Although Tottenham Hotspur finally reached the knockout stage as the second place in Lazio’s group, their opponent was experienced AC Milan. Although AC Milan beat Lazio in the League Cup, it was no problem for them to go out and teach other teams a lesson.

Especially Tottenham Hotspur, which has reached the Champions League for the first time in more than 40 years, is no different from bullying newcomers.
After AC Milan won Tottenham Hotspur, many AC Milan fans or commentators were very optimistic about AC Milan’s promotion.
Because AC Milan is superior in terms of strength and experience.
Tottenham Hotspur’s inexperience is their greatest weakness.
The schedule of the second qualifying team in the group is also not good for them.
Playing at home before playing away is equivalent to adjusting your state to the best in the first round and trying to kill the suspense of two rounds at home.
The problem of playing at home before playing away is that once you have an accident at home, you will be cornered, and you will go away to fight your opponent in the second round.
This is the Tottenham Hotspur problem.
Everyone is optimistic that AC Milan will advance.
Their performance in the group stage was quite good. They scored the same point as Real Madrid and beat Real Madrid to the top of the group. This is why allegri won the favor and support of Milan’s top management this season.
AC Milan’s away game against Tottenham Hotspur is also the first game of the Champions League final this season.
There is no suspense in this game. Although it is away, everyone believes that AC Milan can win.
Even if you can’t win, it will be a draw.
Moreover, AC Milan will definitely score goals, and with a few away goals in hand, Tottenham Hotspur will be in a "cornered" situation.
At that time, AC Milan will eliminate Tottenham Hotspur at their own home.
But the final result is surprising!
At home, Tottenham Hotspur beat AC Milan with a header from Gill and a solo ride from Bell!
The first Champions League final was an upset!
Lestat is sure to turn around at the end of the season. Lazio is a blow to the team’s morale and is now defeated by Tottenham Hotspur by two goals away.
Before the game, everyone thought that the only suspense in the game was probably how many goals AC Milan could win away from home.
If we can beat Tottenham Hotspur by a big score away from home, we can completely kill the suspense of the second round in the first round.
As soon as the game was played, AC Milan launched a fierce attack on Tottenham Hotspur goal, wave after wave.
Then their riddled defense line was completely blown up by Bell and Lennon.
Two people broke through the AC Milan defense line, Instad was injured and there was a thiago silva in the central defender position.
But in the face of powerful center Gill, it can’t take the wind.
Gill played AC Milan thiago silva when he was still in Lazio.
His way to deal with Silva is very simple, that is, he is unreasonable in his body, but the effect is very good, which was once asked by Changsheng to do so.
Finally, he scored a header in the game.
AC Milan’s failure in this game was not a fluke. Judging from the scene, they could not have lost two goals if they were not lucky.
This is especially true for Bell’s fumble.
Tottenham Hotspur hit AC Milan for a quick counterattack when AC Milan wanted to attack and score goals in a big way.
Bell takes the ball from the middle and back court and rushes forward with it.
Cheng broke through all AC Milan players who defended him by speed.
Especially in the front of the restricted area, he broke through thiago silva by speed and sent the football to abbiati to guard the goal.
During the whole process, AC Milan players never touched the ball.
Bell simply went to the ball vigorously and then chased it. It was such a simple breakthrough that the whole defense line of AC Milan was solved.
The failure of this game seems to make many AC Milan fans more unhappy with allegri.
Asking allegri to have class sounds one after another.
But this time Galliani chose allegri’s side.
He came forward to show that the club has great confidence in allegri, and they believe that allegri can bring a bright future to the team.
AC Milan’s arch-rival Inter Milan also suffered heavy losses in this round of Champions League.
They lost 23 to their opponents in the home game against Donetsk miners.
Losing at home also allowed opponents to score three away goals.
Inter Milan’s promotion prospects are in jeopardy.
At this time, some people miss Mourinho, thinking that Mourinho Inter Milan could at least reach the semi-finals of the Champions League.
Now in the final, Eastern European teams can be bullied like this.
They cheered and celebrated when Mourinho was driven away by them.
Now they miss Mourinho again.
People, loss is the most precious thing. Without loss, you will never know how to cherish it.
But sadly, even now they know that they will forget it after a while, and they still repeat the dog blood drama routine of "don’t cherish it after you get it, but regret it after you lose it"
But this is human nature.
Lazio’s Champions League match is next week.

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