"Shen Nuo, it’s not your turn to talk here!" Liu Fu raised my hand and pushed Shen Nuo aside.

Shen Nuo looked at Liu Fu’s attitude towards himself, although he was very lost, but Liu Xiusi had recovered his heartbeat, which is the best answer now.
Shen Nuo aside, hey hey, smirking and laughing like a silly Liu Fei aside, feeling sorry for her and feeling sorry for her.
"Shen Nuo ….." Liu Fei looked at Shen Nuo, Hugh Lu, and did these tears because she couldn’t stop falling.
"The doctor is coming! The doctor is coming!" Chen Haoxuan breathlessly brought the doctor, and now all the doctors and nurses are trying their best to rescue Lu Xiusi.
"What a miracle!" Even the doctors have no vital signs before, but now Lu Xiusi has signs of heart beating, which makes them feel amazing.
"Please ask your family members to leave here first. We must rescue the patients to the greatest extent!" The doctors pushed them all to the door and pushed them to the door again.
"Bless my son and be sure to hold on!" After this wave after wave of things, mother Lu’s heart was already haggard, so she knelt on the ground and clapped her hands.
"Aunt" Shen Nuo knew that everyone in the place could not stand another blow. When she saw that Lu Mu was very fragile, she couldn’t bear to go on her knees.
"Mom, don’t worry. Hugh Sifu will be fine!" Shen Nuo although oneself also very worried, but looking at Lu mother Shen Nuo comforted Lu mother.
"Little darling, why don’t you call me to worry? I finally got a glimmer of hope. I really don’t want this hope to fall. "Mother Lu kept praying with her eyes closed.
"Mom …" Shen Nuo looked at mother Lu, although she felt the same as her, but she didn’t know what to say.
"Shen Nuo, why are you still here?" Liu Fu was very nervous when he stared at the door and saw Shen Nuo still nearby, which provoked Liu Fu to fly into a rage.
"Uncle, at this time, let’s wait for the news of Hugh!" Chen Haoxuan saw that Liu Fu was still in trouble, so he wanted to help Shen Nuo speak.
"She is a jinx. Otherwise, could Lu Xiusi become like this?" Liu Fu pointed to Shen Nuo very angry and said
"Uncle, I think you have the strength to criticize Shen Nuo here now. It is better to wait for the news inside!" Liu Fei couldn’t see Liu Fu very much. I didn’t expect that the most respected person in Lujia could not even be lenient.
"Shen Nuo, I have said so about you now. Do you still have the face here?" Liu Fu accused Shen Nuo regardless of others’ obstruction or in front of everyone.
However, everyone knows that Shen Nuo didn’t do anything wrong, but Liu Fu is very reasonable to accuse Shen Nuo here, which can’t help but make everyone feel bad.
Just when everyone Shen Nuo was about to lose support, Shen Nuo suddenly got up and faced landing father squarely.
"Why? Don’t you listen to me? " Liu Fu saw Shen Nuo up or was said to have no face by himself.
"Father, I think I’m here with Liu Xiusi now." Shen Nuo looked at him without fear of Liu Fu’s majesty.
"Why do you still have the face here? Hugh is like this because of you!" Liu Fu looked at Shen Nuo spirit not dozen 1 come.
☆, Chapter 197 Warmth after waking up!
"I don’t know whether I did this thing about my father or not, but I think it’s better to wait until Hughes wakes up before making a decision!" Shen Nuo looked at Liu Fu very not afraid.
"You … who gave you so much courage?" Liu Fu looked at Shen Nuo suddenly afraid of himself and looked at her blankly.
"Maybe it’s because of Hugh. He’s telling me not to back down and told me to wait for him!" Shen Nuo face daily have no good face to oneself Liu Fu smiling.
Liu Fu looked at Shen Nuo very surprised. I didn’t expect Shen Nuo to be so calm in front of him today.
"Come out, come out!" Edward chan has been staring at the door and saw the door. Edward chan is very happy to call everyone.
"How’s the doctor?" Edward chan a dashed past very worried and asked
Just when everyone was very anxious to know the situation, the doctor suddenly smiled.
"What a surprise!" The doctor was very happy to look at everyone. "The patient had been judged dead in medicine, but I didn’t expect to be able to come back to life again."
"Really?" Shen Nuo excitedly covered his mouth and was very happy to run inside.
"Thank you so much, doctor!" Lu Fu was very happy when he learned that Lu Xiusi had been rescued. "I will definitely not give you less for your reward. Thank you so much!"
The doctor smiled and shook his head and said, "nothing can save people’s lives. This is the happiest thing for us! Hurry in and see the patient! "
So everyone thanked the doctor and went into the room one after another.
Shen Nuo rushed into the room and looked at Lu Xiusi lying in bed with his eyes half open.
"Hugh!" Shen Nuo unutterable excitement on the land Hugh thought side tightly hold the land Hugh thought hand.
However, Lu Xiusi was still very weak because she just woke up. Facing such a heart, she tried her best to shake hands with Shen Nuo.
"Hugh, I’m afraid you’ll never wake up. Then I really don’t know how to live!" Shen Nuo put Lu Xiusi’s hand on his mouth and looked at him with pity.
However, Lu Xiusi really wants to hug Shen Nuo now, but there is no way, so he can look at Shen Nuo and smile weakly.
Shen Nuo knew that Lu Xiusi couldn’t move now, so he broke into tears and smiled, "You’d better stop moving now and get well!" Shen Nuo touched Hugh Lu’s hand and motioned for him not to touch again.
Just as the two men looked at each other, people came in one after another.
"son!" Liu Fu saw Lu Xiusi wake up and shed tears of heartache.
"Lu Er, you finally woke up!" Mother Lu couldn’t hide her excitement and jumped at Lu Xiusi happily.
Edward chan looked at Hugh Lu alive and didn’t rush to the past like the two of them, but looked at Hugh Lu with his waist pinched. His eyes were red and tears rolled in his eyes.
"Nuo Nuo" Liu Fei walked beside Shen Nuo and was very happy for her. "Look, I’m so happy for you when manager Lu woke up."
At this time, Shen Nuo was too excited to speak, but he was very happy to smile at Lu Fei.
"Look at Hugh, little darling. He … he finally woke up. It must have been an illusion just now!" At the moment, Lu mother said to Shen Nuo like a crazy woman.
"What you saw before was a dream for your mother, and now it’s true." Shen Nuo was very sincere in comforting the landing mother, hoping that the older mainland mother wouldn’t be too happy to fall down.
"Look at dad, son." Liu Fu kept shaking his hand in front of Lu Xiusi.

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