Flying snow reality is staring at has been finished in the blood red cloud pressure bass mouth way

Just now, nearly a hundred thunders have thundered one after another, which has dispersed most of the Jieyun. At this time, the remaining Jieyun has turned red, like a flaming cloud, but it is with a fatal crisis.
At this time, the blood red robbery cloud rotates and a coercion comes to make people feel depressed from the bottom of my heart.
Gu Yue finally appeared in the hands of a bloody sword, and the lotus flower was dazzling, and the blood was not in the clouds. The two were like two rounds of blood.
Rotating blood clouds suddenly burst into gorgeous red light and covered everything. At the sight of a roar, a huge bloody thunder roared down toward Gu Yue.
At this time, Gu Yue made a stunning crazy move.
"Bloody sword devours"
She didn’t kill the sword with blood, and the avatar resisted the bloody thunder. Instead, she urged the bloody sword to give off a stronger pulling force, which actually contained all the blood in the bloody thunder.
"Good … good crazy move"
"It’s bold to want to use the blood evil spirit in Leijie to raise blood and kill the sword."
"Dare to compete with heaven and earth"
Flying snow reality, SEO boss and others were shocked to see this scene. Although they were higher than Gu Yue in Xiu Yuan, they felt admiration for Gu Yue’s trip at this time.
In their view, such a move is simply suicidal.
Is always bold Xia Qi see Gu Yue move at this time is to open the mouth with fear than in the heart.
Holding a bloody sword, Gu Yue Teng went directly into the bloody thunder, and the whole person was involved in it, and the figure disappeared instantly
Looking at flashing mans bloody thunder Xia Qi face nervous.
If it weren’t for the fact that he felt that the breath of Gu Yue in the bloody thunder was still there and didn’t weaken, Xia Qi would have been irrepressible and rushed directly.
"Pay attention to the bloody thunder and give me a desperate shot once you find that the breath of the moon is in danger."
Xia qi folded eyes riveted on the thunder.
The bloody thunder was automatically involved in it from Gu Yue, and it did not continue to fall in Sinochem. The thunder burst than shattered everything.
Gu Yue’s figure is submerged in it, and you can feel her breath.
Robbing clouds and rolling lotus flower to the sky
As time goes by, Gu Yue’s figure still hasn’t been exposed. It seems that he is trapped in the bloody thunder, which generally makes Xia Qi more worried and has already planned to make moves.
"Master, the power of bloody thunder is weakening."
Just when Xia Qi was about to be irrepressible, the flying snow reality suddenly exclaimed, which made Xia Qi feel happy and then stared at the bloody thunder.
Carefully sensing Xia Qi really sensed that there was a strong blood ShaQi in the bloody thunder, and it was lost unconsciously and faster and faster.
Xia Qi, who drove the blood dragon to devour the blood evil force, immediately sensed that the blood evil force in the bloody thunder was not dissipated but being swallowed.
There is no doubt that the blood evil force in the bloody thunder will only enter Gu Yue.
"It’s the blood that kills the sword."
Xia Qi knows in his heart that this must be the strange blood-killing sword that draws blood from evil spirit.
This bloody sword is very strange. Even if the virtual fairy is stabbed in the body, everything will be learned, even Shou Yuan. It is not difficult to learn this bloody evil force at this time.
But such a bloody sword is getting stronger and stronger. For Gu Yue, I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.
Chapter five hundred and four The coming of the war
Bloody thunder surges in the sky, and lotus flower is dazzling.
The violent explosion is endless, and the violent atmosphere emitted by the thunder makes people feel tremble in their hearts.
Xia Qi several people are keeping a close eye on the rolling exploding bloody thunder.
Fortunately, this thunder is violent, but Gu Yue is also very extraordinary. With the blood sword, it is strange and powerful. At this time, it is like a whale sucking water to absorb blood. The blood in the thunder contains all the blood ShaQi, which makes the power of the blood thunder plummet!
In a short moment, the power of the bloody thunder was greatly reduced, and the dark clouds also dispersed, leaving a small group of bloody thunder wrapped in Gu Yue
"The mistress is so powerful!"
"It’s the first murder weapon in the world that so much blood is absorbed by the bloody sword!"
Flying snow reality several people are amazed to see that the power has been greatly reduced and the wind and waves can’t be turned over. The bloody thunder is amazed at Gu Yue and her bloody sword.
In a moment, the bloody thunder crashed and bombed Gu Yue’s figure, from which he appeared with a bloody sword. Lotus flower covered the sky like a sunset glow, gorgeous and charming, but it gave off a very strong blood ShaQi, which was frightening.

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