Ten thousand years of mind shock "difficulty breathing? How come… Long live my life! "

"Grandpa Wan, don’t get excited. The doctor has been treating for a long time. He will be fine. Dr. Guo is also in there. Let’s wait until he comes out!"
Long live Dr. Guo, a private doctor. Long live this time, pretending to be ill. He is also a helper. It was only when he cooperated that Qiu tricked him into getting here in a hurry.
Wan Nian was in a trance, and what Zhuo Xuanyu and Yu Yat Sen said just now had made him feel a little weak. Now, long live the sudden onset of illness, which made him a little overwhelmed.
He was held aside by Shiqiu, and Lu Meiyu’s long hair was still there, shouting, "Let me in, I’m his mother!" "
She looked anxious and brought her here, while Min Anxun quietly watched the scene, neither helping nor discouraging him from holding his arm, as if he were watching a play, which was exactly what he wanted to participate in the whole thing.
Yu yat sen villa stared at Min Anxun. Min Anxun didn’t mind giving her a smile back, but he got excited again in ten thousand. He was panting and screaming. "Lu Meiyu, how dare you say that you are a long live mother? What do you look like a mother from beginning to end? Long live life and death have nothing to do with you! " Seeing this woman for ten thousand years, I can’t help but be angry with this damn woman. What, she’s all right? It’s all his grandchildren. "
"Life and death?" Lu Meiyu leng leng, she stared at ten thousand years for a few seconds as if she had lost her soul. "Long live not dead, I haven’t seen him yet …"
"You bitch, don’t curse long live! He won’t die or look at you!" I almost blew my lungs up in ten thousand years.
"That’s enough! Stop arguing, all of you! Hooray! I’m rescuing you now. Fighting will make things worse for the doctors! If you sincerely live for a long time, the grievances will be put aside for the time being, otherwise please leave here directly! " Seeing that Wan Nian and Lu Meiyu exchanged words, not only did the nurses and doctors passing by the corridor look askance, but also it was difficult for the two nurses to stay in front of the Long Live Ward. Worst of all, it might affect the treatment of the doctors inside! It is said that I am worried about long live, but the things I can do are as irritating as children, which makes Yu Yat Sen endure it!
Wan Nian and Lu Meiyu looked at Yu Yat Sen at the same time. Although her face was dissatisfied, the tacit understanding didn’t make any more noise. Lu Meiyu couldn’t argue with Wan Nian and didn’t want to talk to Yu Yat Sen for a few steps. "Xuan Yu, what is the situation now? Long live, what’s going on now? " She pressed the bass and asked urgently
Lu Meiyu has been in a state of madness since Zhuo Xuanyu left the casino yesterday. In her dreams, there is always a little boy calling her mother to ask her why she doesn’t want him … Lu Meiyu is terrified and explains over and over again that she is helpless, but the little boy’s voice has been pestering her and making her wake up from her dreams.
When she can’t sleep, she can’t help but go through the photo album that records the growth process of Long Live. She watched the little baby grow up little by little, but he was always in a wheelchair, and his face became paler and more decayed. Is this a child she has never met going to die? Lu Meiyu was tortured by conscience and couldn’t sleep. When Min Anxun came to tell her that her eldest son was dying, Lu Meiyu was even more anxious! She decide to have a look at that abandoned child.
Zhuo Xuanyu looked down at Lu Meiyu. She casually wore a gray coat and a residence to compromise. Her hair was messy and she didn’t take care of it. She looked haggard and anxious. Zhuo Xuanyu was finally warmed by Lu Meiyu’s frozen heart. He reached out and held Lu Meiyu’s hand. "Long live! We can wait now."
Lu Meiyu sobbed low for so many years, she tried to make herself forget that memory and hypnotize herself that she had a child in her life, but no matter how hard she tried, she clearly remembered that she had a child, a child she had never looked at since she was born, and she had never held it once and fed it once.
Zhuo Xuanyu put her arms around Lu Meiyu to comfort her. Yu Yat Sen was relieved to see this. Although Zhuo Xuanyu and Wan Nian are still in tit-for-tat relationship, although Wan Nian still hates Lu Meiyu, it is certain that everyone loves Long Live, but I didn’t expect Long Live to really get sick … He should see this scene and all his relatives are there. He is worried that his expectations have not fallen.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Three brothers
Time is not too slow, but people outside the ward went to live like years. Finally, a Chinese male doctor with a mask came out again at the ward door. When he took off his mask and walked towards the door, Qiu and Wan Nian smiled. "It’s okay, it’s okay. You can be at ease."
"Really? Dr. Guo, how about long live now? " When autumn a face of surprise to ask
"He’s in stable condition now, and he’s asleep. Miss Qiu, Mr. Wan Lao, you’re not too worried. Viva has always been a strong boy, and he’s always working miracles. He won’t let us down."
Shiqiu nodded while crying. "Great, long live. It’s okay. Can I go and see Dr. Guo?"
