Lu Li’s heart was horrified. I didn’t think that this man was so tough that it was not that the nine-turn pole achievement method was not strong, but that this man’s strength was too strong. The destruction sword wave formed by the sword curtain was even torn to pieces. That was something that Lu Li couldn’t think of.

"The player in the realm of refining God is really strong-"
Lu Li gently coughed a corner of his mouth and spilled blood. He really sealed his chest and suppressed his eye injury. He met a strong enemy or someone similar to himself.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Two losses
Lu Li wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and looked at the man coldly. After this move, he didn’t start work for the time being. The man seemed to have to accompany him for a while, and he didn’t worry about assistance.
Lu centrifugal speculation Yan Guo may really be in an urgent situation, otherwise Fang Qianyue and other three masters will not risk letting the three of them go against a master of refining gods. If they accidentally provoke the strong Fang Qianyue in the middle and late stages of refining gods, there will be life and death.
"Maybe most of the masters of Yan are busy. This situation is really unpredictable-"
Lu Li is also puzzled. He is not clear about the general trend of Yan State. Since he wants to choose World War I, he will fight until the end and cannot easily retreat.
To say that this person is similar to himself is also a distant feeling, and that similarity is strength.
Nowadays, the land-separated meridians can be said to be different from ordinary people. Because of the practice of reversing the Heart Sutra, at most, they can burst into forty-six layers of strength, while the previous blow was normal, and the ten layers of strength were equivalent to the early days of distraction, and the result was a fiasco
It’s not that Lu Li deliberately left his hand, but that he put a lot of strength on the defense. Otherwise, if Lu Li attacks the defective defense, it is very likely that his flesh will be ground by the flying sword, and then he will really be in crisis.
People who cultivate immortality have a physical situation, and their defense is obviously stronger than that of Yuan Shen’s body. The sharp double-cut flying sword is like the double-sword curse of Mu Qianxue, which makes people’s hearts 10,000 unwilling to resist. Where can Yuan Shen’s body resist if it wants to avoid the shock wave and the stone is broken?
Leng Yun’s Seven Swords are inseparable, but if Fang Qianyue and others meet him, they will be furious and desperate to escape. Because of this, Leng Yun’s Seven Swords are very tough, and the wizards are the best at swordsmanship, flying swords and manipulating the realm of refining gods. The ranking among the masters is very extraordinary, and the mid-term training of refining gods can get some respect and admiration from the later masters of refining gods.
The strength of Leng Yun’s seven swords is amazing. When he was young, he swallowed fairy fruit. His protective gas is twice as strong as that of ordinary gas refiners, and the whole person’s qi is even more vigorous and unusual.
Although the situation is similar, his realm is higher, but unfortunately, he chose to stay and continue World War I.
It’s not that the three masters, such as Fang Qianyue of Yan State, have insufficient information, but that the masters of all countries have to deal with the current weakness of Yan State, and it’s not easy to find out the identity of the latent master.
After nine days, a consciousness entered the mind of Lu Li, which is roughly a way. "In front of people, refining gas into the Tao, firm but gentle, cracking the clouds, and recklessly piercing the stone is the policy."
At the same time, the nine-day spirit body also exudes a breath to help Lu Li. If the seven swords of Leng Yun fly to attack it again, it can help Lu Li to better defend against the warning.
"The sword is broken!"
The shimmer in the eyes of Leng Yun’s seven swords can not be checked. A look change is already a second shot, and this shot speed is too fast. Even if it is to release the mind wave, it will not respond. Instead, it will wake up for nine days and directly reverberate in my mind.
Quickly dodge Lingyin Piao cast it out and evaded it face to face, but the long sword broke and Yue suddenly killed it back quickly. It is almost an absolute leader in the face of the land.
Such a situation evasion is already the land’s instigation of Haoran Tiangang’s own basic point, and the imperial sword hits Haoran Tiangang’s force to gather the red shadow fairy sword, and a few hundred Zhang swords angrily chop out and suddenly split into a flying sword controlled by Leng Yun’s seven swords.
When the arm shook, it was numb, and the blood gushed out from the mouth. The crimson sword was torn directly. The flying sword abruptly bombarded the red shadow Xianjian. If it was not for nine days, it would be hard to resist the red shadow Xianjian and get hit again.
At this moment, it is a qualitative difference between a refined spirit and a person who cultivates immortality.
The sword tactic cultivated by the immortals is to understand the meaning of the sword, first understand the meaning and then cultivate the sword tactic and sword trick, so that the meaning and shape of the kendo are combined to burst into earth power.
