I only heard the captain, who was tall and burly, sit down and immediately replied, "It should be no problem."

"It’s definitely no problem. It’s not easy to take part in the training of a mecha operator with the strength of Nick’s eldest brother." The last short lieutenant snapped up.
"Hey hey …" The captain named Stephen immediately satisfiedly smiled.
Paul took a glass of wine and drank two eloquence lessons: "Stephen, don’t be too careless about the selection and training of mecha operators. The passing rate is very low!"
"Don’t worry, I won’t be careless!" Stephen bowed his head and replied humbly.
Seeing that the atmosphere was a little serious, the lieutenant immediately changed the subject and said, "When the young master was on vacation this time, I heard that the top eight of the college sports meeting fighting competition was specially recruited by the military department. It seems that some of them are also going to participate in the selection training of mecha operators. I wonder if they will meet Stephen?"
"What?" Stephen seems to have heard something ridiculous and laughed half-heartedly: "The top eight in the college sports meeting fighting competition?" They also want to take part in the mecha operator training? Jim, you can’t be kidding! It’s almost the same to travel with these goods! "
After hearing this, Lin Feng and others were furious and snorted. I only heard the lieutenant named Jim laugh a few times and then said, "But I heard that there is an imperial five-star fighter in the quarter-finals. It seems that he is the one named Dugu Linfeng."
"Really?" Paul sat down from his body and asked curiously, "Then he should be the champion. It is said that it is not a piece of cake for the legendary imperial five-star master to win a college sports meeting fighting competition." Do you know what background he has? "
"I don’t know. I just paid a little attention, but it seems that the champion is not the lonely one." Jim replied.
"Oh?" Paul suddenly lost interest and said, "A champion who plays the student sports meeting fighting competition can’t get it. I think that lonely face is just a generation with a hollow reputation!" "
"mLgBd…… ….." If it is put in a place where no one is at ordinary times, Lin Feng may not care about Paul’s words, but at this time, Lin Feng is annoyed to see Zhao Rulong’s three gloating eyes. But then he remembered the aunt’s advice to him not to hit people around at the airport, and windson decided to forget it.
Obviously, the other party didn’t realize that someone was already very upset, only to hear Stephen laugh wildly again: "It seems that the five-star fighting master of the fighting house can only play down a peg or two on the virtual network, and the quarterfinals of the college sports meeting fighting competition are just rubbish in my eyes!"
This is not just windson even Zhao Rulong three of them are angry. Kate laughed loudly in the direction of Paul and the three of them: "Some idiots who sit around and watch the sky say that others are rubbish and ridiculous …"
Paul and other three people immediately turned around.

The second chapter hit people again
"Boy, who are you calling an idiot?" Stephen jumped forward in three steps and pointed to Kate and asked.
"I thought who was so arrogant? It turned out to be the son of the foreign minister! " Paul recognized Kate at a glance, and Jim followed him as he spoke.
Kate stood up and ignored Paul, but said slowly to Stephen, "I told you you were an idiot. What do you want?"
"You …" Stephen clenched his fist in great anger and looked eager. But then he heard what Paul said and knew that the other person was not easy for him to move.
Windson and other three people looked at also stood up. Zhao Rulong looked at Stephen disdainfully and sneered, "Do you want to fight with such an idiot?"
The manager in the bar immediately informed the security guard about the tense situation here and advised him, "Dear guests, this is a VIP room. Please calm down and talk properly and don’t disturb other guests."
The security guard who was informed immediately has also appeared at the door of the bar.
Paul looked around and knew that this place was not a good place to make trouble, and the space passenger transport group to which the silver moon belongs had a strong background. So he took Stephen, who was furious, and said faintly, "Stephen, don’t be angry with these motherless and uneducated guys. Let’s go back and continue drinking."
Then Paul took Stephen and wanted to turn around and go back, but suddenly he felt dark and looked up. A young man who had stood with Kate before but didn’t talk to him stood in front of him and looked at him grimly and asked, "What did you just say?"
Paul’s sarcastic remark was actually directed at Kate. Kate’s mother died in an accident when Kate was very young, and Kate really didn’t get his mother’s upbringing and teaching. But what Paul never expected was that Kate was not angry because of his words, but someone could not help it.
Paul’s eyes were only Kate and he didn’t care about Lin Feng and others, so he stared at the handsome young man in front of him and laughed and said, "I said, are you girls born …"
"No … no your mother!" Be touched by the lamella windson backhand is a palm interrupted Paul below.
