou, it will be a hún1, and I know very well that Yuan Hao’s grasp of Manxi is convenient. I’m afraid Manxi would have … "
In order to make Xu Shao accept his arrangement, it is also the first time that Xue Yu lied about Yuan Hao as a cruel murderer, but actually Yuan Hao didn’t reach that level. Why did he have to say that?
"no! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that I am so dead! "
Xu Shao roared that even if the object is his elders, it is the same because his heart hurts at the moment. To think that Manxi may have … In fact, Xu Shao also has this idea because he really can’t find a reason to believe that Yuanhao didn’t kill Manxi.
See Xu Shao this appearance Xue Yu made a decision because he wants to bet on whether Yuan Hao’s personality is really as he estimated. If so, Xu Shao will take on the responsibility of guarding the state.
Yun Zhi Lian Dian is clearly seen in Xu Shao’s eyes. The green mountain flashed through Xu Shao’s body. The imprisoned power was solved by Xue Yu, and Xu Shao looked at Xue Yu puzzled. His eyes were full of questions.
"If you don’t believe me, you can go after it! Yuan Hao’s body breath. You should remember that you have a glimpse of Yuan Shen’s cultivation at the moment. It should not be difficult to sense his body breath. "
Xu Shaomo didn’t secretly pranayama. He felt that there was a light and shadow beating in his mind. Looking intently, it turned out to be a blue one. Everyone sat in a six-petal lotus posture, just like his usual luck pranayama. The National People’s Congress may not even have soybeans and the light and shadow are dim. When Xu Shao’s mind penetrated, people’s bodies soared and Xu Shaoli carved white. This is probably his own yuan god.
Master once said that "Aoshi Qinglian" is unique in that it is different from martial arts, Taoism, Shinto, and Daoism. It is also different from surgery. This mental rule is that although the progress of baby-god double cultivation is much slower than others, it can be seen that Xu Shao has deeply realized this point at the moment if he wants to cultivate into the realm of God.
Myself, however, the man who read God through immediately became clear, while his lotus turned into a sword and flew to its hands. Yuan God held the sword in his hand and actually rehearsed swordsmanship. Every time he rehearsed his own life, the real shock wave was enhanced. Xu Shao couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Once the real shock wave was modified to want to be enhanced, it was extremely difficult, but I didn’t expect that this baby god double cultivation realm could make it difficult to enhance life.
God penetrates the abdomen to see the fate of firm but gentle forms ten thousand firm but gentle swords, which are arranged in a huge sword wheel, slowly rotating and stabbing. J: The body has been shaped, and the firm but gentle has been constantly bred, while the firm but gentle transformed from science has shrunk to a little, while the firm but gentle transformed from life into the central point of the sword wheel, constantly outputting energy. In the three places, J’s changing body and real power are almost equal to continuously producing. If the firm and refined science is transformed to the true point, the sword wheel will not be destroyed, and Xu Shaogen will be threatened by the lack of true elements.
And adding the body is already a Shinto realm to control the huge vitality of the world. At this moment, Xu Shaocai is truly entering the marginal world of Shinto.
A lixiao Xu Shao broke into the sky and looked at the sky. The crack that extended along the northern sky, Xue Yu, could not help but sigh.
"Ask about time and things?"
Xue Yu nai shook his head with a sigh.
Soaring for nine days, Shao felt that his body was constantly outputting real power, which made him feel that he was really riding against the wind and didn’t consume any strength. Moreover, the firm but gentle wave broke through his body and wrapped around his body to protect him. When he didn’t fly high, he had to be distracted to differentiate the real power to protect himself from the pressure brought by that high flight.
The body is like a sword, shining with dazzling blue light, flying towards the familiar breath. The clouds suddenly spilled to both sides, and after it passed, the clouds rolled up like a thousand piles of snow, and it looked as good as a thousand layers of snow.
"Man … you must wait for me!"
There is a famous place in the border area, which is called Longmen Inn. It is said that there are all kinds of people everywhere, and the boss there is a beautiful and generous woman. It is strange that nothing has happened in the store for more than ten years. No one will make trouble in this store because no one dares to destroy the sacred place in the eyes of this border person.
