But now Russell will no longer regard her as a little sister who knows nothing.

She knows everything, but she doesn’t show it … It is her strong heart that makes her play the image of a "lovable and lovely pet dog" so that she can live in the world without such high value.
Just to stay alive-you have to design it carefully
"… what do you say over there? Do you want me to explain it to you if you fail? "
Russell some softhearted could not help but ask.
Lin Ling shook his head slightly.
She laughed. "As I said just now … the pressure from their Sun Island forced you. On the other hand, they were already ready to put on record. What should you do if you don’t buy it?"
"In other words, they have already prepared for my failure.
"After all, everyone has always had little confidence in me since childhood ~"
Miss Lin Ling, who has dark brown long curly hair, smiled with anxiety and said easily, "Whether it’s me or everyone is used to it."
Chapter 40 puppy wisdom
Russell slightly shook his head and sighed.
Miss Lin Ling is still too young.
Or she is really lacking in talent and social experience …
-Yu didn’t perceive the real intention of Professor Chen from this obvious and deliberate arrangement.
She does know a lot of things, some are clever and very determined.
But she doesn’t have anything she wants to do, and she doesn’t have any definite plans for her life-that kind of deep-rooted confusion is like Russell walking in the clouds and stumbling in the fog when she first came to Happiness Island.
It is precisely because they are very similar in various aspects … Russell needs to print Lin Ling’s thinking to guess her thoughts.
Lin Ling and Luo Su are really alike.
Or they are the same kind of people in their bones.
They are also abandoned people-you know, Russell was rejected by his parents in his previous life, and he also had such shadow of fear in his heart, and now they all have a strong heart and can walk along their own path without hesitation.
And they all decided to disguise themselves and make themselves look more likable after being traumatized at a young age …
The difference is that Russell is slightly better than Lin Ling in all aspects.
Russell is not only likable, he is not always in a weak position and a follower position, but he can imitate the learning and gradually gain the other person’s characteristic talent, and then take away the other person’s position in the social circle.
But Lin Ling can always be a follower and a pet.
On the other hand, Russell can get the highest grades from the highest institutions valued by the elf directors on his own, and now he has become a big shot … while Lin Ling can be careful that the survival of the executive department is consumed and he is exploited by others.
Russell Lin Ling also has the same laziness and arrogance in his heart-their blood is not hot, but warm like wine baked by a fire.
When they deceive some great people through their own play, they will have a shadow of "arrogance" in their hearts after they do well, and they will mistake their status and get promoted as if they have really become something great.
Russell can get rid of this illusion only with the memory of the world, while Lin Ling lacks this introspection-so she is really lazy in choosing her own talent to escape the doomed painful sublimation.
She has her own talent-that kind of insight into desire and demagoguery. She used to have the same qualification as a demagoguery witch like malt liquor, but she was self-indulgent because of inferiority and laziness, and she was not perfect.
People like her can only be dragged out of the security zone after experiencing severe pain and extremely intense stimulation, forcing her to face up to herself and trying to break out of the cocoon.
It is commonly said that blackening is three times stronger, which is why not everyone has a chance to be three times stronger after blackening. Pupils can add a negative filter to themselves even if they are blackened … No matter how talented or crazy they are, they can be called furious.
Thought of here, Russell shook his head and decided to give a little help.
It depends on whether the two are of the same kind … and on the stories she tells.
Even if Russell stayed at Sun Island for one night, now he has got the knowledge of Sun Island by recreating Lin Ling’s personality and listening to Lin Ling’s story. This section saves Russell a lot of time and makes him stay at Sun Island for another round of observation and investigation when he returns.
"You … the morning professor will not know what you think?"
Russell sighed and stared at Lin Ling’s startled eyes. "Let me put it this way, Miss Lin Ling.
"When a big shot for you makes an ambiguous request to you-he personally says that it can be successful or not, then his expectation is really unsuccessful.
"It’s not that he doesn’t have confidence in you. On the contrary, he has confidence in you … confidence in screwing things up instead of expecting you to succeed and being psychologically prepared for your failure."
"… what?"
"No matter what he thinks in his heart … if he expects to get a successful result, he will be strict with you. Rather, the more Professor Chen recognizes that you will have problems, the more severe he will be to you, and even threaten you directly to get a good result as much as possible. When you return home, you will take the opportunity to spur you more, beat you more or choose to forgive you to get your gratitude. That is his choice.
"There is an old saying in Taoyuan Island called’ take the law and only get it; Take the method from the middle, just like when you take the exam, you may get the first place if you rush to take the exam with 90 points and the first place in your class; And if you think you can get into the top five, it’s almost enough. If you can’t get into the top five, maybe you can’t even get into the top ten. Anything is dangerous when you are going to do it.
"even a dull student will understand this kind of thing. Do you think that’ Professor Chen’ will not understand it?"
Looking at dazed but just stood, thoughtful Lin Ling Russell also got up.
He went to Lin Ling and touched her soft and slightly curly hair, which had just taken a shower and was touched with a little moist and cold water vapor, but it was not full of calm and impetuous feeling.
Russell looked straight into Lin Ling’s eyes until she moved her eyes slightly.
"We might as well think about it the other way around …"
Belonging to Russell’s line is gentle and clear, with a little laziness that belongs to teenagers.
But actually speaking, Lin Ling is younger than Russell, but she sounds more like her sister.
"If there is no accident on the boat, the captain you have a crush on will accompany us to act together. I think you will be more entangled and hesitant … Although your captain and your senior are lovers, they are not married, right?"
"It’s …"
"And I will easily see that you are hesitant … because your hidden worries and acting skills are really not strong, then I will feel’ disappointed’ and’ unhappy’ even if I don’t feel’ pity’. Then your dedication to nature will probably lead to a breakdown and make the two of us become cold.
"Even for Sun Island, people like you who are not even doctors have no value-but I am different."
Russell smiled gently. "I’m not a doctor because I don’t want to take the exam, not because I don’t respect the wise man. Sun Island naturally won’t come here specially to disgust me."
"… but so what can Professor Chen get? I didn’t do anything … "
"No, you did it, just like now."
"Let me know his name, remember this person deeply and let me know that I can find him when I go to you."
Russell looked at Lin Ling and couldn’t help but sigh.
It’s really just a puppy
Even though she learned things very early because of her excellent qualifications and loneliness in her early years, if no one continues to educate her, all she can master is just wisdom.
It seems that she is still a little unclear, so Russell simply said, "I can inherit my mother’s psychic powers because my mother died before I woke up."
"Even if we have a child, how can we verify that Professor Chen’s theory is correct? You should know that psionics are unique. "
I heard that Lin Ling suddenly opened his eyes wide.

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