When these red awns dissipated, Guo Xiaosi was surprised to find that the stone slabs of a hall burst one after another and turned into piles of powder. Seeing this, Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian couldn’t help but gasp in air. For thousands of years or tens of thousands of years, these red awns protected these stone slabs, which kept them hard and made it difficult for other immortals to shake the slightest.

This shows that these red awns are equally powerful.
Be careful. At this time, some vibrations broke out in a mountain. Guo Xiaosi put Tang Xiaoqian in his arms and watched the surrounding environment warily. Tang Xiaoqian didn’t care about the surrounding changes. When Guo Xiaosi put her arms around her, she had already prostrated herself in Guo Xiaosi’s arms and snuggled silently in Guo Xiaosi’s chest.
It’s a windy day. Xuanque finally crawled lazily on Tang Xiaoqian’s shoulder and saw Tang Xiaoqian snuggling in Guo Xiaosi. She looked like a innocent girl and couldn’t help laughing at the vicissitudes of life.
For Xuan Que, Tang Xiaoqian and Guo Xiaosi directly choose to look at each other and smile at each other, then pay attention to the surrounding changes
Suddenly suspended in the stone stage, Shuanglong inkstone suddenly shot towards Guo Xiaosi and Guo Xiaosi grabbed it and put it in his arms, surprised and looking at the front door.
Yes, in front of Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian, there is a door, a door made up of red awns, which just stands on the stone stage and flashes in the dark, seemingly vast and mysterious.
Go Guo Xiaosi surprised for a while and then grab Tang Xiaoqian’s hand and walk towards the door together. At this moment, Guo Xiaosi’s heart is full of tension and curiosity. Guo Xiaosi has been able to confirm that this machine is not a virtual fairy arrangement. So what is this?
As Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian got into the door, a broken hall was instantly restored to calm. After several breezes passed by, there was no red awn to form the door. It seemed that such a door had never been seen before. The only difference was that the dust floor moved gently in the wind, so that later generations could never guess what hard floor dissipated and left a pile of fine dust.
When Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian got into the door, the red door flashed and disappeared. Guo Xiaosi took Tang Xiaoqian with a full face of shock and looked at them in front of the environment. The scene really made Guo Xiaosi unpredictable. I didn’t expect them to come to such a place full of strange Olympics.
Seeing Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian’s body, the stars are shining brightly all over the sky, as if they were naughty and blinking their eyes. Besides, the scene around the stars is even more vivid in the sky.
What is this place? Tang Xiaoqian was shocked and looked at the scene in front of her. She wondered what would happen in this place. These have always been looking up at the stars.
Guo Xiaosi gradually suppressed his heart shock and guessed whether he was in a dreamland. This beautiful dreamland scene was the first time he met for a moment in his life. Guo Xiaosi found himself as if he were not in a dreamland. Everything around him seemed real.
You finally came, and I inherited it. Just as Guo Xiaosi frowned and thought hard, a bright sound echoed in Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian’s ear, and then in Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian’s shocked eyes, a magnificent figure appeared as a projection in front of Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian.
Look closely at the people in front of them, dressed in blue robes and flat boots, with a pair of knife-shaped eyebrows and a pair of intense eyes. Although it is a projection, Guo Xiaosi has already seen a trace of deterrence
Guo Xiaosi’s heart was horrified. I didn’t expect it to be a virtual shadow and a projection, which made me feel an oppression and a deterrent. This is equal strength. Besides, Guo Xiaosi is more confused about what inheritance means. Does it mean that Shuanglong inkstone refers to Shuanglong inkstone? What did the virtual fairy say at the beginning that he inherited it?
Who are you? Guo Xiaosi didn’t ask and immediately laughed. The other person is just a virtual shadow. How can you answer your own question?
My name is Ji Nai, the ancient man of God, but in Guo Xiaosi’s eyes, the virtual shadow actually answered Guo Xiaosi’s words in vain, and it made Guo Xiaosi even more horrified. Not only Guo Xiaosi, but even Tang Xiaoqian, who has always been bold, could not help but panic and hold Guo Xiaosi’s arm tightly.
You, you, how can you hear me? Guo Xiaosi pointed at the virtual shadow in front of him in horror or said it was not a virtual shadow. Guo Xiaosi had been confused by what was in front of him. Is this a fucking virtual shadow?
Haha, I seem to be able to see Guo Xiaosi’s horrified eyes. Haha, I laughed. This is my ten million incarnation, or I am a little bit of a god. I can see everything you say and do. Haha.
Thousands of incarnations Guo Xiaosi heard this saying and murmured, I don’t feel or sum up it. It feels amazing in my heart. Yes, Guo Xiaosi is surprised by this ability. I feel that this ability is amazing.
Haha, when you come to my realm, you can turn into millions of incarnations, smiling at Guo Xiaosi, and then inheriting the color. You can come to the place I arranged, and I want to think that you have got the key to Shuanglong inkstone. Everything I can give you is also in Shuanglong inkstone. I hope you can succeed at an early date.
Then before Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian came over in vain, he saw a very gentle wave of his hand hidden in Guo Xiaosi’s arms and Shuanglong inkstone flew towards the pole.
Haha, Ssangyong inkstone, Ssangyong inkstone, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, which makes you dusty for ten thousand years. In Guo Xiaosi’s dull expression, I saw a golden light entering Ssangyong inkstone, accompanied by a golden light sinking into Ssangyong inkstone. Ssangyong inkstone suddenly burst in Guo Xiaosi’s exclamation, followed by clouds of colorful light air masses emerging from Ssangyong inkstone, accompanied by these colorful air masses. Suddenly, two golden dragons are rolling and thundering in the air mass, echoing each other.
