"Hello Yang Zong, who are you?" Lin Cheng looked at Liang Tianlong next to Yang Xiaoyan and said

Liang Tianlong is a master in Lin Cheng’s eyes. His skill must be high. This is master psychological induction.
"Ha ha, please don’t blame the president uninvited. This is my uncle. He heard that President Lin has come to learn from him because of his kung fu skills."
In fact, Lin Cheng knew that Liang Tianlong must have come to the tournament when he saw Liang Tianlong, but he couldn’t say it himself. He always had to ask and let others say it.
Liang Tianlong didn’t pay much attention to Lin Cheng, a martial arts expert in Yang Xiaoyan’s mouth, but when he saw Lin Cheng’s face, he knew that Lin Cheng must be a strong enemy, and he looked like an ancient well. This is a typical master’s temperament that only experienced masters can have.
Liang Tianlong has experienced a lot of war, but Lin Cheng has never seen such a kung fu and mentality master at his age.
"oh? Yang Zong also knows that I’m always looking for someone to practice my hand for me. How dare you? " Lin Cheng left no room for speech because he wanted Yang Xiaoyan to know that he was strong and Yang Xiaoyan didn’t have an impression that he was weak and deceivable. Now Lin Cheng is trying to establish a strong image and let everyone know that he is the president of the transportation association, so that what he has achieved can be implemented more thoroughly.
Lin Cheng words made Liang Tianlong feel uncomfortable. "What? Grandpa came all the way. You mean to be a stepping stone to your fame? " Lin Cheng gave Liang Tianlong internal heat in a word.
"I also happen to be short of personal practice." Liang Tianlong has a hot temper. As soon as he heard Lin Cheng’s words, he immediately ignited the explosives in his heart.
Liang Tianlong’s breath penetrated into the abdomen, and his feet were injected through his legs, just like stamping his feet. The whole person was like a sharp-edged gun, and his arms were like double guns and plunged straight into Lin Cheng’s chest and throat.
Liang Tianlong tried his best to get there in a blink of an eye. Lin Cheng stepped back and dodged.
Liang Tianlong moved so fast that he almost stamped his foot in front of Lin Cheng.
At this time, Lin Chengzheng and Ishikawa walked together. Ishikawa saw that people didn’t say hello and the moves were fierce. As soon as Lin Chengzheng pushed him back, he did not think about it. It was a reverse hammer that hit Liang Tianlong’s arms.
Liang Tianlong realized at this time that Lin Chenglin’s body and mind were tightly locked, and Lin Chenglin was the first to bear the brunt. Suddenly, there was a feeling that this kind of qi machine traction was the most mysterious and left.
But next to Ishikawa, there was no such feeling as Lin Cheng. In Ishikawa’s heart, this Liang Tianlong, though severe, was not too severe. He just thought about helping Lin Cheng out with a hammer.
In fact, Ishikawa also has a mind that his skill is progressing rapidly. Lin Chengdu should avoid a move and he can directly handle it. He says that he is not far from Lin Cheng’s realm. He also wants to refute Master Xu’s statement that Lin Cheng’s achievements in the future are limitless.
I helped Lin Cheng understand the situation myself. When Lin Cheng came back, Master barely happened to have something to do himself.
Ishikawa did not hesitate to make a quick shot with one punch. The power of the backhand hammer was actually very strong. In the process of turning over, the sledgehammer drove the waist strength and transported many backhand hammers in spiral strength Taiji. This was because the backhand hammer was strong and fierce.
But who is Liang Tianlong? After more than ten years’ experience in northeast China, Liang Tianlong didn’t look straight at Ishikawa. When Ishikawa was going to hit Liang Tianlong himself, Liang Tianlong suddenly accelerated. Liang Tianlong crashed into Ishikawa’s arms and jumped Ishikawa out far away.
Even so, Liang Tianlong’s speed base has not been affected by Ishikawa, and his arm is still firmly tied to Lin Cheng’s throat.
Ishikawa was hit by Liang Tianlong and flew away. He vomited blood and suffered no minor injuries.
But at this time, Lin Cheng didn’t have time to go to Gu Shichuan, Liang Tianlong’s power increased instead of decreasing. By just flying Ishikawa down a peg or two, Lin Cheng’s throat was severely plunged.
Lin Cheng is a retreat that will avoid Liang Tianlong’s tie, and then he takes advantage of Liang Tianlong’s power to reduce his chance, that is, he rushes into Liang Tianlong’s arms in a flash, and Lin Cheng is hit by a very close-fitting force.
Because Liang Tianlong is very good at close-fitting and Lin Cheng’s eldest brother Huo Zhenzhuang communicates too much, of course, it is perfect for close-fitting and close-fitting luck.
Liang Tianlong saw Lin Cheng display close-fitting to deal with himself. His mouth was smiling, which was also a close-fitting to Lin Cheng.
Dare to be extremely close to yourself? Liang Tianlong has some courage. Liang Tianlong’s trick is to lean on this trick. He has been immersed in yin for decades, and his skill is already more proficient than undeniable Liang Tianlong’s close-fitting power compared with Lin Cheng’s close-fitting power. I don’t know how much higher.
Two people in the strength will be connected for a moment Lin Cheng suddenly turned his back full of strength and didn’t lean against Liang Tianlong.
Lin Cheng continued to rotate in this turn and turned half a circle. At the same time, with the help of the body rotation force, he slammed a backhand to Liang Tianlong’s ribs.
Lin Cheng’s tournament experience is also very rich. He won’t be inferior to Liang Tianlong’s advantage. Lin Cheng’s advantage lies in listening. Listening is his greatest magic weapon.
