I can live from the terrorist attack just now. Xia Qi’s body is broken at this time, but this thousand will rush to the fairy, but my heart is full of inexplicable fear and I dare not move at the moment.

That is, when the thousand immortals became slightly speechless, Xia Qi had struggled to put away the town soldier station and immediately fled from the law that had been removed.
"He wants to escape!"
"Stop Xia Qi!"
"We can’t let him escape!"
It was not until this time that a group of immortals reacted one by one, yelling at Xia Qi to kill the past.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-three Blood phoenix mountains
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-three Blood phoenix mountains
Surviving thousands of fairy attacks, Xia Qi’s toughness makes a group of fairy horror more sinister.
Only the real fairyland can stop the thousand immortals from besieging such horrible people. They have completely offended today. If they can’t get rid of the roots, once Xia Qi escapes, they will grow up one day. This thousand immortals can’t imagine it.
Thousands of immortals hunted Xia Qi like locusts.
Although Xia Qi used the earth-escaping technique to escape from the underground, it didn’t affect the thousands of immortals who came after him at all, because a beam of light finally appeared on the mirror according to the earth.
Xia Qi is hiding in the ground, but he is hiding from the sky mirror!
Thousands of immortals need to follow this peep mirror and shoot silver light, so they can easily pursue Xia Qi, and Xia Qi can’t escape with his evasive technique.
"I want to see how long you can escape with serious injuries!"
Changlin reality followed the peeping glass and looked at Xia Qi tenaciously, which was faster than walking through the ground constantly, and his face was slightly gloomy and gloomy.
Just now, Xia Qi’s miserable appearance is obvious to all. Xia Qi blocked thousands of fairy condensation attacks. Although he is still alive, he is bound to feel extremely uncomfortable.
His eyes fled, and his body was seriously injured, and he would never last long.
"It’s not good to continue like this!"
Walking through the rocks, Xia Qi’s face turned pale and his breath was weak, and the immortal was almost exhausted. He looked across the earth and finally looked at himself. The mirror was not good.
Go on, he must have been killed by a thousand immortals when the immortal yuan ran out.
Although I know it’s not good to go to the field like this, Xia Qi has to go on like this, so there is no other way for Xia Qigen.
Xia qi figure more and more to the center of the earth.
"Also want to cut off the earth and get away with it? You are delusional. Today you will fall. No one can save you! "
Purple youth and Changlin reality all saw Xia Qi’s figure getting farther and farther away from the ground, but they were not worried at all.
Looking at the sky mirror to lock the orientation of Xia Qi, the result of Xia Qi is doomed in the eyes of Changlin real people.
Xia Qi’s face became more and more pale underground, and his immortal body was almost exhausted. While swallowing the water of life, he kept the elixir to recover the immortal and the injury as much as possible.
However, it didn’t hurt Xia Qi too much. Xia Qi swallowed the elixir root, but 99% of the medicine was dispersed, and a little bit could be absorbed by Xia Qi.
Xia Qi spit out a mouthful of JingXie restored a little energy to continue to cast dun technique.
However, Xia Qi’s eyes are getting dimmer and dimmer. At this time, he is already in the deep underground. However, he still managed to get rid of the peeping mirror and escape from the silver light cover method. When he escapes in the law, he will naturally come to the underground to kill him.
Xia Qi’s eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and there is a feeling that he will faint if he closes his eyes, and his broken body is already bleeding, and it looks as terrible as a broken mummy stained with blood.
At this time, Xia Qi almost fainted, but the blood dragon in his acupoint-opening world suddenly growled in the acupoint-opening world, weak but excited.
Then the blood dragon came out with a very strong desire to go deep underground ahead.
Xia qi a slight ash, but soon to react to despair, the bottom of my heart also gives birth to a glimmer of hope in accordance with the blood dragon desire toward the underground ahead.
"ShaQi! It’s so suffocating! "
Go ahead and barely walk for several miles. Suddenly, in front of Xia Qi, a layer of rocks suddenly turned blood red, and there was blood oozing in the rocks, and a strong than ShaQi vaguely sent out to impact Xia Qi. At this time, the weak mind was almost past.
Xia Qi flashes and reaches the source of ShaQi through the blood-soaked rock, where ShaQi is fierce and vaguely condensed to form all kinds of ferocious appearance, which impacts Xia Qi and makes him uneasy.
Fortunately, although this Shaqi is fierce and has a great impact on Xia Qi’s mind, it is also a good thing for Xia Qi, because various visions of other bodies can draw Shaqi to restore essence.
Eye Xia Qi body blood dragon and blood tree reason Xia Qi tried his best to escape, but Xian Yuan even managed to summon the vision, but when he arrived at this turbulent Shaqi, two visions came out from the world of acupoints to draw Shaqi back to the essence.
At the same time, combined with Xia Qi’s injury and Xianyuan, they are slowly recovering.
"This is actually a law!"
Xia qi at this time but can not consider of two kinds of vision are drawing ShaQi to restore the essence, he looked at the scene in front of him, and his eyes were very surprised.

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