To spit a word very gently, two golden lights once again jumped from the pole hand and ran towards Ssangyong, then Ssangyong disappeared and the rolling cloud slowly dissipated, and now a new inkstone is seen, which is more vivid if two golden dragons are attached to it.
Seeing this, Guo Xiaosi’s eyes were full of surprises. He didn’t know that this form was still hidden in Shuanglong inkstone that has been with him for many years. You know, Guo Xiaosi tried several times to refine Shuanglong inkstone so that his Shuanglong inkstone could be better combined, but it was always unsuccessful. I didn’t expect Shuanglong inkstone to still hide this mystery. I think this is the true form of Shuanglong inkstone.
You can take what I left you. It’s in the Shuanglong inkstone, and you can know it if you spy on it. Gently push the Shuanglong inkstone to Guo Xiaosi and continue to say that when you successfully refine what I left you, you can go from this vast void. I’ll stay here and punish you for not being able to stay long. If you want to know more, the Shuanglong inkstone in your hand may be able to tell you something. If you are still not there, you need to look for the truth. I’ll leave here.
Chapter four hundred and ninety XiuShen Road
Chapter four hundred and ninety XiuShen Road
Ah, before Guo Xiaosi greeted him, the polar doppelganger had disappeared, or he had returned to his statue. Seeing the polar doppelganger disappear, Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help it.
Immediately, Guo Xiaosi’s eyes fell on the Ssangyong inkstone. Look closely at this Ssangyong inkstone that has shown its true face. The biggest change is that Guo Xiaosi took the lead in feeling that it feels different. Ssangyong inkstone is very rough and feels like ordinary rock. Now Ssangyong inkstone starts with Wenyu and gives a little warm feeling. Look at the two golden dragons entrenched in the cloud inkstone. It seems that they can jump from the cloud at any time.
Xiao Sikuai, look at what’s mysterious in it. Although Tang Xiaoqian was shocked by the real shape of Shuanglong inkstone, she still shook Guo Xiaosi. She wanted to know what’s mysterious in this Shuanglong inkstone. According to the polar gods, if she wanted to go, she had to study how to leave something in Shuanglong inkstone.
After Tang Xiaoqian woke up, Guo Xiaosi also remembered what he should do now, but also remembered that the two were still in the vast virtual space and had to go through the things in Shuanglong inkstone.
What exactly is left in Shuanglong inkstone? Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian raised such a question in his mind, and then Guo Xiaosi sat cross-legged and slowly immersed himself in Shuanglong inkstone.
When Guo Xiaosi immersed his consciousness in Shuanglong inkstone, pieces of information surged toward Guo Xiaosi’s mind. It was forced into Guo Xiaosi’s mind to endure the pain in his mind. Guo Xiaosi carefully absorbed and digested the information from Shuanglong inkstone and could not help cursing it in his heart.
Guarding Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian looked at Guo Xiaosi from time to time with pain, from time to time with surprise, from time to time with shock and panic, and she couldn’t help worrying. Her face hung with an anxious look. It was not clear what Guo Xiaosi saw that could be so expressive now.
Tang Xiaoqian didn’t know it, but Guo Xiaosi was deeply shocked and frightened by the information in Shuanglong inkstone. The most important part of this information is to let Guo Xiaosi’s things turn out to be spiritual cultivation tactics hidden in Shuanglong inkstone, which is rougher than getting spiritual cultivation tactics in Jixian underground palace. Yes, it is rough. Many sentences read dry and taste much worse than getting spiritual cultivation tactics in Jixian underground palace.
It can’t be said that it’s poor, but it’s hard to say that the spiritual cultivation method in Shuanglong inkstone is a piece of boulder, so the spiritual cultivation method in Jixian underground palace is piles of gravel, a dry and difficult road, and every detail is more detailed than every one.
To put it more simply, the tactic of getting the spiritual cultivation method in Jixian Underground Palace is actually a detailed review of the spiritual cultivation method in Shuanglong inkstone. When Guo Xiaosi digested the information in his mind with shock, he probably cleared some articles.
In the eastern mountain range of the spiritual world, the ancient ruins are the extremely used palaces, which are called the extreme halls. When wandering in the early years, I found the spiritual world full of aura, and then turned over the spiritual world to practice here. At that time, there was no spiritual world, and the richness of aura was simply the difference between water and porridge compared with the current richness.
Extremely famous in the ancient gods, the strength is strong, and at the same time, there is a lot of research on the ways of cultivating immortals. Combining with the process of self-cultivation into the realm of gods, it is very important to create a method of cultivating immortals, that is, to directly transform the physical spirit into divine power and skip the immortal power
In addition, the more important place of the cultivation method is the high strength and rapid rise of the realm, which is very successful. However, due to these advantages of the cultivation method, it has become the siege target of other ancient gods
You know, everyone becomes a god because of superiority, crisis and jealousy, and everyone consumes less and less resources. It takes thousands of years of practice to become a god, and then overlooks all beings to practice extremely, which directly makes many immortals skip many thresholds and become a god. Who can see the past, even if they have given up calling worldly desires, no god can see the past, which is extremely unfortunate and become the siege target of the gods?
Many ancient gods thought it was no big deal, and everyone tried to release the new uniting method, but the ancient gods belonged to a small number and most of them were still very exclusive.
In this way, practicing in the extreme temple was quickly attacked by many ancient great gods. Although it was very powerful, it was also called the name of the ranking number in the ancient great gods, but the fists were hard to reach the four palms and were gradually injured by the ancient great gods, and then they had to escape from the extreme temple and escape from other places to recover.

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