"plop-"charge before Knox sass people should fall.

Ash shot an arrow again.
Draw an arrow
Draw an arrow …
At that moment, Ash’s pupil was instantly constricted, and his hand was deadlocked in the quiver because the touch of her hand told her that there were less than 30 arrows left in the quiver.
And the Noxas are still coming in, and they have flagrantly stepped over the limit of one hundred yards.
Up to 20 seconds, these men can scream and cut their heads with long knives.
I can’t give up Ashley’s hand. It’s just a stalemate for a short second. Ten years of bloodshed has told her the simplest and most profound truth.
quitting brave victory
For a moment, she drew an arrow again. This time, instead of drawing three arrows as before, she took out an arrow again.
On the one hand, considering that their arrows are not enough, on the other hand, she has noticed that those Noxas who rush fastest are members of the Noxas assassination team, the elite of the Noxas army. Many of them can avoid their attacks through excellent consciousness and physical reaction, even if they are hit by arrows, they are only injured in their arms or other unimportant parts at most.
Once these beasts, with their fur and bones intact, charge to stick to their faces, they will have no room for manoeuvre.
The most important thing now is to get rid of these things that are most likely to do harm to yourself.
These thoughts flashed through Ash’s mind. As she drew the arrow again, she whispered, "Everyone give me fifty yards of sniper fire."
At the moment of instruction, she aimed her head sideways at her calm eyes and looked coldly at the ice blue pupil ahead, locking the first Noxas assassin who had stepped over fifty yards.
Her hand slightly adjusted the angle to a very small angle, and the Lengli arrow accurately pointed at each other’s forehead.
The wind blows through the bowstring like a harp, and the long arrow is like a meteor.
This arrow absolutely pierced the man’s skull with an unavoidable gesture, and the huge momentum hidden in that seemingly ordinary arrow lifted the man’s whole skull up.
The flesh and blood were scattered all over the floor with brains, and the air was harsh and torn in hindsight.
Ash pursed her lips and didn’t even look at the doomed man. Her hand reached back again to her icy blue pupil and searched for a dying forehead.
At that moment, the cruel cooperation radiated from her ice-blue pupil made her slightly sip up her lonely corners of her mouth, much like a head hovering high above the snowy mountain, ready to pounce on an eagle.
No one can break the distance of 50 yards. Although there are enough Noxas, they are fierce and not afraid of death, but Ash’s bow and arrow tells them what is the farthest distance in the world.
Anyone who dares to cross 50 yards will be shot through the head by the roaring bow and arrow, while those who break through 100 yards will be unable to move in Avarosa.
The speed of the Noxas charge was curbed, and the minutes passed, and finally it was approaching the five-minute limit.
But the most terrible crisis finally broke out.
They, Ash and her 100-member guard, have no bows and arrows.
Those Noxasians who were struggling with the rain of arrows froze in an instant as if they had been caught by the neck and had a chance to breathe again. They took a conscious look at the sky and there was no rain of arrows except snowflakes.
They finally made it to this moment. The fact is that they didn’t even pay attention to Ai Xi and more than 100 people. They didn’t know about Ai Xi until the first wave of arrows and rain came, but they still rushed to fight, because Ai Xi and his staff were scarce and supplies were insufficient.
Now that the terrorist arrow rain has finally stopped, even the tough people like Noxas can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. After all, only when they have personally faced the arrow rain over there can they feel what despair it is.
At that moment, the Noxas people who were finally stopped roared out of their barbaric steps again, and the members of the Noxas assassination team no longer deliberately avoided the possibility that the bow and arrow put down their speed and ran the fastest, which had instantly pulled the distance to fifteen yards.
Fifteen yards away, Ash still didn’t move. She looked at the original dead eyes, and finally there was a hint of bloodthirsty. The Noxas drew her last arrow.
Aim at her with an arrow and a string, and your hand is still as steady as a mountain
At the moment of bow, the Noxasian had broken through to ten yards.
Almost his two-yard-long two-handed knife could easily behead the woman who has been putting a damn sniper’s shot here. He hates this woman because she took away the lives of her three brothers, and what he hates most is her eyes.
That kind of peace, that kind of damn peace without the slightest fear, don’t you think it’s terrible to die? Are you, what, what, no, harm and fear?
This Noxasian almost growled at this sentence, and the whole person jumped at him. His long knife has been held high.
The sharp blade took up the edge and cut the delicate face of Ash. There was a small wound between her eyebrows, and a drop of blood oozed from the wound, and then it quickly froze into ice in the cold wind, freezing on Ash’s forehead like a scarlet Zhu Shazhi.
Today, when I visited the comment area, I saw a great god who said that he signed his 130,000-word A for 24 hours, a thousand collections, and a 224-hour, three thousand collections.
Look at yourself, 400,000 words, and collect 700 A signs in the past six months.
Feel sad
Page one hundred and sixty-five The frozen mountain whispers.
The sharp blade is two yards from Ash’s head.

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