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163 Jade Maiden Shuttle
? Lin Cheng’s anti-back hammer is not the same as Ishikawa’s anti-back hammer just now. Although Ishikawa’s anti-back hammer says that it is also very tube to deal with the general fighters, the real power in the master body is still far from enough.
Liang Tianlong’s moves contain anger, which is not the kind that confuses his own thinking, but the kind that can turn anger into strength.
Liang Tianlong sometimes transports this angry force to enhance his strength in the tournament.
What Lin Cheng is good at is listening and leveraging his strength. Lin Cheng’s listening has become superb, and he can perceive Lin’s achievements in advance with a little effort.
Lin Cheng immediately perceived Liang Tianlong’s strength when he was in contact with Liang Tianlong, so when he turned his figure and leaned against Liang Tianlong, he immediately turned his body and spun the strength to the maximum, followed by a hammer slamming Liang Tianlong’s ribs.
Liang Tianlong’s name matches his figure very well. They all belong to the kind of tall and powerful type. No matter which part of his body is big, the target of Liang Tianlong’s back hammer is obviously Liang Tianlong’s ribs
It is impossible for a master to prevent Liang Tianlong from retreating from Lin Cheng’s hammer. Although his skill is higher than Lin Cheng’s, he is absolutely impossible to meet Lin Cheng’s hard hammer.
Liang Tianlong took Lin Cheng’s hammer strength by twisting his back.
Liang Tianlong’s back can be said to be his most resistant part. Since he was a child, his back has been enduring close-fitting strength. The stakes on the tree wall are all Liang Tianlong’s close-fitting target. Liang Tianlong’s back is no less than the steel frame, but even the steel frame can’t be in Lin Cheng’s mind.
"Bang" a strength straight through Liang Tianlong back into the bone marrow.
"Poof" a dragon beam one mouthful blood gushed out.
In fact, Liang Tianlong didn’t expect Lin Cheng’s hammer strength to be so strong. In his mind, Lin Cheng’s hammer strength only made his strength not smooth, but he didn’t know that Lin Cheng’s hammer strength had been in the master’s training since the day he practiced, and he had just started out in the mountains for three years. Lin Cheng’s achievements could shatter Deng Jianwei’s hoop with one hammer. Is this equal skill? At that time, Lin Cheng was just a little high-handed man who had just stepped into the dark energy, not to mention Lin Cheng is already a master of foreign strength now.
Lin Cheng’s immersion in the hammer strength is equivalent to Liang Tianlong’s immersion in the body, but the hammer is an attack spear and the back is a defensive shield. The sharp spear makes a shield for the meat. Naturally, Lin Cheng has some advantages, and then Lin Cheng borrows the strength from Liang Tianlong’s rotation to add the strength to the maximum in the rotation. Just now, Lin Cheng’s blow is the opportunity, the fighter and the strength are integrated into one peak.
If you want to play this kind of strength, you must have rich experience in fighting and a sense of staying in danger. Of course, the most indispensable thing is super skill.
This hammer short-circuited Liang Tianlong’s thoughts. Liang Tianlong didn’t expect that he would be so seriously injured and was injured at the hands of such a young man.
It seems that I haven’t been so seriously injured since I debuted. When did the injury come? Liang Tianlong doesn’t even remember himself.
When Yang Xiaoyan came to see Liang Tianlong, he drove Ishikawa to vomit blood and forced Lin Cheng to retreat several steps. Yang Xiaoyan’s joy didn’t come yet, and he saw his big brother Liang Tianlong injured and vomited blood in his face.
As soon as Liang Tianlong was injured, he brought four disciples and immediately surrounded him, stretching his arms and exposing his legs to Lin Cheng.
Although Liang Tianlong’s apprentice is far from Liang Tianlong’s kung fu, Liang Tianlong is a master of kung fu, but his apprentice is also a master of dark energy
However, it is said that many people can achieve it in their whole lives, but the damage of the master of dark energy is still very amazing. Even the master of dark energy can’t be hit by the master of dark energy in the case of resisting it, but it is necessary to talk about the fighting experience and realize that the master of dark energy is not as good as the master of dark energy.
Liang Tianlong brought this time, although it is not the fourth tiger, but it is also second only to the fourth tiger. One of them was sent to the island city by his department to fight the situation.
Although Lin Cheng evaded a recruit with Liang Tianlong just now, he fought a recruit, but the consumption of energy is far more than this recruit.
The expert confrontation is a highly condensed peak confrontation. The theory of physical strength or mental consumption is far beyond others’ expectations.
Compared with the master, even if you don’t attack and dodge a trick, it may consume a person’s physical intelligence. Just now, Lin Cheng and Liang Tianlong fought that trick, which was a trick. Lin Achievement consumed most of his physical strength as if he had traveled five hundred miles at night.
One hand against the face is a slap in the face, and the palm of the hand goes straight to Lin Cheng’s other side. The two people display the left and right hard doors, and the three moves are well coordinated. Moreover, one person is left behind to be the reserve team. Although these people have a slight gap in skill, they are absolutely slack in strategic cooperation. It is quite wonderful to have a feeling of practicing ancient law thousands of times.
But at the moment, I can’t help but think about Lin Cheng for a second. It may be that I was killed and killed. When I saw this situation, he didn’t think about it. He just stepped out of this step and stepped out of the distance of four or five meters, leaving the hard doors on both sides behind Lin Cheng, who condensed the vigor and strength. With one blow, I allowed the man to face the wind and face the sun.
"Bang" a Lin Cheng a cannon boxing beat the man across the street out.

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