I didn’t expect aunt red scarf to go out for half a meter with her feet alone.

"Don’t delay my delivery of meat. Let’s go if we don’t buy it. We can also make money by making fried meatballs."
Xie Yuanlong pulled the cart and was taken out. His hand was tight and his teeth were clenched. "I bought it! How many kilograms in total? "
Aunt red headscarf’s wrinkles are loose and her face expression is slightly relaxed. "Thirty-five pounds and eight dollars, you can borrow a scale from the food market to weigh it!"
Xie Yuanlong’s teeth are going to be broken, but today is the first day of business, and dozens of meters of teams are waiting for him.
He doesn’t have much choice now, and he will offend many customers on the first day of not buying this "hometown stir-fry"
As a result, Aunt Xu, the red scarf aunt, received eight brand-new big groups in her hand.
"According to Xiao Ji’s boss, I deliberately pretended that I didn’t want to sell it. That guy was really anxious. It’s stupid that he actually paid for 8 yuan a catty of pork!"
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Ji Shu laughed heartily. "He is now forced to buy meat at a high price or offend customers."
Luo Qianqian asked, "But will customers be angry when he bought meat?"
Ji Shu said confidently, "The people in the queue may be okay to eat at last, but the people who are already sitting in the store will probably not be too happy even if they eat now. He took the meat back and had an hour to cook. He completely lost this game!"
Aunt Xu’s face trembled with laughter, and at first she was completely different from her seriousness. "I didn’t expect this old woman to be embarrassed."
"Quite! You’re always in the kitchen and you just came before the opening. He doesn’t know you. It’s the most suitable and hard work for you to play this selling pork! "
Mo kuangfeng’s face smiled.
At the same time, Xie Yuanlong rode a tricycle and spent yuan to rent it, and finally sent the meat to the store.
The more he thinks about it, the more wrong it is. Aunt Red Scarf just wanted to say that the price of a catty of pork in 8 yuan is 35 kilograms. Is the mental arithmetic speed of normal people in 8 yuan so fast? Did she already calculate the price of a kilo in 8 yuan? !
"It’s broken!"
He gritted his teeth desperately. "Wait for me!"
You have something to say.
Ji Shu is silly!
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
In the first week of opening, Xie Yuanlong, a "hometown snack", wandered around the door of "Mama Cai" every day when he had something to do.
Because sometimes the sun is big and he wears a pair of glasses. Don’t be so arrogant.
Some people don’t know small vendors, and they even come to talk to him. He owns these two stores. Otherwise, how come the two stores look exactly alike?
A few days, the whole Chuhua Street knows that these two stores don’t deal with each other in gallants. In Luluxuan, some people are Xie Yuanlong, a little girl who copied Guangshi.
Some shopkeepers commented, "This little girl is a layman. How can she win when someone comes back from a big restaurant?"
Others said, "Women just can’t do business themselves. What’s the point? Without marriage and family, it’s incomplete. She didn’t even talk about what an economist should do, boss!"
At this time, female bosses and young female bosses are still rare.
People always think that a lucky woman should teach her husband at home and then say with a humble and proud face, "It’s all because of my good marriage … how my wife is …"
In the eyes of some men, poor widows are forced to go out to do business on their own. "Showing in public" is a humiliation to them.
But times have changed, and there’s nothing wrong with women doing business. That’s what Sister Qin in the barber shop thinks.
When she saw Xie Yuanlong hanging around the door of "Mama Cai" again, she couldn’t help saying, "What do you mean when I say you do your own business and stare at a little girl?"
As he said, when he brought out a basin of water from the store, he would splash it.
Hate to tooth itch Xie Yuanlong "where is she a little girl? I think she is very sophisticated! "
On the second day of opening, he squatted in front of Jishu store early in the morning and saw Aunt Xu without a red scarf.
"Sure enough! Old fool! "
Aunt Xu didn’t talk to him, so she turned around and went into the store. Who has a problem with the big group? The eight big groups, Ji Shu gave her one as a reward that night.
Ben earned a big group in one day. Who cares about being scolded? Where can I find the boss like this?
Ji Shuban came to the store and saw Xie Yuanlong at the door of the store.
Xie Yuanlong was even angrier with a smile on her face.
"The little girl elder brother is big. How old are you? What’s the point of this business? Our chefs are all famous chefs from big hotels. Can you do it with a few grandmothers in your family? "
"It’s not necessarily who is older. Appearance age doesn’t mean actual age. I’ll know how to do business when I do it. But you heard that on the first day of opening, two groups of people made trouble in the store and asked for a refund?"
Xie Yuanlong was poked to a sore spot.
On the same day, some guests waited for more than two hours before eating meat and vegetables and drinking too much beer, and even the police came to deal with it.
Many onlookers said that this restaurant didn’t eat properly, and it was depressed and ate into the bureau.
"I’ll wait for your pork pit. I always have a way to kill you."
This Xiao Ni has a glib tongue. He can’t think of anything to say. He just gritted his teeth and said cruel things.
If Qian Jishu might still be afraid, she is no longer afraid of these paper tigers after the Treasury bills and hypotenuse street.
"I’m a pork to save you, or no one in this street will go to your house for dinner again. Stop talking and I’ll wait for what moves you have."
This move is coming.
A week after opening, Liu Caijuan suddenly found that the business in the store had dropped.
On the first day of opening, it was noon, not counting the second day, the third day to the seventh day, the turnover was from RMB to RMB, and it was almost full at noon and noon, with occasional queues.
But suddenly I was not satisfied with my seat.
Qian Guijun said, "Recently, there are actually more and more people in the street. Now my socks shop can have a dollar a day. Your business decline is definitely not caused by natural reasons."
"It’s true, and every new store has a fresh period. People want to try it. It’s impossible to have a slippery flow in just one week."
Ji Shu thought for a moment, holding his chin up, and asked Qian Guijun to help him go to the "hometown stir-fry"
Entrusted by Ji Shu, Qian Guijun went to the end of the street and turned around. When he came back, he said, "Cheng is still that surnamed Xie. Look at their new menu. I asked the aunt who sent the bill and said that she started sending the new bill early today."
Ji Shu got Qian Guijun to read the declaration form and said coldly, "A price war? There is no innovation at all. "

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