"pa!" After a loud bang, there was a loud bang. Paul was caught off guard by Lin Feng’s slap in the face, and he was planted on a table in the bar for a while and couldn’t climb up.
Windson’s moves were so fast that Stephen on one side had no time to stop it. He was immediately surprised and angry and didn’t talk. He waved a punch and ran to Windson’s other. The fist as big as a bowl rushed to the target with a strong whistle like lightning, and Stephen’s mouth was grinning.
Stephen, the elite of the 6 th Army who was recommended to participate in the training of the Mecha Manipulator, is very confident in his own strength and thinks that this punch will definitely give this boy a lifelong lesson.
But soon Stephen’s smile froze and there was a loud sound of "pa". His fist was actually held by Lin Feng with one hand, just like being clamped by iron tongs, which made Stephen feel painful.
"Let go!" Stephen shouted in pain.
"Looking for death!" Windson’s eyes were cold and angry. The hand holding Stephen’s fist turned counterclockwise for half a turn. Stephen’s arm suddenly turned into a twist, and Stephen screamed loudly with the crisp sound of broken bones.
Laughed windson, he flew up and kicked Stephen in the stomach and kicked him out.
Paul over there finally got up dizzy and pointed to Lin Fenggang’s mouth, but he first fell out of a dozen whisked fangs. The sudden fight in the bar caused a scream. Jim, stunned by a series of unexpected situations, was finally awakened by screams and hurried forward to help Paul up. However, Stephen’s massive body suddenly flew over and hit them, and the three of them immediately rolled into a ball.
"I knew this guy Lin Feng would soar!" Zhao Rulong helplessly shook his head.
"Is really their own fuck say what is wrong? It must involve Lin Feng’s mother. " Kate smiled gloatingly. On one side of the SiTuLiu also wry smile to get up for windson know better, of course, they know windson the most taboo is disrespect for his parents. At the beginning, when I was in Dream University, Lin Feng interrupted more than a dozen rich children’s limbs and threw them into the dream sea, which caused an uproar in the school.
At this time, the well-trained security guards in the silver moon are surrounded by aggressive people, ready to control both sides of the fight. For those who dare to make trouble on the silver moon, they always have a bad face.
At this time, Paul and they finally stood up with each other’s help.
Angry, Paul pointed at Lin Feng with one hand and covered his face in front of the security guards. He cried inarticulate: "I am Paul Hill, the son of Interior Minister Anderson Hill, and a major staff officer in the intelligence department of the Third Fleet. I order you to arrest those people."
The security guards heard that Paul, the manager of the bar, was really extraordinary, and it was not up to them to make a decision.
The manager of the bar hesitated, and before she could speak, Kate burst into laughter and said, "Ha ha, that’s interesting. Interior minister? Major staff officer? How amazing! By the way, you already know my identity. Let me introduce you to these friends around me. "
Kate pointed to Zhao Rulong and introduced them: "This is Zhao Rulong, the son of the president of the Federation Fighting Association. What’s this? It’s what you just said, the home of fighting, the emperor’s five-star master. The name in reality is Lin Feng, the grandson of the head of the Sun Shi family, that is, President Sun Jingchang of the Federal Academy of Science and Technology. That’s right … "Kate said, turning and pointing to Stuart Liu, the bar manager who was listening to her stupidly, and said," This gentleman has something to do with your federal space passenger transport group. He is the next generation heir of Stuart Group. "
The bar manager looked at Situliu’s eyes and immediately became disguised terms. As a veteran on the silver moon, he certainly knew that Situ Group was one of the major shareholders of the Federal Passenger Transport Group.
Reservation and his two men were also blindsided. I thought windson and them were all Kate’s guards, but I didn’t expect them to have an extraordinary life. Whether it’s the Sun Shi family or Stuart Group, it won’t be so flustered if you just get into a fight with Paul’s life. But it’s not good to make enemies with so many rich families at once.
"And …" Kate looked at Paul, whose face was changeable, and smiled. "We are all the top eight players in the University Games fighting competition you just mentioned, and some rubbish in your hands."
Paul hate hate glanced at Stephen, who is still holding his arm and howling, and estimated the strength contrast between himself and windson, knowing that today is not good. So I can only say viciously, "Well, we’ll see!" "
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