In a blink of an eye, when they returned to the small bamboo house, they saw that the Oriental Ziyan had already sat in the small bamboo house and waited for the piano.

"Is Ziyan’s immortal refined?" Baiyun Tower breathed a sigh of relief. Martial sister Ziyan found that fairy has been continuously refined for three days and nights.
"It’s not completely refined yet, and it needs a five-element fairy aura that is extremely rich and has been cultivated for half a month. It’s most suitable for a senior to know the sea."
Speaking, Yan Yan gently pressed the strings and raised her hand to shoot a fairy light flowing plain dress. The dress color is fresh, elegant and simple, and the exquisite cuffs and embroidered lines on the hem make this dress look extraordinary and worthy of being a fairy dress inherited from Kunlun.
"This fairy dress is sent to Xiao Chaoyang, and it is good to send it directly to Xiao Chaoyang after you have raised your brother." Ziyan said indifferently.
Baiyun Tower nodded slightly and raised my hand to realize the sea boundary of income.
This fairy dress is made of spiritual materials and fairy clouds. It doesn’t stick to worldly things. It accidentally entered the knowledge sea from the knowledge sea boundary, and was planted by the Baiyun Tower with five elements of spiritual liquid.
After arranging the fairy clothes, I felt that my martial sister Ziyan’s mind had consumed most of the Baiyun Tower, and then I sat in the green vine futun to practice.
With the jade and the sun gods pouring into the body at the same time to promote the cultivation, it has accelerated a lot, but the weather overflowed more first
For a moment, the weather in the small bamboo building is getting more and more full, and the little red bird comfortably swallows its tail feathers.
The corners of the mouth of Oriental Ziyan are slightly curved, and it is almost exhausting to recover from the rich weather.
The green ant also seemed to notice that the small ant in the strange sleeve of the small bamboo house climbed out and explored it in two tentacles, as if he had discovered the weather first, and then he sat aside and meditated on the futon.
I don’t know how long it took before Baiyun Tower was awakened by a slight fluctuation. On second thought, it was late at night outside the small bamboo building.
Ziyan and Green Ant are still practicing.
I left nearly half of my mind to continue practicing Baiyun Tower. My eyes were full of joy. I raised my hand and touched a thousand-mile message. A line of fine print showed that my brothers and sisters wanted to play chess.
Hey, hey, this will really be Xiaoxie Yue.
Later, Baiyun Tower evolved from the recent interesting story Yang Shenli Jade Bamboo Slips into Taoyuan Village, the change of the White House backyard, the interesting story of Tianyin’s younger brother and picking EU, and Xiao Pang’s whole embrace of the little white fox.
After the jade slips are passed, Baiyun Tower is waiting expectantly.
After a while, the jade slips went back to Baiyun Tower and couldn’t wait to explore and observe.
Familiar figure emerged in front of the Baiyun Tower. Xiaoxiyue smiled and bent his eyebrows. He said, "Brother laughs to death, pool, and Xiao Feiyang actually knows haha …"
"Xiaoxiyue misses Niang, and after the Chinese New Year, the pool will go to Luoshui County to find a brother."
"Brother, you and the teacher elder sister Ziyan have married. I’m looking forward to it. Hey hey …"
"Now the school sister is very powerful. My aunt said that one more wash and practice will break through to the realm of then Dan. Hey hey, Xiaoxiyue will be the highest school in the next session."
"In half a day, I will go to my aunt to take a medicine bath and say it’s the last time. Fortunately, I’m used to it with Xiaohua Ling, and I’m not in a hurry. Anyway, it’s also a good idea to cultivate and eat a little bit without hard practice."
"Brother finally told you that a secret pool might really be a demon race. What should I do if I felt as if I could really grow a tail when I took a medicine bath in that big medicine pool?"
With Xiao Xiyue’s jade slips looking around to find his own tail, the spirit of Baiyun Tower was popped out of the jade slips.
It seems that Xiaoxiyue was enhanced a lot, not only evolved a phantom, but also became more clear and vivid.
Just a thought Baiyun Tower tidied up some thoughts and gave Xiaoxiyue back to the past.
Jade bamboo slips in the Baiyun Tower touched Xiao Xiyue’s head and said with a smile, "The demon family is the demon family. If it is really an ancient demon, maybe it can help to cut out the monty together."
"Ziyan’s idea of being frozen has been unsealed, and the influence of Bingxin tactic has dissipated."
"On the day of the half moon, my brother and my sister Ziyan have already married, but they are actually accompanied by practice, not with Xiaoxiyue."
