Guo Yi used to think so when he listened to those stories about fox spirits.

Just flashed this shadow, although it is not a fox spirit, but it is also a fox spirit at first sight. At this moment, childhood dreams and reality are uneasy at the same time.
"No, generally speaking, there should be a female forest crying for help in order to be reasonable." It seems that Guo Yi’s mind was just an illusion.
"Life! Help! "
Guo Yi’s mind came from the distant forest before a sweet girlish sound fell. The sound was so urgent and sensational that people could not help but love to save a girl who was being suppressed by evil forces.
"Are you kidding? Can you be a little more conventional?"
Guo Yi feels that all this is exactly the same as listening to his aunt when he was a child. He seems to recall grandma’s warning voice, "If you meet a fox after Yi Er, don’t be confused by her!"
"Grandma, don’t worry, I specialize in confusing foxes."
So Guo Yi, who was only three years old, was punished and knelt in the incense hall for three hours. Guo Laotai asked him to reflect on his ideological mistakes and go astray when he grew up.
Chapter 673 Xiaosu
"Help! Help! Ah … "
The girl’s cry for help became more and more urgent, and she fled as fast as Bai Hong in the dark forest!
The two ghosting images in the rear are chasing after her rapidly. This is the speed of two men, and they are not slow. They are chasing her in two directions.
These two male practitioners are both quite strong, with ancestral spirit, and each step will leave a huge footprint.
"Don’t argue with me. She’s me."
Stuart doesn’t fall in white, just like a snake forest chasing after the girl quickly.
"Hum Stuart don’t fall this time, if you argue with me, I’ll fight with you desperately." Cold Three Unique holds a cold iron blade with a handle, and everything in it is covered with a thick layer of ice.
Stuart doesn’t fall and the cold three unique bodies are full of fighting spirit. Both of them are holy religions, but they are the kings of the younger generation in the northern wilderness and the future leaders of the two holy religions. Now they have not fully grown up, but they are already sharp-edged.
Stuart does not fall but is a holy religion of light, while cold is a holy religion of cold months.
"She is the one who chases her first."
At the same time, the two men acquiesced in this view and rushed out of the two wars. The speed of the mountain suddenly doubled and stopped the white girl in tandem almost at the same time.
The girl in white is dressed in furry little clothes, her face is as big as a slap, and her eyes are as black as two cold stars, with long eyelashes blinking, smart and bright.
Although she is petite, she is very tall, especially her legs are straight and slender, like the legs of an egret.
With a smile on her face, her slender fingers pinched her furry tail and gently toyed with it. "Two big brothers, I’m afraid it’s not good for you to chase a girl like this?" Stuart and Han San Jue didn’t look at her at all, but they said to each other almost at the same time, "Is she mine?"
It doesn’t seem that two people are going to fight each other!
"How dare you in broad daylight? Hu Fei, you two are so bold to look at Zun and teach you a lesson."
Guo Yi finally caught up with the sword and jumped directly from the tree to the girl in white. Just awe-inspiring sword refers to Stuart.
However, when Guo Yi saw the two people opposite, he was suddenly surprised. After all, Stuart didn’t fall. It’s also a light holy religion. How dare you be interested in fox demon? Is he also a person who died naked among flowers?
Stuart didn’t fall after seeing Guo Yi, and immediately he was pleased and generous, saying, "She will be yours when she is cold. I have an opponent."
Stuart doesn’t fall again, and Bai Jia wears the palm of his hand, and then he goes to Guo Yi to attack.
Cold three unique cold hum a "girl, your opponent is me now, and we will never die."
Cold sword, like a flash of light, cuts to the girl in white to get murderous look like frost. There is no passion at all. In cold eyes, opponents are the same definition as their rival in love, even if this opponent is a coquettish woman.
Both of them regard the girl in white as an opponent to temper her. Now Stuart doesn’t fall into Guo Yi, so naturally he gives the girl in white to the cold three unique skills.
"Mom is crazy about this fight again."
