Chapter four hundred and ten Town Yuan Daxian

"The Buddha has a point. Xing Xuanbai!" Xing Xuan nodded his head. Yuan Tianzun and Tongtian Leader’s remarks are full of their selfishness, but they do have some truth, especially in their own interests. Now they can’t cultivate to such a advanced level, and Linxi Sect is even weaker. This time, they are standing in the opposite of the dark characters and are unable to kill him. How can they cultivate with Linxi Sect?
Fairy is also a person, and everyone has selfishness. I’m afraid that is why Hongjun and Laozi are no exception, and Xing Xuan has nothing to feel guilty about. Isn’t everything in the world like this? People who die of wealth, birds eat food, and don’t seek benefits themselves are idiots, but it is a very technical job to seek ingenious and strong support before.
"What about the five-color stone?" Nuwa empress cried at this time.
"I … I threw it out and broke the eye of the beast. Now … I’m afraid it’s embedded in the eye of the beast!" Purple core some timidly said
"Ah?" Nu Wa Empress felt a twinge of heartache, which was the proudest thing she had made, and he was very proud of his cultivation to this extent. Just now, I returned him to Yuan by myself, but I had to restore him after removing the influence of great foresight in his body, but I didn’t think that he had been taken away by the beast of Ji.
"Is the Jade Monkey Fairy going to disappear into this world?" Nu Wa Niangniang kept shaking her head. This catastrophe was really a bit too big, and so many sacrifices were made. I wonder when the celestial power will recover after this mighty battle.
And the most hateful thing is that he lives in the cloud mountain and has the heart to let himself fight alone here regardless of this matter.
Just thinking about it, Xing Xuan suddenly asked her, "Nu Wa Niangniang heard from Yang Jian that you came to Tianxian City this time with Ju Mang and other witches. I wonder where Ju Mang’s predecessors are?"
When I heard Xing Xuan ask this question, Nu Wa Niangniang’s face showed a sad look and said, "We have been to the real original world. In that place, they can’t stand the squeeze of the real power of the original world, and the most pure energy has been scattered in every corner of the world!"
"ah!" Xing Xuan couldn’t help feeling sad after hearing it. The sorcerer is still with him, but they have already disappeared.
"But it doesn’t matter, Long Xingxuan. You still have the sorcerer and your multiplier, which contains a trace of their gods. If you keep inputting energy with them, their energy scattered all over the world will be remitted and it is not difficult to restore their bodies!" Nu Wa Niangniang comforted Long Xingxuan way
Star Xuan nodded his head.
Just at this time, a number came from outside the courtyard and then filed into dozens of people, each wearing a patchwork robe, a Lv Gong sash and a hand-cranked Tongwei fishing drum, tapping three-eared straw sandals, boarding the feet and wrapping the head with a nine-yang towel.
Nu Wa Niangniang and Yuan Tianzun couldn’t help laughing when they saw the man. Yuan Tianzun said, "Zhenyuan man is really at leisure, and everyone else is fighting and killing you outside, but you are happy here!"
It was from the celestial world that the man hid Zhenyuan and his forty brothers.
Zhenyuan heard Yuan Tianzun’s words, ha ha smiled and said, "How can a real overhaul man do that kind of fighting and killing? Isn’t it what a real overhaul man has to do thousands of miles away in planning? This place is the real battlefield, but it determines the whole battle. I am coolly going outside to fight and kill!"
"Ha ha, well said, Zhenyuan really has your catastrophe. You just discovered the origin of things. It’s really amazing. I have some admiration for you now!" Yuan Buddha ha ha smiled and said
"Zhenyuan is blessed, and even the heavens are towards him. This is no way for others to be jealous of things. There is no way!" Tongtian leader also befriended Zhenyuan before.
"Hehe, Lingbao Tianzun flatter me. Zhenyuan can’t bear it. Oh, Emperor Gou Chen, thank you for helping me look after the manor and protect my ginseng fruit tree in the fairy world!" Zhenyuan greets Xing Xuan.
"It should be!" In front of this great fairy who has been practicing for millions of years, Xing Xuan is really a new girl. I heard Zhenyuan express his gratitude to myself, but I didn’t dare to take credit at all and hurried to Zhenyuan to salute him.
"Ha ha, if I guess right, even the moral Buddha has come to this idle city. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We people who claim to be the highest practitioners in the whole celestial world have actually gathered together. I have a discussion. I don’t know if you are willing to play?"
"Oh, what’s so interesting about Zhenyuan Daxian that you want us to play together?" Yuan Tian Zun came to ask Zhen Yuan Dao for interest.