Then the two chatted back and forth for a long time until Ziyan’s younger sister received the message and Yu Jian reached out to go to Baiyun Tower.
Oriental Ziyan took the jade slips and read them back and forth with Xia Chaoyang.
I haven’t been in such a daze for a long time until my mood floats in front of me and my hand in Baiyun Tower will swing away.
This is also caused by the deep consciousness buried in the mind when refining the heart mirror. It is better to be diligent.
Mindful of this Baiyun Tower, the stagnation was promoted again. For a long time, most of the gods went into the sea of knowledge and continued to refine the chaotic gold essence.
Now the chaotic gold essence has been refined into a liquid state by fairy fire, and it has been separated at will. Seeing this situation, the magical power of Baiyunlou Yang is put to use. According to the daily gold wheel refining method, the pieces of Lingbao are condensed from the chaotic gold essence.
According to the refining method, a total of 360 pieces of fragments will be refined. It will be no problem to refine these fragments with the divine power of Baiyun Tower now, but it will take some time to further refine each piece with the corresponding spiritual material.
The core of Rijinlun Lingbao needs at least refining a fairy fire, and the Baiyun Tower intends to separate a group from the fairy fire above its head like the scorching sun, but since it has been re-refined, it has had a new idea.
Of course, it is more agreeable to be able to concise the true fire by yourself. Although the prototype of Samadhi true fire has not been condensed yet, it also has some fairy fire flavor.
Chapter three hundred and forty-six Grey obsession
Xiao Zhu Lou Bai Yun Lou is busy refining the golden wheel, but it is very hot to chat with Xia Chaoyang.
Knowing that Sister Ziyan has found some old memories, Xia Chaoyang happily set up a childhood play scene with jade slips.
Oriental Ziyan also modified several places with fuzzy memory to make the whole scene move more.
Finally, a meadow in Ziyan, the East, condensed out the figure of Brother Bai who was concentrating on practicing and gave it to Xia Chaoyang.
Sure enough, Zhao-yang Xia also set aside his own figure, cocked his head and looked at his brother. He also said to Zi Yan, "The teacher elder sister, it is much more convenient for you to set up a figure and chat in the future."
I can’t help but find a figure beside Xia Shimei’s Oriental Purple Sun. Well, the three of them can sit down and talk about it.
We talked for a while about Xia Chaoyang, and asked Sister Ziyan to send a message to the senior brother that she was going to be baptized in the medicine pool again. It is estimated that it will be the Spring Festival soon when she comes out again, so that the senior brother will not worry.
Then there was no message.
Baiyun Tower’s refining took two hours, and three hundred and sixty pieces were finally refined one by one.
Then Baiyun Tower dispersed the fairy fire and the virtual shadow, and re-meditated on his true fire through recent days’ insights.
For nearly half an hour, a new true fire was condensed out, slightly scattered with fairy aura.
In accordance with the refining method of Rijinlun, Yunnian Baiyun Tower took a piece of nourishing spiritual material from the side and put it into the embryonic form of Lingbao for refining.
This is a long-time refining process. It is sensed that the little bamboo building with green ants is ready early, and the Baiyun Building has left less than half of the gods to learn about the sea, assisting refining and investing in spiritual materials, and then escaping from the sea of knowledge.
Just after the day, the net surface in the wooden basin of Baiyun Tower came to the case and called the two school sisters to have breakfast together.
I haven’t tasted the delicious food of Jiangnan House for some time, and Oriental Ziyan couldn’t help eating a few more mouthfuls.
I was eating breakfast, and the Oriental Ziyan message operator fluctuated. When I took a look, I couldn’t help but feel a slight change in my face. I turned to look at it and saw four big letters written on it.
Baiyun Tower rises directly, the smoke rises, and the Oriental Purple Yan slightly lifts the sapphire smoke.
Simply give the green ant a few words. The Baiyun Tower lifts the sapphire cloud and goes to the gate.
Sensing that Elder Martial Sister Qingchi was still asleep, she didn’t bother to leave the mountain gate again. After that, she used the wind-fighting technique to cast a cloud of smoke wrapped in a streamer and left to the southeast.
They are going to return to the Orient today. I didn’t expect to catch Ziyan’s mother’s relapse.
It’s easy for an Oriental family to find it. Just leave the hospital on the riverside of You Jiang for more than 400 miles. Oriental Ziyan can’t give directions for half a year. The two of them have already fallen in shape before the gate of the Oriental family.
Knocked on the grand and heavy gate, and the concierge saw that it was her own young lady who came back and hurried into the bulletin.
Dongfang Ziyan led the senior brother to enter the hospital directly and flicker away to the side wing courtyard.

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