"He hasn’t woken up yet. When you wake up later, don’t let him get too excited." Dr. Guo looked at Lu Meiyu. Long live he. The private doctor also knew Lu Meiyu. "Ms. Lu is going to see Long live, but you told him not to let him get excited. Ms. Lu, can you not get excited?"
Lu Meiyu nodded. "I know."
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Yu yat sen villa stretched at the bottom of my heart, and a string fell, and her head went soft and fell.
"yat sen villa!" Zhuo Xuanyusong Lu Meiyu is going to Fuyu Yat Sen immediately, but Min Anxun reacts faster. He cuddled Yu Yat Sen in his arms a step ago, and her face turned pale. The whole person has passed out.
Min Anxun ignored the fundus blaze and Zhuo Xuanyu directly walked into the adjacent ward with Yu Yat Sen Qing. Although Zhuo Xuanyu was angry, he did not stop Min Anxun from asking the nurse to call the doctor.
Shiqiu got a fright. Long live now, it’s all right. She is grateful to Long live Yu Yat Sen for everything and hurried to let Dr. Guo follow.
"I should be too tired to faint, but I have to check the specific situation before I know." Dr. Guo briefly looked at yat sen villa. "My horse arranged for the nurse to take blood for examination. Don’t worry."
Because Min Anxun was the first to send Yu Yat Sen to the ward, he took the lead and sat next to the hospital bed silently watching Yu Yat Sen’s worried look, and Zhuo Xuanyu looked at this scene with a green face at the end of the bed. The whole portrait was about to get angry.
Shiqiu shrank her neck. She didn’t understand the three men, but she felt the strange atmosphere in the ward. She was vaguely worried that the brothers would fight if they didn’t agree.
"Min Anxun has nothing to do with you here, you can get out." Seeing Min Anxun’s affectionate style, he held a breath in his chest.
"Why didn’t I do anything? Anyway, you are so busy, so keep busy. Hello, I will take good care of yat sen villa." Min Anxun smiled and looked at Zhuo Xuanyu with a smile, but he was so cheap.
"No matter how busy I am, I will take care of my wife Min Anxun. I heard that you accepted Melanie’s work. Her trouble-making personality should like this lively city very much. I just received news that Melanie and Katherine Lu Sidi met in a bar …"
Min Anxun got up before Zhuo Xuanyu’s words were finished. He put away his face and glared at Zhuo Xuanyu with a smile. "You know more."
Zhuo Xuanyu smiled coldly. "It’s better to go and see how your little bed partner is now if you have the free time to argue with me."
Min Anxun clenched his fist and then stormed out of the ward. When the tense atmosphere was released, the balloon relaxed.
When Qiu Shu breathed a sigh of relief, the two brothers felt … strange.
Yu Yat-sen made a Mengmeng. There were three little boys playing and running on the grass, and then two of them quarreled. The third boy didn’t try to persuade him. Then the three little boys got into a ball and rolled around in the grass. Yu Yat-sen was anxious to stop them. The smallest boy rushed over and took Yu Yat-sen’s hand. "Wife, we don’t care about these idiots."
And the strongest little boy immediately ran to push him "this is my wife, not your wife!" "
"It’s me!" The overthrown boy cried while rolling on the grass.
The strong little boy immediately pooped, "No, you are my wife, the baby in my belly is me!" "
Yu yat sen villa woke up and she found herself lying in a hospital bed. Her stomach was a little heavy. She looked down and a head was resting on her stomach, listening carefully and giggling. "Baby …"
I just woke up from a dream. Yu Yat Sen still doesn’t know the situation. Is she still dreaming? Lying on her belly is almost a man. Is it Zhuo Xuanyu?
Yu yat sen villa hand move ZhuoXuanYu realized that she woke up, he walked over and looked at her like a head don’t be silly.
"Xuan Yu, what’s wrong with you …?" Yu yat sen villa is a little puzzled. Now it seems that it is not a dream. How does Zhuo Xuanyu look?
Zhuo Xuanyu seems to have starlight flashing in his eyes. He laughs and two rows of teeth are exposed. "I have nothing to do. You should ask yourself what’s wrong! Doctor, don’t you know you are pregnant? "
"…" After the surprise, Yu Yat Sen remembered that she had been busy all month and forgot that her period didn’t come!
It turned out that the dream just now was true!
She put her hand on the lower abdomen and put it on the back of Zhuo Xuanyu’s hand. "It turned out that the dream was true."
Zhuo Xuanyu raised his eyebrows in surprise. "What dream?"
She hummed and laughed and told Zhuo Xuanyu the dream of three little boys. These men were not happy. "Why is there that trouble in the dream?"
"Who let you are three brothers? By the way, how long did I sleep How about long live? " Yu yat sen villa, again remind of the long live.
"Now it’s noon the next day. Leave him alone. He’s fine now. He just woke up and is meeting my mother." Zhuo Xuanyu has a bad tone. "From now on, leave them alone and we’ll go home when you have a good rest." His wife can’t worry about him and the baby after others worry about things.

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