"Miss Anne?" Planck repeated the name and looked at Ferguson.

Miss Anne …
I don’t know what it is to hear this strange name, but Chen Senran’s heart is throbbing.
"Ernie Gregory, the only heir to the gray order of hasta’s daughter," Ferguson replied, "We are helping her find someone on the condition that the gray order friendship, although the gray order has no parliamentary seat in Varolan, we need all kinds of help at this time and I heard that she is very close to the holy alliance."
Three of the strongest people in the Holy Alliance, Valentin, led the establishment of a stop.
Heavy weight
"Oh …" Planck, oh, got up from his position with some lack of interest. "Please take the lead in the alliance, Dad."
He’s leaving.
Chen Senran can talk to even though he wants to stay and meet that Miss Anne.
"For your information," Ferguson didn’t leave Planck.
Everyone else got up to leave when the meeting was over.
"Oh, by the way, Planck, I heard that a new man on your boat was rescued from the water?" Ferguson suddenly stopped Planck. He glanced at Chen Senran. "Is that him?"
"How? Do you think it’s him they’re looking for? " Of course Planck knew about the missing person. "He was rescued by me a few days ago and called blind Jack."
"Oh, Jack, that’s not it. The man’s name is Chen Senran. When he fell into the water a few months ago, he would have lived in Birgewater for a long time." Ferguson muttered and waved his hand to show that it was okay.
Chen Senran is fine.
He almost froze in place at that moment.
Chen Senran …
Chen senran?
Chen senran
Chen Senran Chen Senran Chen Senran Chen Senran! ! !
These three people echoed in Chen Senran’s ear over and over again.
Someone … is looking for me.
The idea left him at a loss as to what to do.
I cann’t believe anyone knows who I am
His breathing was short in a flash.
But he soon suppressed all his anomalies.
He can’t be exposed
He could feel Planck’s eyes sliding over his face.
"dear captain, do I have bacon on my face?" Chen Senran smiled and followed Planck’s pace.
"Oh, no, I think you’re great. Really," Planck smiled and walked a step and turned her face away from Miss Doom. "Oh, really, Sarah, I really want to thank you for not hitting me in the face today."
"Hum, I’m Bill Givoort." Miss Doom left her bright red hair to Planck without giving a toss.
"Bill Givot, ha ha ha ha" Planck repeated that sentence and laughed.
Chen Senran is constantly thinking about it just now in my mind.
He didn’t find that a girl with pink hair was staring blankly at his back not far behind him.
"Small dense …" Like some kind of talking.
"Well, miss, you must be missing too much." The housekeeper and coachman interrupted the girl’s trance and indicated that she was going to the conference room to be continued.
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Go back to Lu Planck or choose to walk.
Probably in the eyes of this man who likes to drink Poseidon growling without ice, the tools pulled by animals and closed on all sides are too comfortable and cowardly.
Planck and Chen Senran constantly introduced some buildings and historical sites along the way.
Speaking from the guide alone, Planck is really 10 thousand times better than the little fisherman. He has a clear tongue and knows enough about the whole city of Birgewater.
Of course, the most important thing is that he will not be rejected by people.
On the surface, everyone is respectful to him.
But Chen Senran is in no mood to care about other things at the moment. He has three words in his mind. He thinks he is eager to know who he really is.
So he can say a few words casually on Planck’s topic, and his absentmindedness has made Planck look puzzled many times.
If he hadn’t been caught with a long time difference from Planck, he might really be suspected.
"You seem troubled?" Even so, Planck consciously tested "What?"
"Oh …" Chen Senran smiled and immediately realized that he was a little too abnormal today. "I, you know, came into contact with some … well, you know, I felt some pressure. After all, I’m a nobody."
"Oh, Jack, don’t talk about yourself like that. You’re a big shot now, my third mate." Planck squinted incredulously. "But I can understand that I was confused for a while when I took over my father’s power. Believe me, because you are as strong as me."
"Thank you for your compliment. This is really the highest honor for me." Chen Senran can temporarily restrain his madness and try his best to cope with the present situation.
"Well …" Planck nodded and stopped his pace, because the Ghost Deep was close at hand. "By the way, I heard that … you and Sarah seem to be good?"
"Oh … this" Chen Senran’s heart jumped. Although he knew Planck actually liked Miss Doom, it was unnecessary for him to say a few words with that woman …

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