Guo Yigen doesn’t want to fight Stuart. He wants to find Yun Xianer and Su Ya earlier and then look for Su E. Now, which one has the mind to fight with a crazy fight?
So he turned and ran away and turned into the jungle.
"Both are crazy."
The girl in white is also talking for a while, holding her tail with her little hand, and then she turns around and walks like Bai Hong.
Stuart’s failure to fall and the cold three unique skills are definitely a headache. People not only cultivate lofty skills but also become idiots, otherwise it is impossible to cultivate to the Taoist realm at a young age.
Guo Yilai came to bump into the fox demon. The fox demon is the most beautiful and enchanting woman in the world, but she is disappointed. This little fox is very tender, not only not amorous feelings, but also naive, with a little higher IQ than Sisi.
"Help! Help!"
The girl in white started running with her little tail, and I don’t know if it was because of her long legs that the speed was not slower than Guo Yi’s, and she kept shouting for help behind his ass.
Come to Stuart, it’s impossible to catch up with them at the speed of not falling and being cold, but when she shouts like this, she can’t get rid of the two people behind.
"Shut up and don’t follow me." Guo Yi didn’t want to be tied up and rush.
When Guo Yi yelled at the girl in white, she immediately shut her mouth, but she still followed him closely and soon caught up with him. "I’m so afraid that you can protect me, okay?"
"Protect your sister! Do you foxes always say that? You have reached the semi-cultivation yourself and you want me to protect you. Do you want to cheat me? " Guo Yi gritted his teeth and finally felt that grandma was right about the fox.
"But I am afraid! Both of them have been chasing me for a long time. Grandpa said that if anyone dares to chase me, they will run and run quickly, so they won’t chase. But Grandpa said that they haven’t run for so long, but they still chase? " The girl in white has slender and straight legs, one step ahead of Guo Yi and two steps ahead.
Guo Yi firmly believes grandma’s words at this time, and absolutely can’t believe the fox’s words. What they say is to gain sympathy, and maybe they will dig their hearts out after a night of fun.
In the dark, the trees are full of thorns. Guo Yi ran in front with a heavenly sword to bury all obstacles and quickly rushed into a dark edge area.
It’s even darker here, and you can’t see anything ten paces away, and the number has become sparse. Every kilometer, there is only one Zhalong ancient tree, which is barren and grows a thorn vine with the thickness of one arm.
I can smell a strange fragrance in the darkness, a fragrance I have never smelled before.
After entering this area, the gas became cold, just like suddenly falling into icehouse. At this time, Stuart did not fall and the cold three unique things also lost their trace. It seems that he sensed the bad situation before and did not chase it in.
"I forgot my way by running too fast. What is this place?" Guo Yi looked up and saw that there seemed to be a ghost lamp floating overhead, a dim light and a long handle, but there was no one to see the handle.
Suddenly there was a scream not far away, and then a girl cried, which was as sad as a female ghost climbing out of the grave in the middle of the night
Guo Yi suddenly thought that when I was a child, I heard too many stories about female ghosts, and it was also beautiful to seduce men. Unlike fox spirits, female ghosts later ate men alive, while fox spirits sucked people away.
"You won’t encounter peach blossoms recently, will you? You just met a fox demon and now you meet a female ghost?"
Guo Yi hesitated for a moment and finally went over. Anyway, it’s not that I haven’t seen a female ghost. Guo Yi doesn’t mind having fun with a female ghost once, but he is not responsible after having fun with a female ghost less.
"Why are you a little fox again?"
After Guo Yixing passed by, a huge black stone saw this furry white girl. Her legs were bleeding and bruised, and she couldn’t get up.
It turned out that her leg was hurt by thorns and thorns, and the poisonous ratio of thorns and thorns made her half numb, and now her calves are still hung with thorns and thorns.
"Are you all right?" Guo Yi saw that her tears were flowing with pain. Plus, this is a poor girl, and even a fox makes Guo Yi, a big man, feel sympathy.
The girl in white nodded. "This stab wound is poisonous. Why don’t you help me suck it out?"
She seems very serious, not like a joke.

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