Windson they followed those guys around the seven corners and soon came to a large bungalow. The front door of the bungalow was very big and high, which looked like a warehouse.

Those guys quickly got into the door and windson noticed that there were many people around who came here.
"What’s in it?" Zhao Rulong asked curiously that he had arrived three days earlier than Lin Feng, and he didn’t know what had happened in the room.
"Just go and know." Kate smiled mysteriously and led the way in.
Just walked to the door, Lin Fengcai heard bursts of fighting and booing from the inside. After entering the door, Lin Fengcai now, this is indeed a warehouse, perhaps it should have been a warehouse …
The warehouse department is extremely broad enough to hold a thousand-person paRy.
At the moment, there are hundreds of people in a circle, cheering and booing excitedly, and the fight is coming out of the middle of the crowd
With the advantages of being strong and flexible, a group of windson people easily squeezed into the crowd, and now more than 3o people in the middle of the warehouse are dressed as trainees.
Lin Feng and others suddenly became interested. All six of them are strong players in the fighting competition of the University Games. They all have an unusual love for fighting. Everyone knows that the army is crouching tiger, undiscovered talent. Lin Feng also wants to take this opportunity to see if there are any opponents who can become his own opponents.
In the fight, more than 30 people were obviously divided into two groups, one group had six people and the other group had 27 people. Because the number was not dominant, the six people formed a small struggle.
It can be seen that these six people have a good fighting skill, especially one of them is handsome, slender and well-proportioned, and the Oriental Wushu is quite extraordinary. One person has withstood most of the offensive of the other side, but after all, the other side is strong and the cooperation is also good. Under the leadership of a young golden man, these six people are kept down.
Windson glanced at it and knew that the six people would not last long. Since these six people formed a small circle, they said that they didn’t have the strength to rush out of the tight encirclement, so once someone was exhausted, I was afraid they would be divided by one.
But at this moment, Lin Feng suddenly felt that he was familiar with the ground of the outstanding oriental youth, and it seemed that he had seen it somewhere. Just as he was thinking hard, Kate suddenly gloated and said, "It turned out that it was the two sworn enemies who were right about Lin Feng. Isn’t that the most powerful guy …"
Windson light finally remembered that he interrupted Kate and said, "I know."
"That you are still here? This guy is in a bad situation now, "Kate said strangely.
"Don’t worry, look at it first …" Windson held his arms in his chest and revealed a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. Besides Situliu’s knowing smile, Zhao Rulong looked at him.
Know what windson and Kate are playing charades, but I don’t care if I’m watching blood at the moment
Although the failure has been predicted by Lin Feng and others, the six people in the central government are still fighting there regardless of their own lives, and more than one group of people will not be able to break their defense for a while, so the scene is in a stalemate, which makes Lin Feng feel a little interesting.
"By the way, aren’t they afraid that the inspector team will catch them when they openly fight here?" Ma Han woke up from the excitement and immediately thought of this problem.
"No, this warehouse is the default place for fighting in the military academy," Kate walked over and said, "If you don’t make too much trouble here, the inspector team won’t take care of it."
"Military academy default fight place? How is it possible? " Zhao Rulong incredible asked.
"It’s true" SiTuLiu also laughed. "You should also know that although this is the military academy, there are still many young people, and most of the young officers are above the top guy. At ordinary times, no one talks with each other. Even though there are strict military school regulations, since the military school established private fights, it has been repeatedly banned, which has caused headaches for military school instructors …"
"So those officers divided this place into places where fighting is allowed?" Xian Socket said, "This seems to be a big deal."
"No" hit. Didn’t you just listen to Kate? This is the default place to fight. Note that it’s just’ default’! "
"Isn’t that still the same meaning?" Zhao Rulong skimming the pie mouth way
"No …" SiTuLiu shook his head. "It’s true that regulation and default are two meanings. Forget it. You should not worry about these. It’s good to know that you can fight here. Of course, this military school will never admit it."
"Let me talk about it," Kate said. "It is said that when the military academy set up this leisure area, the warehouse was kept for a long time due to carelessness. Because the terrain of this warehouse was relatively hidden, it was used as a place to solve personal grievances by the military academy students at that time. According to the gossip, the president of the Central Military Academy smiled and said,’ It is better to control the blockage than to control it.’ So the warehouse has been kept as a holy place for fighting ever since …"
"No way … is that ok?" Windson also some dumbfounded.
"I think it’s true that fighting here has formed a set of’ hidden rules’," said Situliu flatly. "There must be some guiding factors in military schools, which is called’ control’."
"’hidden rules’? What’ hidden rules’? " Zhao Rulong zheng big eyes asked.
"First, you can’t fight here with weapons or the strength of the yogi. You can fight with pure strength. Of course, special strength defense is allowed. Second, you are not allowed to attack your opponent’s back and body. You are not allowed to pester your fallen opponent." Kate quickly explained.
Look, he remembers it so clearly. Lin Feng estimates that this little guy is also a frequent visitor here.
"The others are fine, but if someone quietly moves the yogi’s power, who will know?" Zhao Rulong, a fanatical fight enthusiast, questioned
"Ha ha, just look around carefully," Kate said mysteriously.
Lin Fengwen immediately looked around at a warehouse with several monitoring probes prominently installed on the ceiling and a probe in the center was quite special in shape. Lin Fengwen recalled pointing to that special probe and asked, "Is that an energy monitor?"
"That’s right!" Kate cocked her thumb and then said, "Now you know, every move here is watched. That energy detector is to monitor whether anyone has moved energy other than extreme power to attack his opponent. The reliability is very high. If anyone moves, the inspector team will ask you to have tea."
"White is really a good place and interesting." Zhao Rulong licked his mouth with a face of excitement. He seemed eager to go and play at once, but his wish soon came into sight.
When several people were talking, as windson had expected, the six-member team was exhausted and fell to the ground one by one, leaving the handsome oriental youth still struggling to support, but his situation was quite bad, and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before he lost.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Crazy ou ()
Haha, I didn’t expect you to have Chen Junfei today. "Seeing that the winner is in the bag, the leader of the golden youth puffed up and laughed.
"Hum, what a hero is a conspiracy to ambush more and fight less? Your western chivalry has been tarnished by you!" Although Chen Junfei is in the middle of the battle, he is still quite full of gas, which shows that he really abides by the "hidden rules" here and has no power to move the yogi.
"Ha you orientals not to say that winners and losers? If you have something to do in Chen Junfei, you have to plot to ambush me. If you have something to do, you are calling someone! "
"People are coming!" A cold voice suddenly came from behind the golden youth, but when he turned his head with horror, a dark shadow suddenly enlarged in front of him, and then he felt a pain in his face and flew out involuntarily.
Chen Junfei is also slightly one leng. I didn’t expect anyone to stand out from him, but soon he was shocked.

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