Yes, this old man is too old gentleman.

Who is Tailaojun? This is the Three Bodies of Saints in Taiqing, and the Three Bodies of Saints in Taiqing are also famous. The base of the Three Bodies of Saints in Taiqing is undetected, but it is exposed to several people’s eyes.
Tailaojun is good at alchemy, and he also has many innate spiritual treasures. He must chuckle. "Tiandi is polite to come here today, but it is not just a chess game. I found that 33 kinds of heavenly sources have been recovered by Tiandi in the change of dynasty. Only Yu Laodao came here today to send this too clear heavenly source to Tiandi!"
Holding a light group is just too clear!
This mass of natural resources will not give up thirty-three heavy days, and thirty-three thousand worlds naturally need to control their palms.
At this moment, Yutian took over this source but asked, "What should I do when Laojun came today? This is too clear. Emperor Tianyuan accepted it. I don’t know what else Laojun has!"
When this remark came out, the old gentleman laughed and pointed to chaos. "Either the old man has something to finish or the old man has something to respect."
Who is the old gentleman? Naturally, he is the old sage.
Always looking for yourself to have something to think about is nothing more than fate. The heavenly sage told Yutian Sanqing that fate was connected, but it has been unsealed.
Now the saints will all be swallowed up by the mysterious man, so several people are United against the mysterious man.
The imperial heaven slowly drops a chess game, and silently agrees with the words of the old gentleman. As the sage Tongtian said, the sage now limits the strength of the mysterious people and only relies on the former chess game to compete with the imperial heaven.
If the mysterious man’s strength is liberated, it is really no match for the mysterious man to directly reduce the ten kingdoms without the competition of all saints.
Wanted to think for the old gentleman words also calculate agree.
The old gentleman smiled shallowly and said, "I hope to be with the Emperor of Heaven!"
"It is good to be in harmony with nature, but what can a saint give?"
Imperial heaven said, staring at the old gentleman. This is a good time to rip off. Imperial heaven will naturally not let go.
Too old gentleman also you’re welcome to slowly take out a big seal!
This seal surrounds the nine dragons. When they see the Imperial Heaven, they wake up instantly, just like seeing their relatives. These nine dragons roar as if they had jumped into the Imperial Heaven’s arms.
Yu Tian’ s eyes are stunned and "printed!"
This big seal is the Terran civil and military bearing contained in the Kongtong seal. I have to say that this Kongtong seal was not rejected as soon as it came out, perhaps because it was too important for the Terran bearing.
At this moment, the old gentleman said, "The sage in heaven has seen the Emperor coming to Heaven, and he already knows a lot, so I hope that the Emperor can help me with this seal, which is one of the rewards!"
"Oh …" Imperial Heaven showed a little surprise and curiosity. "Just a reward?"
"Yes … this kongtong seal has been in charge of the Terran for so many years, but it is really owed to the Terran. Therefore, it is hoped that the kongtong seal will be handed over to the Emperor from the Taiqing world. Apart from this seal, there are several treasures in the shouyangshan Sutra Pavilion, which is helpful for the Emperor to create his own immortal method. Besides, you are willing to pay this thing!" Too old gentleman said slowly take out a jade.
Imperial Heaven gazed at this jade deity and glanced at it with a touch of excitement and a little emotion. "I never thought that a saint would be willing to pay such a magical power!"
Yes, it’s too old. The reward is also a magical power. There are magical powers in the wild world, but when it comes to the top ten magical powers, they are all red-eyed and the same is true for the ninth-order magical powers.
Now, the magical power sent by Tailaojun is the ninth-order magical power, and it is the unique magical power of Tailaojun.
Good old gentleman, take out your avatar. It’s such an avatar as "one gasification and three cleanses". Even the Imperial Heaven is surprised. This is an old closet card. Even the two saints of Qing Dynasty and Jade Qing don’t learn much if they want to learn.
God read a sweep and nodded. "The emperor naturally knows what the Qing sage wants. Since the Qing sage is so sincere, the emperor will naturally not forget it."
When this was said, the old gentleman showed a smile and slowly dropped a chess game. "Haha … it seems that the old man lost!"
Immediately without looking at this chessboard, I handed the jade to the Imperial Heaven and then left with my hands clenched.
Imperial Heaven stares at this jade deity and then crushes it. "It’s really good for a magical power to summon three people who are almost two places apart compared to themselves, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t take long to cultivate three kinds of spirits or find three kinds of mutually beneficial talents!"
Muttered to myself, I will receive my seal in my arms.
"Boom …"
Kongtong Seal touches the nine dragons in Imperial Heaven and rushes directly into Imperial Celestial Body.
This is the two ways of Terran Civil and Military in the Kongtong Seal.
Imperial day eyes narrowed and said "Kowloon emperor definitely! Is this the way that Kongtong seals the heart of the Terran Emperor? "
Body qi and blood converge and then turn into dragons. A random blow is the vast dragon power, which has the fairy method and was afraid of the demon race at first.
Thinking of this, I put my seal in my arms with a smile. "Maybe it’s time to find his sage and ask for some treasures!"
Thinking in my heart, but my mind touched the vast destiny and slowly separated a little directly into the sky.
The Imperial Heaven will not hand over the Terran Fate to the Taiqing Saint. Since Kongtong Seal has returned to the Terran Fate, only 10% of Nuwa’s Paris has been returned to the Terran here, so just give it to the Taiqing Saint there.
Chapter 643 Wake up Nuwa
Nan shan bu Zhou Yao zu hui ju Chu
God’s eyes shone against his eyes, and he was full of evil spirits. "Buddhism, this is the dragon who died. It’s really so-called that he just ate a big loss and now wants to intervene in the affairs of Nanshan!"
"Having said that, there are also some secrets in Buddhism. After all, sects were established in ancient times. Although the dragons were conquered by Candle dragon and captured the Buddhist Tianlong and the fate of the four seas, Buddhism still has a fighting power!" The speaker was full of five-color flames with a smile.

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