"accidentally touched?" Liu Fu guessed.

"Uncle, this is my injury to prove my innocence!" Bai Lulu wept bitterly.
"What needs life to prove your innocence?" Liu Fu is very puzzled.
"It’s all because of Shen Nuo ….." Bai Lulu was crying out at this time.
"What? Is Shen Nuo a troublemaker again? " When Liu Fu heard this, he couldn’t leave Shen Nuo and couldn’t help but fight.
"She … she asked me to get her medicine, and then my brother entrusted my mother to do it. Later, I was afraid that my mother would worry too much, so I took the initiative to take this matter, but …" Bai Lulu was awkward.
"But what?" Lu Fu asked.
"But I don’t know what’s wrong with this medicine. When Shen Nuo got it, the medicine turned into poison. Hugh was very angry when he knew it, so he beat my brother." Bai Lulu wiped away the tears in his eyes.
"This fucking thing! He still doesn’t put me in his eyes! " Liu Fu got angry after hearing it, but he sat down in the chair again because he had not recovered and was dizzy.
"Uncle, don’t be angry!" When Bai Lulu saw that Liu Fu’s head was dizzy, he was afraid that something would happen to him and quickly helped Liu Fu to sit down.
"Go on!" Liu Fu headache sat in the chair and listened to Bai Lulu and then described.
"Later, because my brother was beaten, I really couldn’t watch it, so I said that I did this medicine, but they all recognized that I poisoned Shen Nuo …" Bai Lulu said while crying.
"What happened to you?" Liu Fu looked at Bai Lulu and asked
"I proved my innocence and bumped into a big tree next to me." Bai Lulu grabbed Lu Fu’s hand. "Uncle, I’m so wronged, but I can’t wash away this crime!"
Liu Fu looked at Bai Lulu. He really loved the child and looked at her with such a big grievance. Liu Fu was also very unhappy.
"Lulu, don’t cry." Liu Fu looked at Lulu lovingly.
"Uncle, you know how much I care about Hugh’s love for a person. Isn’t it just that I should look at his happiness? How can I ruin his happiness? But when problems arise, everyone will think I did it … I’m so wronged."
Bai Lulu said that this passage was super realistic, which made Liu Fu have no doubt at all.
"What did Lu Xiusi say?" Lu Fu asked.
Section 94
"Hugh, he said … he suspected that I did it and he wanted to find out the truth." Bai Lulu looked at Liu Fu and replied.
"It’s better to find out earlier. It’s best to give you a statement." Lu Fu agreed with Lu Xiusi’s move.
But when Bai Lulu heard it, she was frightened. Lu Xiusi must never find out about it, so wouldn’t Bai Lulu be exposed?
"Uncle" Bai Lulu said, "If this matter is investigated, I will not be able to clear my name!"
"What do you mean?" Liu Fu puzzled asked.
"This medicine is actually illegal, and it can’t be found out. If Hughes investigates, then someone will make an article here to help Hughes slander me. Then I will …" Bai Lulu covered her eyes with pain before she finished.
"Is this so good?" After hearing this, Lu Fu thought that Bai Lulu must not be hurt. The best way to prevent her from being hurt is to stop Lu Xiusi’s investigation into this matter.
"Uncle, you have to make decisions for me!" Bai Lulu is still shaking his father’s arm like a coquetry.
"Well, I won’t let you get hurt." Liu Fu picked up the words in front of Bai Lulu.
"I’m going to stop Lu Xiusi from investigating things in the recent period until he stops investigating." After hanging up, Lu Fu looked at the grief-stricken Bai Lulu and felt pity.
"Uncle Lulu likes you very much, but you should also learn to protect yourself. After all, Shen Nuo’s backing is Lu Xiusi!"
"Uncle" Bai Lulu looked at Lu Fu sadly. "You said that I love Hugh so much, but why did a Shen Nuo suddenly come out to interfere with my happiness and Hugh’s happiness?"
☆, Chapter 117 Bai Lulu is crazy!
Bai Lulu’s feelings are true. She has made so many efforts, but she just can’t make Lu Xiusi come to their senses. How much more beautiful Bai Lulu is than Shen Nuo? But in front of Lu Xiusi, Bai Lulu can’t compare with Shen Nuo.
"Although Hugh doesn’t recognize you, I always believe that you are our daughter-in-law of Lujia. I don’t recognize anyone else!" Liu Fu gave Bai Lulu a shot in the arm when he spoke.
"But I’m tired!" Bai Lulu nai sighed.
"It’s okay, the child has me. I’ll help you!" Liu Fu patted Bai Lulu on the shoulder to comfort her.
Bai Lulu panicked and looked at Liu Fu with a puzzled face.
"I will help you when you need me." Liu Fu looked at Bai Lulu firmly and made Bai Lulu feel confident again.
Lu Xiusi’s words rang.
"Manager Lu, our private drug investigators have been disconnected, and now no one can contact us." Lu Xiusi told Lu Xiusi in a hurry.
"When?" Lu Hugh thought frowning brows asked.
"Just now" hand replied.
"I know." After Lu Xiusi hung up, he called Bai Zhe.
"My hand told me that the clue was interrupted for no reason." Lu Xiusi felt a little headache because it was, after all, a smuggling exchange, and it was very hard to investigate. At this time, the clue was broken, which was equivalent to no clue and everything was returned
"When?" Bai Zhe asked because Bai Zhe felt that there was something strange about this clue.
"Just now," replied Lu Xiusi.

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