You can kill people here without reason, and you can do everything you like, even if J women are strong in the street, no one will take care of you, but don’t bring trouble to the store. If you do this unfortunately, what will you die if you wait? No one asked anything, because this store made it clear from the beginning that it was a quiet and leisure place for people in the border area. After all, the border area has been in need of a quiet place for so long
Strangely enough, people in the border areas silently recognize this store. No one will smash it near this store. No one will bring trouble to this store. No one comes to the store to drink and chat to find out if there is anything to chat with. The most important thing is that many people in the border areas dream of being able to have sex with the boss’s wife, Jin Linglong.
No one knows the origin of Jin Linglong. When she first came to the border, I don’t know how many people tried to swallow her up. But those who went to find her died strangely. The so-called bizarre place is that when they died, their faces were full of horror. It was a kind of fear to the extreme, and the body was as dry as it was buried in the border sand for decades. Since then, no one has dared to go to Jin Linglong for trouble.
Longmen Inn has become the most business and only inn in the border area. Later, some inns were demolished by the border people, including many old inns. It seems that Longmen Inn has become the spiritual dominant form of the border area, but no border people feel bad and no border people have such cognition.
Today, Longmen Inn welcomed its first guest from China this season.
Knife in charge of greeting guests at the door. When I saw this tall man, I didn’t know how to get a soft pair of u-ǐ. I almost didn’t kneel down. It was terrible that the man’s body gave off breath. Even though I had seen several fierce guests, I still couldn’t resist the man’s body breath.
Strangely, this tall man is accompanied by a charming woman, who seems to be ill and has never relied on the man. If there was no man to hold her, I’m afraid she would have fallen to the ground. From the woman’s casual veil, half of her face can be seen as a great beauty who is not inferior to her own boss’s wife.
"Guest officer, are you staying at the hotel?"
The knife stayed for a while and immediately resumed his profession. He smiled at the tall man and asked questions, but his eyes still inadvertently aimed at the woman wrapped in black veil.
The tall man coldly dumped a word and took the woman in one hand, and actually picked up the woman and went straight in.
As soon as I entered the store, all eyes were attracted by this man. One reason was his height, and the other reason was that the woman with eyes around him could see at a glance that the figure of that woman was beyond the reach of this marginal woman.
The man’s cold eyes swept past, and suddenly everyone in the shop was guilty of avoiding his eyes. What a pair of eyes! Showing ferocity, overbearing and imposing.
After a cold glance, the man took the woman in his arms and climbed the stairs one step at a time, but he was too busy to lead the way before him.
"Strange … how could he come?"
A beautiful figure flashed by the building, and it was faintly visible that it was a demon yan female.
"Ga ~ ~ ~"
After the old wooden door, the man conveniently sealed the door with a mass of black gas. Unless the master bombarded the door, he would be beaten by the man. After this, he put the woman’s heart carefully next to him in the room. The only thing that gently put it on his blouse was to remove the woman’s charming face.
"Manxi … I should have this strange feeling for you. I shouldn’t be rude and forget my lover! It’s ridiculous that I should lose two good allies because of you, and my trip was delayed because of your illness … What is this? Don’t … Maybe when I first saw you already … "
Yuan Hao’s painful rou squatted on the ground like a child, and his body trembled because he was very contradictory. After a painful struggle, his eyes became fierce, and his left hand slowly raised his palm, condensing a dark air mass. After taking a look at the banned and still unconscious stream, he closed his eyes and slapped him.
"Kill you … and everything will be over!"
The palm stopped before reaching the full stream, and the black gas slowly dispersed, and the hand slowly fell to the full stream face, touching mo very gently. Yuan Hao’s face was rare and gentle, and his eyes were shining and very soft.
"Kill a woman … I won’t be reduced to this extent since I did it, regardless of the consequences! Xu Shao will definitely come because I robbed him. The newly married woman used to feel the breath. Judging from his strength, I imagined that it is still somewhat difficult for me to surpass him at present. The only thing I can do is … "
Thinking of this, Yuan Hao flashed a trace of shame, thinking that it must be very shameful if Khan still knows that he has done this again, but he must not regret that he has done every decision. If the final result is in the process, it is not his heart.
One point in the stream full of forehead, the stream body trembled and was slowly released by its imprisoned breath. Yuan Hao looked out the window at the yellow sand sky and gave a cruel smile.

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