In front of us, the man is an outstanding master among the gas refiners. Only when he practiced this move, did he use the "sword to break the length". It is not a sword move or magical power, but a feeling of luck. It seems that a cultivation tactic can be integrated into the flying sword to control and kill the enemy, and it is estimated that it can also be used simply to display the evolved weapon and hit a strong enemy.
The movement, manipulation and eruption of qi all need subtle manipulation. If you have the wonderful moves of the cultivation method, you will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.
It’s already a minor injury to be separated from the Buddha twice. Although it won’t affect the fighting too much, it seems to be possible to see that the gap between the two people is just like when they were separated from the Buddha. But this time, the gap is another realm difference. It is another way of comparison to cross over to cultivate immortals and refine gas.
Lu Li was very annoyed, but he didn’t show it. He spat out the blood in his mouth and then said, "You have to try this trick!"
The strength of the other party is very strong. I feel that Yunxi is weak compared with the seven swords of Leng Yun. So if Lulu wants to defeat this person, he must finish his own work or everything will be in vain.
"Storm Kyushu!"
This is Lu Li’s own sword trick, shock wave, and nine turns to his own feelings, so he named it Fengyu Kyushu.
There are three kinds of firm but gentle brilliance hidden in the sword: Jade Qing sword tactic, Haoran plough sword tactic, heart sword mark and differentiation. If the seven swords of Leng Yun are slightly neglected, it is estimated that they will all be pound-foolish.
Cold hum a that Leng Yun’s seven swords are also moving for real. The seven-handle flying sword is gathered and stored in his chest again. His hands rotate like a blur Tai Chi, and a true qi vortex is formed on his chest. The seven-handle flying sword rotates rapidly with his gestures as if it were a firm but gentle vortex, and the strangulation force is strong to an amazing extent.
When Leng Yun’s Seven Swords were thrown off the ground very quickly, he didn’t stop, and he was also brewing the sword potential. It seemed that both of them were thrown off the ground at the same time. In an instant, he also completed all this. At the same time, he suddenly looked up and shouted angrily, "Little sword dance!"
Chapter one hundred and twelve Thinking about countermeasures
Rain and rain in Kyushu is a land apart from my own sword. It’s a powerful blow of Leng Yun’s seven swords and a new collision!
Hands before pushing the sword, Xiao Li day, Leng Yun’s seven swords sent out a Bao roar with horror, as if the blow consumed him a lot of strength. Generally, the seven swords whirled and danced forward at an extremely high speed, and they directly collided with the sword.
Nine swords from blazing with anger cut the surface like a raging river, which is not inferior to that of Leng Yun’s seven swords flying sword. But when it collided, Jade Qing sword tactic was the first to meet that sword, and heaven was torn by that sword wheel like a knife cutting tofu.
Haoran plough sword tactic, though strong, failed to break the sword wheel. Several firm but gentle swords were smashed in succession, and the seven swords between Leng Yun’s eyebrows were blocked by each other’s protective qi.
Nine shock waves were torn one after another, and the sword whirled around the sky, which was overbearing and extremely far away from the eyes. At this moment, when the mysterious smile was constantly magnified, the whole figure suddenly drifted and flashed. First, it cast a hidden shadow to avoid the first blow of this sword wheel!
After a short time, Lu Li turned over in the middle of the school and turned nine turns to the pole again. This time, Lu Li divided the power and directly gave birth to nine destructive cyclones. Although the power was not as good as before, the nine destructive cyclones had achieved the desired effect.
That sword dance, though sharp, was restrained by nine destructive cyclones, and every whirlwind burst was a precious time.
The figure shuttled back and forth, and it took time to cast the teleport solution again. Suddenly, hundreds of feet behind Leng Yun’s seven swords appeared, and the other party’s vigilance was not clear. Before the mind was clear, he felt that the central nervous system of the brain was shocked and the pain was terrible, and he almost fell into the clouds.
This moment of change is precisely the sudden blow to Leng Yun’s seven swords caused by the spiritual power of the devil’s desire, and the other side was caught off guard and did some harm.
At the same time, the mind waves from the land run in the height of mental vision in the brain domain, and the mind waves rush out at a frequency of 396,000 times per instant and converge into a destructive mind to attack the brain of Leng Yun’s seven swords again.
A sharp pain in the brain and two mental powers hit Leng Yun’s seven swords. They were ferocious, even bleeding in both ears made them look awkward. They shook their bodies, but they finally stabilized. The seven flying swords were recovered and the breath around them was a little messy.
Lu Li was a little surprised that even the gas refiner should be hit hard, and Lu Li’s move was that Leng Yun’s seven swords were caught off guard. He seemed to attack hard and cast off the wind and rain. Kyushu estimated that the other side should also make great efforts to attack. I didn’t expect that even so, it was impossible to blow the Leng Yun’s seven swords into the clouds.

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