Wolf wronged but can’t stand Xiangwen …

Who let him so damn love him!
Xiang Wen squinted and knew it was like this. As a result, this man always loathed his suffering, just like him.
We’ll understand each other, won’t we?
Xiang Wen sat on the sofa and stared at the wolf and asked, "Are you still bothering me?"
The wolf thought carefully and finally shook his head and said, "No!"
It’s meaningless to admit your mistake at the end. The wolf raised his eyes and asked, "Actually …"
"Huh?" Xiang Wen doubts
The wolf swallowed saliva and bit his throat for a long time. "In fact, I can make a mistake if you admit your mistake first …"
"…" Xiang Wen stared at the wolf with a black line for a long time without saying anything.
The wolf reached out and drew circles on his chest. "I really don’t want to admit my mistake first?"
This day to the article did not answer.
When it gets really awkward …
The wolf threw the bed out directly and stared at Xiangwen word by word, "You sleep on the sofa for me today!" "
Xiang Wen was reluctant to squint and took the bed and really slept on the sofa.
The next day, the wolf woke up and walked out of the room only to see Xiangwen’s busy figure was simply virtuous!
Seeing the wolf coming at Wen Chong, he said with a smile, "I have prepared breakfast for you. Do you want to try it? It tastes good. I’ve tried it all … "
The wolf wanted to think about it, and the resentful things in his heart disappeared. He was pushed to the table by Xiang Wen, and after eating something, he lifted his eyes and said, "Well."
Xiang Wen’s eyes suddenly hooked his waist with joy and laughed. "Have you cooled down?"
"…" This ya incredibly ask such a question is really a spoil the fun!
Xiang Wen went on before he could answer, "Did I admit my mistake first?"
Hearing him say this, the wolf felt bad. Finally, his eyes lifted and hooked his neck. "Let’s never be awkward again."
When he was kicked out, his heart felt bad, too. I always thought about how to regret it after they really parted because of such a small matter.
So we must cherish each other.
"Well, we won’t be quarrelsome later. If we are quarrelsome, then one of us must bow our heads first. If we can’t pull our faces, write a note on the table. This time, I admit my mistake, that is, if anyone forgets, will you wake up with a note?"
The wolf nodded. "Well, then it’s a deal. If anyone goes back on his word, then …"
"No one will go back on our word. If this is not there," Xiang Wen said and bowed his head and kissed his beautiful lips deeply.
To be with him, other people’s eyes are the driving force …
The years are quiet. It turns out that I only met you in my life-Wolf.
Both heart and love belong to you-Xiang Wen
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Chapter 1 Crossing is dangerous
Unknown insects are wandering leisurely on the 6-face.
Inexplicably crisp itch makes 6 Can wake up from a coma.
"Damn it …" Six can dark scold a body dare not move a little, like being run over by a roller, there is no place where two hundred and sixty bones don’t hurt.
After biting my teeth for a long time, I finally feel refreshed, and some aches and pains are gradually dissipating.
"It’s not that the dormitory has lost weight, is it?" Thinking of the amazing weight of being fat and being crushed twice, I was afraid that this fellow didn’t crush himself again!
6 can sit up "I’m at home playing Warcraft with the rotten girl next door! How ….. "Not that rotten woman covets her beauty and wants to be tied up and raped first and then killed, right? Although I am a sophomore in Dongda University, my IQ is decreasing year by year. It is not bad to infer this conclusion.
"Was it kidnapped?" Can adjust his little intelligence that has been idle for a long time, but then he overthrew this absurd answer.
"I don’t have a lot of hair myself, although I am a little handsome, but I haven’t reached the point of being cursed …" 6 Can’s thinking has spread badly.
The strange call woke 6 Can, who was suspecting that he was the lost king of that small country in the Middle East, from his fantasy.
Grass ….. "At the eye, the breeze is sparkling, the grass is green, and the eyes are mixed with earth and grass fragrance with reddish sunrise, which is a pleasant sight.
But this grass … it’s so strange. The two straight leaves are half a meter high without branches, and the streamers in the veins flash like dreams.
"I’m not in heaven! ?” Poor grew up in a reinforced concrete city for 6 years. I have seen such a scene, and I am excited that a carp is leaping over.
The tragic cry sounded 6 cans, jumped four or five meters high, and then fell freely, falling to the ground in an extremely indecent way.
Poor nerves are extremely tough, and 6 can is also stunned by the performance of his own people.
"I just flew? Is heaven flyable? " Look at your palm. It’s hard to believe.
"Hand …"
Damn it, this is not my own hand. I have experienced a series of blows in my head, and my eyes are not very flexible. Look at my palm carefully.
The back of his hand is whiter than his own and his five fingers are slender. At first glance, he looks like a pair of pianist hands, but his palm is rough. Five or six thick calluses are a pair of rough hands.
It was not until this time that 6 Can was now wearing a white robe instead of the 30-odd denim T-shirts, which could be regarded as high-grade goods.
"Does he take the train! ? And it is worn by all evil souls? "
After wandering through the fourth-grade submarine 6 can with 30 thousand account, he finally had an inspiration. "He has never crossed it!"
"Glass-making method, stir-frying tea, practicing medicine and ironmaking … damn it, I can’t do all this … I should have prepared early if I had known I would cross it." Socialism in the new era crossed the youth 6 can whine as if it were bleak to cross my life.
"Wait … if it weren’t for heaven, that was just now …" Carefully climb up and shake off the soil and stabilize it. I experienced excitement and some shortness of breath. 6 Can jumped gently.
As if gravity had lost itself, the intellectual man fit jumped more than ten meters high and then landed gently in front of him. The tip of the grass seemed delicate and the grass turned out to be slightly curved.
"Crossing into a martial arts master?" 6 Can laugh in the earth is a whole day, like a walking corpse, playing games all day, anesthetizing life, and now I have become a martial arts expert, a beautiful man, and I am coming!
Feel the energy of this body, 6 can jump and rush.

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