The faint reply of sexual virtue is an equal tone

You can frighten the little eunuch kneeling on the ground into turning pale and looking like a ghost. Look at this beautiful new bodyguard who looks like a fairy in the painting.
If I don’t find out what the sexual virtue is called at all, and I don’t pay attention to the fact that the eunuch’s mental endurance has been greatly tested, I will meet him with a smile and say ok.
After saying this, he looked in all directions for a while, thinking about going back to his own palace. It’s still a long way to go, and lovers in Yongle Palace can’t be disturbed when they meet. Just think about it and say that you should meet him in the imperial garden.
Chapter 9 Deep feelings against resentment
The scene after ChuFengyi Xiao Yi met was never as romantic as it seemed.
A queen mother and a regent were polite to each other for weeks.
A respectfully asked the Empress Dowager Ann and politely thanked the Regent.
As he spoke, he went into the temple and divided his subjects into seats.
Zhao Siyan quietly led a bunch of eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting to retreat after serving tea.
But even if there are no idle people present, the two of them still have no ceremony, drinking tea and being very tactful, very skillful and very beautiful, so that they can say some nonsense about today’s weather, whether it’s sunny or windy, whether it’s you or me.
After half a day, Xiao Yi got up and excused himself. ChuFengyi got up politely and sent him away.
Xiao Yi has been retreating to the door of the temple, eloquence turned around, but at that moment in the temple, it was faint that the emperor had grown up, and the empress dowager must be very pleased.
Laughing and greeting all the time, Chu Fengyi’s body trembled and the calm voice suddenly became hoarse. The emperor was too young to be sensible.
Xiao Yi looked back and smiled faintly. Although the emperor is young, he has become an ordinary person who is not wise. This is a great fortune for the country. The empress dowager should be deeply gratified.
Chufengyi stared at the blue man’s natural and unrestrained smile and finally gave up everything. Every word, Xiao Yi, you don’t touch him.
Xiao Yi looked miserable and closed his eyes slightly for a while, then Zhang Fengyi. You finally said this to me. I knew this day would come sooner or later, but when you said it, I was still very painful.
Chu Fengyi smiled sadly, so what about you? You know that if my son is my child, he will separate our mother from me and won’t let me raise him personally. You know that if my son is my child, he will be brought up from childhood and know nothing, and deliberately lead him to become a dissolute and tyrannical monarch, which will alienate our mother by those words.
I didn’t spread that statement. You know that blaming me for dealing with difficult situations is free and easy. Xiao Yi also lost his manners at this time. He angrily said that I separated your mother because you were so obsessed with it that he refused to look at me even if I kept the country and farmland.
Why don’t I teach him well? Because he was only seven years old, he already knew that he was the emperor. I already knew that he was the emperor. I have to listen to him for everything. Why do I have to worry about so many civil servants and military commanders in Wyndell Dichinson day and night, but I have to let a child drink and scold.
I can’t compare my credit with the blood and sweat of the king. I have met a young British Lord in several good places, and none of them ended up with a good ending.
Is it wrong for me to protect myself and those who are loyal to me?
Chu Fengyi approached him for two steps, but then retreated, shaking his head slightly and looking sad. Before you were like this, you always laughed at others for profit, and before you finished killing, you wouldn’t be able to do this. You would never treat me like this beforehand.
Xiao Yi looked at Chu Fengyi and smiled again. It was a cold smile. Feng Yi, if I gave my all my strength to your son, would you really let me go? Do you dare to guarantee that your cruel son will never want to kill me? Do you dare to guarantee that you can say that you are never close to me and never attack me?
As his words ChuFengyi grew paler and paler, Xiao Yi trembled.
Don’t lie to me, Feng Yi. You don’t have to lie to me in this kind of thing. Xiao Yi approached step by step with a miserable smile and put his arm around ChuFeng Yi’s shoulders.
Chufengyi trembled but didn’t escape.
In the history of history, it is clear that what is allowed in the force field is just to give the knife to others and put it on their necks. Even if Xiao Re may not kill me, I will give everything to those who have never done anything, and then hide behind closed doors in my palace. Geniuses dare not talk casually. Every day, they can’t do anything suspicious.
In this way, I have to worry about the day when the Chinese official will criticize me, and I am worried that the emperor will suddenly remember that I will disrespect me and settle the general ledger for me, even if Xiao Re doesn’t bother me, how can I get by like this?
Xiao Yi’s eyes are unusually fierce and stab into the depths of Chu Fengyi’s eyes. Have you ever thought about it? I beg you to marry me. You never promised. You know my feelings for you. You know me and my children. You know that after we get married, I will be kind to you. You are the only one.
You said I didn’t. Do you think you ever thought for me that Chu Fengyi tried to break away from tears? You are not the only man who doesn’t care about honor and honor. Can I be the wife of my late emperor? If I really marry you, heaven and man will say that I laugh at me. What humiliation will my son suffer?

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