"Stop talking about me. What about you?"

"I what?" Li Ailing put a green vegetable in his mouth and chewed it slowly.
"Don’t play dumb for me."
Li Ailing put chopsticks with a wry smile. "Not everyone is as lucky as you, and I am very satisfied that a man who loves you so much appears now."
When she was a girl, she dreamed of love, when the love department gave it to Liu Yang.
Today, she is not as brave as she was at that time.
There is a limit to a person’s bravery in his life. He can’t just press the button and rush out every time like a clockwork toy.
Sue night feeling silently gave Li Ailing a chopsticks dish two people smile at one another quietly eating a meal.
At 7: 30, Sue called Zhang Huan and asked him to come directly to the bag.
Li Ailing saw that she had something thoughtful and gave her a sliding door and went out
Yan Muqing just came from the building to see her and glanced at her bag. "I heard Li Guodong say that Mrs. Lu is here."
"Well, she has an appointment with someone else."
"Oh, why don’t you come to my bag for a while? It’s still early for ten o’clock."
Yan Muqing pushed the door without a horse, but sideways to let Li Ailing advance.
Li Ailing smiled at him and went in.
His face changed when he saw Yan Mumu sitting on the sofa.
"Yo, this is the expression when you see me." Yan Mumu looked at Li Ailing badly.
Yan Muqing heard frowning and frowned lightly. "Mumu, don’t be ridiculous. It’s getting late. You should hurry back to the hotel. Jack is still waiting for you."
"Brother, are you kicking me out?" Yan Mu stare big eyes.
Yan Muqing lip lick didn’t speak.
After attending Yan Mumu’s wedding with Jack, he went back to China. Unexpectedly, Yan Mumu’s heel Jack also went back to China.
Said she was not used to living in America and asked Jack to stay with her in L City.
At that time, Yan Muqing retorted, "How can you not be used to living there when you run from China and the United States?"
Yan Mumu looked at him with a look of injustice. "Brother, don’t you want me to accompany you in L city?"
Yan Muqing certainly wants to, but he’s married and has a small family of his own. She’s not the little girl anymore.
Later, Jack also said that he was willing to stay with Yan Mumu in L city before he agreed.
It was they who insisted on staying in a hotel before buying a suitable room.
Yan Muqing agrees very much.
Yan Mumu came to the palace alone this evening. I didn’t expect that she still didn’t change her mind. Li Ailing was still bashful.
She doesn’t make trouble so that he can drive her back to the hotel.
Yan Mumu saw Yan Muqing sitting on the sofa drinking and ignoring her, pointing to Li Ailing and asking, "Brother, did you really kill her and drive me away?"
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"The Door Xiao Wife" is purple.
The mysterious family of Nangong Jingling came out, and when she was a child, a joke was lost, and Jin Yihua lost her precious surname and came to the imperial capital of Huaxia.
Cold and cheerless, the most powerful three generations in the imperial city lived in intrigue for profit. The big family didn’t get any father’s love since childhood. The ridiculous heir fulfilled his mother’s wish and became a cold lover since childhood.
Originally, I would have spent my whole life in such an impersonal family, defending my mother’s status and giving up everything he wanted.
But one day, a girl came into his life, which made him self-disciplined, and his pace was chaotic, which made his cold heart melt.
I can help you.
On how a person falls under an excuse is always unworthy of forgiveness. The more no one loves, the more he should love himself.
"Mywood …" Yan Muqing looked at her with a loud warning.
She didn’t make enough trouble before marriage, but she was still restless after marriage.
Yan Mumu viciously stared at the eyes. Li Ailing stamped her feet and twisted her waist.
"Miss Li Mumu was spoiled by me since childhood. Don’t mind." Yan Muqing rubbed his eyebrows.
Li Ailing shook his head and said nothing.
For Yan Mumu, she has no affection at all, and this woman was so bad for her last night and hurt her.
If she hadn’t been backed by Yan Muqing, I’m afraid manager Lu would have cleaned her up early.
"Sit down and don’t punish" Yan Muqing poured Li Ailing a glass of wine and pushed it forward.
Li Ailing was a little stiff and sat here. This was the first time she stayed alone with Yan Muqing.
Yan Muqing seems to see that she is uncomfortable to pour the wine in her hand into her mouth and get up. "You sit first and I’ll go upstairs to see it."
"… good!" Didn’t he just come from the building?
Li Ailing good while drinking wine while watching.
Zhang Huan wore sunglasses and went into the palace on the second floor, looking for Sue and telling him the package number.
Two bodyguards at the door of Yan Muqing’s bag saw a frown, and one of them stopped him. "Which bag do you have, sir?"
Zhang Huan takes sunglasses "Lan Ge"
Bodyguard one leng carefully looked at some kind of Zhang Huan "please wait" and then made a wink at another bodyguard and knocked on Li Ailing’s door.
Sue was busy running to the door when she heard the sound. She saw the bodyguard one leng and her eyes turned, and she also saw Zhang Huan waving "Senior here" not far away.
"Mrs. Lu, is this your appointment?"
Sue late mood leng leng "yes"
The bodyguard stepped back and said respectfully, "Good Mrs. Lu, I’ll just shout at the door."
"Good …" Sue night feeling wryly will zhang huan a guarantee.
Zhang Huan looked at a pack of tut-tut. "Nice junior. It seems that Liu Yichen is very kind to you." The palace is still so luxurious.
Sue is ashamed of her late feelings. She can say that she has come to the palace for many times without spending money.
Even paying the bill is a discount.

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