In my heart, Han Yang replied in a low voice: "Then how can I not be shown by these heavenly soldiers?"

Chapter 57 Make trouble in heaven and steal only (below)
Zhu Xian scolded: "Let the old pig teach you what to do by yourself? Aren’t you reincarnated as the ninth demon? What’s the use of so much resentment on you? Besides, isn’t your eighth demon ability liberated? Why don’t you keep it as a killer? Use it when you have a life! "
Han Yang was scolded by Zhu Xian without temper. Who told others that their strength was there?
Sighed Han Yang wondering that the Yaochi Holy Land was moved from the Heavenly Palace to the Ghost World. In this Heavenly Palace, it is not guaranteed that you can find one or two magic weapons that can be used in the Yaochi Holy Land. It is better to be the pledge of the jade emperor … Hey hey, if you can really get the pledge of the jade emperor, it is not certain that you can swagger into the Yaochi Holy Land.
Han Yang didn’t know the contradiction between the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother of the West, and naturally he didn’t know the attitude of Yaochi Holy Land towards the bearer of the Heavenly Palace.
"The boy is ready for the old pig, but this time he is going to enter the Lingxiao Hall!" Zhu Xian a loud roar loud originally resist excavate colorful exquisite tower nine feet rake suddenly like to eat the general soar out of thin air suddenly give colorful exquisite tower to the top of the air.
"The four gods and buddhas are in a hurry!" Excavate has a look at the magic weapon, and the present course method is trying to stabilize the colorful exquisite tower, but before he finishes reading the formula, Zhu Xian’s nine-foot rake has knocked the colorful exquisite tower to the ground with a rake.
With a wave of his sleeve, the rake in Zhu Xian’s hand instantly pushed Nezha back in the direction of Lingxiao Hall.
"Stop his canopy. This is going to break into the Lingxiao Hall!" Nezha ate kui now also don’t keep mixed day twill, hot wheels, GanKun circle three magic weapon qi qi smashed in the past toward Zhu Xian.
Zhu Xian hey hey smile nine feet rake comes to the net, one by one, swinging the three magic weapons away and following the body to shrink the superhuman powers, the dharma body rushed forward for more than ten feet and instantly forced it into the Lingxiao Hall.
"Kid’s chance is coming. Go!" Zhu Xian instantly broke a great deal of golden light with a sound-
Fulongding has shrunk to an inch and become sesame-sized. With Zhu Xian’s stamp, it was stepped into the clouds.
Excavate, Nezha three brothers, hum and haw two will come up together to help out the giant spirit god, too few old gentleman and others to stop Zhu Xian.
Han Yang, who was hiding in the Fulongding, took a neutral position and secretly read the formula from the foot of the heavenly generals, driving Fulongding out of the encirclement.
The safety of walking in the Jianghu comes first. Han Yang drove Fulongding to stay away from the encirclement for hundreds of feet before stopping.
"It’s safe to call this." Han Yang came out of Fulongding and took a magic weapon. He took a long sigh of relief and looked at the surrounding environment curiously.
"Feelings, this is the heaven. Besides the clouds at the foot, it is much more desolate than below …" Looking at the endless clouds around, Han Yang could not help but compare the mortal world and heaven in his heart.
According to Zhu Xian’s previous instructions, Han Yang walked around to the left and finally came to the end of the road.
An invisible high wall stopped in front of Han Yang. This wall is more than ten meters high, and there are waves of mana scattered on it.
"By array method is array method." Han Yang murmured, stretch out your hand to find out the entity? ! Didn’t Zhu Xian know that the Jade Emperor had renovated his palace wall for a long time? Although Han Yang was puzzled, he closed his eyes and slammed into the high wall.
"touch!" 1 of.
Like a stone thrown into the water, there was a loud sound in Han Yang’s ear, followed by a slip at his foot-the whole person slipped out before he could react.
This time it really fell into the water.
"Jump …" Han Yang vomited several saliva and finally got ashore from the water.
Looking at clothes dripping with water all over his body, Han Yang couldn’t help revealing a wry smile-Zhu Xian really didn’t say anything wrong. This wall can take him to the imperial garden, but the only change is that the road is short and there is a big pool at the end of the road.
Dragging this outfit, Han Yang feels awkward, but he doesn’t know what water is in this pool. Han Yang used a dozen kinds of spells to steam it. Finally, Han Yang can only put this outfit into Fulongding and change into the equipment of a killer who is almost as tall as himself.
You also don’t say this outfit on Han Yang finally found such a "thief" feeling. Along the winding cloister of the Imperial Garden, Han Yang carefully evaded several maids-in-waiting, and at the same time, he believed more in Zhu Xian’s statement-these maids-in-waiting, though in heaven, were not taller than him in the later period of practicing.
Turn left and right and look east and west. Han Yang finally found the treasure house described by Zhu Xian.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven … Thirteen heavenly soldiers patrol near the treasure house, but they are unguarded heavenly soldiers outside the treasure house.
There was a faint sound of struggle, and Han Yang knew that Zhu Xian was making a scene in the dedicated hall. At the moment when the thirteen heavenly soldiers were attracted by the sound of struggle, Han Yang offered a Fulongding jump, and the Fulongding was instantly added from the crack of the hidden treasure house.
"Jade Emperor, this is the defense of your treasure house. No wonder Wukong was able to come and go without a trace." Li Er smoothed her beard carefree laughed.
There was a wry smile on the jade emperor’s face: "It’s a pity that all the disciples of Bodhi Road have this hobby."
Li Er laughed and said, "It’s good that this kid is too weak, not to mention it’s good to have more life-saving treasures in the underworld."
Jade Emperor: "…"
As soon as he entered the Tibetan treasure house, Han Yangxian confirmed in Fulongding that there were no defensive measures such as law outside, and then he swaggered out of this life-saving weapon.
"Hehe are all good things." Looking at this room full of baby Han Yang’s eyes are green …
"No, this boy is more greedy than the Monkey King. How dare he dare to touch my supreme glass!" The Jade Emperor suddenly disappeared in front of Li Er with a loud cry.
Han Yang is moving to Fulongding, the treasures of the Jade Emperor’s collection. Suddenly, the mind is alert and alert. With a short body, he instinctively evaded the sneak attack from behind. A long sword was rubbed against his back. Although there was no direct hit, the sword wind still scraped off a layer of skin in Han Yang.
"Damn it, it’s been spelled out so quickly. Let’s get out of here first!" Han Yang mind now only the idea at the moment of avoiding the sneak attack fuck ups and downs Long Ding to sneak attack head direction to hit!
Han Yang shoveled panting in the heart wondering how it was so easy to pick up the poacher. Just look down the line of sight and it doesn’t matter. I almost scared Han Yang to death!
Wearing a dragon robe, a dragon crown, dragon boots and a yellow robe-Jade Emperor!
Feelings are the result that the Jade Emperor came to see his treasure, and now he’s a thief … Han Yang’s forehead is sweaty and it’s hard to change, so he just knocked him out. According to Zhu Xian, although the Jade Emperor has high mana, he has no actual combat ability.
No wonder!
Now that I have knocked out the Jade Emperor and made a scene in Zhu Xian, I am afraid I can’t stay within these three realms if I am now doing it myself. Han Yang did everything he gritted his teeth and hit it. Just don’t do anything. Since the jade emperor hit it, just rob it!
No matter what treasure or magic weapon it is now, take what you can see anyway

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