"To tell you the truth, I didn’t come to Tianxian City for such a long time. Who is playing tricks now? Who is uniting into the advanced achievement method of great foresight to move this ten thousand-year-old disaster? I suggest that if who is the first to find out that person, all of us will address him as his brother, and the whole celestial world will respect him in the future?" Town yuan ha ha smiled and said
"I didn’t think that Zhenyuan, who lives alone in seclusion, still has this interest to be the whole celestial honour person?" Yuan Buddha couldn’t help satirizing the town Yuan Dao.
"Ha ha, it’s just a bet. If Yuan Tianzun doesn’t dare to fight, forget it!" Town yuan god said unchanged.
"Ha ha, it’s a joke. Why didn’t I dare to hit me? I was afraid that Zhenyuan Daxian would come to live in seclusion again and listen to Xuanbai and make such a bet!" Yuan Buddha a sneer at and said
"Zhenyuan is lazy, but his words are always counted. If Yuan Tianzun is afraid that I won’t keep my gambling appointment, we will all high-five together and swear?" Zhenyuan and Yuantian Zun are tit for tat.
"It’s better to have one person in charge of the celestial world than the current situation of fighting each other. I agree!" Tongtian hierarch echoed Zhenyuan and said
"I don’t know if Zhenyuan Daxian means that everyone here has a bet.
L when nuwa empress beside said
"Of course!" Zhenyuan ha ha smiled and said, "More people make it more fun. I wonder if Yuan Tianzun is afraid that others will take away your position as an immortal and never give others a chance?"
Listen to Zhenyuan’s run on himself and look at the forty younger brothers Zhenyuan brought by Zhenyuan. The Buddha cursed Zhenyuan in his heart. It was premeditated. It has always been his own Zhenyuan’s ambition. In those days, the war of deities did not move a finger. He didn’t think that he had miscalculated. He endured this for many years, but waited for this ten thousand-year catastrophe to hit himself.
"That’s all. I don’t believe that Yuan Tianzun, who has been practicing for ten million years, has seen that the artistic conception of the great heaven will be defeated by you, a guy who can eat ginseng fruit!" Yuan Tianzun gritted his teeth and smiled and said, "I’m not afraid of uniting to my realm. Fame and profit are as lively as floating clouds that day. Of course, I’m also willing to be lively and good to everyone. We’ll all find the hidden person first. We’ll all call him brother to lead the whole celestial world in the future!"
"Hehe, we are just a foil to make the green leaves against the red flowers. Look, it’s just the performance of three venerable people and Zhenyuan Daxian and Nuwa!" Star Xuan ha ha a smile before said
"Gouchen the Great should not sell himself short!" In spite of this, Yuan Tianzun still didn’t put Long Xingxuan in the eye. Although he was able to display the great foresight attack achievement method in the original world, after all, the realm was too low to kill and kill. If he used great wisdom to find out who was cheating, I’m afraid it wouldn’t work. Great foresight is not a killing spell. Its essence lies in its foresight and great wisdom in it.
"Ha-ha, if I find someone who is cheating on you, I will be your big fairy brothers. Come on, give me a high five!" Princess Lanyan was very excited, and Yuan Tianzun, Zhenyuan, Nuwa Niangniang and others gave high-fives one by one.
However, no one thinks that she will have a chance. If even he has a chance, it would be a joke for the Great Foresight. Yuan Tianzun, although they can’t figure out which of these people who came to Tianxian City with mana can finally find the person who cheated in the dark, for Princess Lan Yan, it is obvious at a glance that there is no chance to operate a little. The Great Foresight has already seen that Princess Lan Yan is just joining in the fun. Her life trajectory has already been doomed, even if she struggles, it is just a slight change. A fish living in the water, no matter how hard she tries to swim in that direction of the river, is only in that river. Even if she can jump out of the river, she will fall into the river in a blink of an eye. This river is called fate, and she can’t escape the bondage of fate. This is the sorrow of mortals.
They high-fived one by one, and then Zhenyuan took his forty brothers out of the Buddhist mansion. Yuan Tianzun also went out to look for moral Tianzun to act together, while Nu Wa Empress, Long Xingxuan, Princess Lan Yan and others walked towards the palace.
Tongtian hierarch silently followed the crowd.
Everyone has their own worries, and they don’t talk all the way, so they go straight to the bedroom of Nuwa Empress.
"I don’t know what Zhenyuan means by doing this?" Tongtian followed into the bedroom and said to them
"It’s a little strange. In this way, everyone will be less competitive with each other, and it will be a great obstacle to finding the evil fairy and dealing with him together!" Star Xuan also nodded and said
Zi Rui was puzzled and asked, "Since you all know this is unfavorable, why not stop coming back and discuss such things!"

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