90,000 suddenly said, "Brother, this name won’t be changed because of you?"

"How is it possible?" Xiao asked didn’t good the spirit way.
The two first found an inn to settle down, and then went out for a stroll.
They stayed in Xiao Cheng for three days and got a lot of useful information.
The name of this city is really because of Xiao Wen, and it has become so prosperous because of Xiao Wen!
This is because since Xiao asked to slay Queen Xuanyuan in the demon world, his and Nan Yunqing’s and Zi Yan’s names have spread all over the fairy and demon worlds, and this time it is a fair biography, instead of being the pursuit target of the world god alliance as before …
After the collapse of the League of God, the League of Immortals regained control of the celestial world. There were only two immortals who played the most crucial role, one was Nan Yunqing, and the other was Xiao Wen.
Xiao Wen is a native of the celestial world. To tell the truth, in the initial period, the whole celestial world followed the light …
Dig deeper, and you will naturally know where Xiao Wen’s hometown is. For a while, the town that Xiao Wen compared to sesame seed size turned out to be a treasure trove in people’s eyes. More and more people come here, hoping to find the bits and pieces that Xiao Wen once left behind, and the businessmen saw the business opportunities, and they made a whole Xiao Wen’s former residence out of nothing, and later Xiao Jia Inn and Xiao Shi Restaurant emerged one after another …
In short, after more than 100 years of development, Xiao Wen’s sesame-sized hometown has become like this, and it was officially renamed Xiao Cheng more than 100 years ago!
At this time, Xiao Wen knew that the old neighborhood did have descendants living in this city, but I really don’t know how many generations of great-grandchildren they are. Xiao Wen just quietly paid attention to the younger generation of those neighborhoods who still lived in Xiao Cheng with regrets, and did not reveal their identity and went up to Joseph. He felt that it was not necessary at all.
However, since knowing that this Xiao Cheng came because of him, Xiao Wen really had a different feeling when he wandered around the city again. It’s hard to say how, but it’s not bad.
Three days later, Xiao Wen left Xiao Cheng and flew north with 90 thousand.
Soon I arrived at the black mine of that year. Without hesitation, Xiao Wen fell down.
The black mine where he once worked as a slave was obviously further exploited, and the mineral materials in the mountain were almost hollowed out and completely abandoned. The entrance of the mine was sealed with boards, but several places were decayed, and people could get into it completely.
Although I have seen the inside situation with Y and N Yanggankun fan, Xiao Wen still flew in, and ninety thousand followed closely.
At the beginning, the familiar scenes reappeared. He and other mine slaves worked day and night under the whip of the supervisors, naked and eating worse than pigs.
However, even in that case, he never gave up hope. Even, he always believed almost blindly that he could escape. Now that I think about it, he may be the only one among mine slaves who thinks that way, and it is because of this confidence and this momentum that he has embarked on a life path different from anyone else.
There were only Xiao Wen and ninety-two thousand people in the mine, and they didn’t speak, so breathing and footsteps became the only voices. There is a flaming red Se feather in front of 90,000 people, which is the only light in the cave.
Xiao Wen turned into a mine with 90 thousand and soon arrived at their original resting place.
Looking at the bumpy ground, he remembered how he had made a floor here, surrounded by black and thin men who smelled of sweat. It was also here that he met Lao Cuitou, an old man who only wanted to see his daughter again.
Between trance, he seemed to see Qian Fu’s chubby white face again, and a few long hairs on the big boil at the corner of his mouth floated in the wind like the wind sāo … Qian Fu looked tǐng kind, but his heart and means were so diabolical.
Fortunately, however, Qian Fu was already dead, and he made it into a paste with a clean door.
In the dark, Xiao Wen took a long breath, withdrew from the mine, went to the main tunnel, and then walked to another mine.
He walked to the mine where he found the stone painting.
However, after he went in, he found that the tunnel had been widened a lot, and the place where the stone paintings were originally hidden had disappeared, or was already in mid-air.
Xiao Wen asked Yuan Wen Jian Jun, who got in touch with the spirit world with a smile and emotion, and said, "This is where I found the mountain and river scroll."
After leaving the mine, Xiao Wen took off with 91,000 to Qiyun Town, the hometown of Lao Cui Tou. He wanted to see Lao Cui Tou, Shi Guangwei and Cui Jing again.
Then he found that Qiyun Town has become Qiyun City, which is only slightly smaller than Xiao Cheng.
Through the dry Kun fan, he quickly found Shi Guangwei!
At this time, however, Shi Guangwei is already an old man with white hair and beard, and he has no old Cui Tou and Cui Jing beside him.
Stopped in the air wanted to think, xiao asked or flew past, directly landed at the door of the stone house.
At this time, the stone house has been expanded dozens of times than the original one. Through the dry Kun fan, Xiao Wen can see that today’s stone house has actually become a big family in Qiyun City, with both cultivators and businessmen, which is quite prosperous.
"Please tell your master that your old friend Xiao asked for a visit." In front of the stone lion in the Shijia Mansion, Xiao asked to guard the door.
The guard looked at Xiao and asked, "I wonder which host the guest is looking for?"
"Shi Guangwei."
The guard immediately hit the J and jīng gods and was about to speak again when his face suddenly changed dramatically. He stared at Xiao Wen and stammered, "You … you said … are you Xiao Wen? ! !”
"hmm." Xiao asked nodded and smiled.
The guard almost fainted on the spot. Is there anyone more famous than Xiao Wen in this world? Isn’t it because of Xiao Wen that the Stone Family has risen rapidly in Qiyun City and is as stable as Mount Tai? That’s the man who killed God!
Crazy! This is crazy! !
"Brother?" Xiao asked to see each other was stuck, and then reminded each other.
The guard finally woke up: "Please wait a moment! Ah no! Please come in with me! "
The guard led the way in front, but he could hardly walk, trembling with excitement, and almost jumped on the ground without a few steps …
Ninety thousand people watched it funny in the back, and whispered to Xiao and complained, "I can’t fly directly, I have to embarrass others."
"Flying in will only alarm more people." There is no way to teleport here, and it is difficult for Xiao Wen not to let people know. It’s ok to put on a thousand magic streamers to stop sneaking in, but he’s not a thief. Is that necessary?
The stone house is very big. The guard led Xiao Wen and 90,000 people forward, and met many people along the way. Those who were not high enough didn’t pay any attention to the guard. He now has such confidence.

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