"Ha ha … what makes you so worried?" A face of smile Duan Qirui came in from the door.

"Dad! (Duan Shibo) "Three people looked at the gate and shouted.
"Dad, why are you here?"
"I can’t come as long as you can come?" Duan Qirui said with a smile.
"Ha ha, no, it’s not an accident."
"I’ve come to tell you a message."
"What news? Has the matter of Wang Ping been solved? " Duan Xin asked with a happy face.
"Is not" Duan Qirui looked at three people playing charades.
"Is it solved or not?" Duan Xin urgent way
"Let’s see for yourselves!" He said that he took out a red card from his sleeve and handed it to Duan Xin, which seems to be an invitation card.
"challenge! ! ?” Duan Xin turned over the piece of paper and said in surprise
"Challenge?" Duan and Lin Sheng were also taken aback. Duan took the red piece of paper from Duan Xin and looked at it, then handed it to Lin Sheng.
"That wang ping challenges me! ?” Lin Sheng looked at this incredible challenge and said that it seemed to be talking to Duan Xin and talking to himself …
"Yes, that’s Wang Ping’s challenge, but I guess it was the old Wang family who forced Wang Ping. They naturally wanted to get back in your body when they lost their face this time." Duan Qirui analyzed.
"Ha ha, it’s not good. Mr. Wang can justify beating Wang Ping again this time. It’s not that Mr. Wang’s opponent has to send a door to make people deserve it!" Duan said with a smile
"It’s not that simple. This time, the Wangs dared to let Wang Ping challenge me to see what they were prepared for. Otherwise, according to the temper of those guys from the Wangs, how could they be cut off?" Duan Qirui interrupted.
"I think it was already defeated by Mr. Wang before, but I have to challenge it. There must be a ghost in it!" Duan Xin nodded and said
"But this is an opportunity. If Wang Shaoxia can really defeat Wang Ping in front of everyone, there is no reason for the Wangs to bother you!"
"Yes, it seems that I have to accept this challenge!" Lin Sheng will be the challenge’s a ball and said
"good! Have ambition! Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will invite some people with status in Dali to witness that the Wangs can’t play any tricks. "
"Well, thank you uncle!" Lin Sheng grateful said
"There! You are our Xin son rescuer who won’t help you? Well, that’s it. I have to deal with some things. Excuse me and meet you. "
"Uncle, walk slowly"
Said this Duan Qirui is out of the yard …
"Mr. Wang, you must give that Wang Ping a lesson to remember this time!" Duan said with a face of excitement that Lin Sheng is sure to win this time when he wants to come here. After all, he has already played against Wang Ping and won easily, so it is not a problem this time.
But on the other hand, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin are not as optimistic as he is. If the Wangs are sure to do something, how can they know that they are dead and deliberately hit the gun? Now the only uncertainty is what the Wangs are going to do. The unknown enemy is the most terrible and unpredictable …
"I don’t believe that he can raise Pingxiu to a level that defeats me in such a short time!" Lin Sheng really couldn’t think of what tricks the Wangs would play, so I wouldn’t think about it. The more I think about it, the worse it will be for me. Just be careful then.
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Chapter 33 The despicable Wangs
? In this Wang Ping challenge, the foundation has been set, and the venue is in Yatou venue level duel field three days later. This time, the Wangs are determined to find the face. It is said that Lin Sheng can win this duel. For everyone’s sake, this incident that offended the Wangs will be revealed. Conversely, if Lin Sheng loses, he will have to apologize to the Wangs in front of everyone and return the Lingbao.
Lin Sheng was noncommittal about this. He didn’t pay attention to Wang Ping at all, but he had to prevent the Wangs from playing tricks. It was necessary to prepare for this duel.
In fact, Lin Sheng has nothing to prepare for. He is now at the peak of the early stage of Wuling. He has been stuck here for a long time, and there is no way to make progress. This kind of thing can be said quickly or quickly. Maybe it will break through to the middle stage of Wuling in two or three days, or it will be stuck here in three or five years. It is also possible to say that there is no way to be calm and slow.
Although there is no way to improve it, it doesn’t mean that the fighting capacity can’t be improved in a short time. That posture I got from the robber leader when Duan Xin just left the forest can be cultivated.
Lin Sheng took out that it was already very broken and carefully turned over the first page.
The most important thing in ancient times is to talk about a posture. This posture may not be much for others, but it is different for Lin Sheng, a fighter who is good at close combat. Learning this posture will make Lin Sheng’s melee more powerful.
Lin Sheng has been watching carefully for several days to see if this ancient place has stopped to demonstrate, but this posture is extremely obscure. Rao is Lin Sheng’s talent, but he only knows a little, and most of them are difficult to understand.
Lin Sheng doesn’t worry about this. After all, practicing this way is an extremely long process. If you learn it with a little effort, this posture is not much worse even if it is severe.
These days, I know that it is rare for Lin Sheng to prepare for this duel. After coming to the yard and Lin Sheng finished this, he still knows that he is very knowledgeable except for being playful.
Lin Sheng has never been out of the yard except for eating these days, and sometimes even the food is sent directly to his room.
It’s not that Lin Sheng is worried about beating Wang Ping and cramming for the last minute, but that the posture has already attracted him deeply. Lin Sheng didn’t feel that he discovered this posture after slowly understanding it. Although Lin Sheng still didn’t learn this posture, he understood these theoretical knowledge and probably laid a solid foundation for him to practice this posture in the future.
Lin Sheng didn’t want to fight with that Wang Ping when he went to the waves. Now he is eager to break into two minutes in one minute. This posture is so mysterious that Lin Sheng is almost willing to put everything into practice, which directly leads to Lin Sheng’s aversion to this delay. Wang Ping never dreamed that he would be abolished for more than ten years because of the delay of Lin Sheng. Of course, this is another story.
Three days passed quickly. Lin Shengnai had to stop to practice to participate in this duel.
Lin Sheng accompanied by Duan Xin and others came to Yatai Arena. At this time, Yatai Arena was a sea of people, and the stands were already full of people. Almost all the prominent people in Cangshan City were invited to witness the duel between the younger generation and the strong, and these people were also very willing to watch the duel.
Lin Sheng, dressed in plain gray, sat unremarkable in the backstage lounge of the fighting field, accompanied by Duan, while they were opposite in gorgeous clothes. Wang Ping waited in this lounge early.
This is an old man carrying two cups of tea into Lin Sheng’s lounge.
"This time, the Wangs sincerely thought about this feud. What holidays did you have before? After drinking this cup of tea and fighting, the two of you will be written off." The old man said to Lin Sheng and Wang Ping with tea.

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